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Lyr Req: Immigrants

15 Feb 18 - 09:27 PM (#3906044)
Subject: Lyr Req: Immigrants
From: GUEST,Mike Dunne

I've been searching for some years for this one. I remember it from I think the folk song era of the 1960s I think and may have it mixed up with the Canadian Centennial songs surge in 1967. It specifically referred to me at that time because I was not 'citizened' yet.

The chorus I remember was:

A nation of immigrants.
A nation of immigrants.
A nation of immigrants,
Are we.

Descendants of immigrants,
Descendants of immigrants,
Of hard working immigrants.
Are we.

I can hear the music as I write it but am unable to add the rest which I can usually do. Worst ear-worm I've ever had.

Is it real or have I entered the Twilight Zone?

Thank you folks IA