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Lyr Add: Stupid (Michael Jerling)

19 Feb 18 - 11:49 PM (#3906823)
Subject: Lyr Add: STUPID (Michael Jerling)
From: Jim Dixon

I've checked these lyrics against the ones at Michael Jerling's website, but I've reformatted them to suit myself. I've also checked them against the recording on Spotify:

As recorded by Michael Jerling on "Early Jerling" (1998)

Will Rogers said he never met
A man he didn't like, but I'm willin' to bet
That he never met you;
And F.D.R. said there's nothin' to fear
But fear itself, and I know darn well
That he never met you.
I see you walkin' down the street, I turn and walk the other way.

Moses led his people to the Promised Land
But they'd probably still be siftin' sand
If he ever met you.
And Jesus said turn the other cheek.
He'd have to run into the desert, stay drunk for a week
If he ever met you.
I want to turn my eyes to heaven, get down on my knees and pray:

CHORUS: You want stupid? I'll give you stupid.
I wish I'd never met you.
Stupid? I'll give you stupid.
I wish I'd never met you.

Mae West said: "Come up and see me sometime"
But I think she'd have to get a brand-new rhyme
If she ever met you. Yeah, you!
P. T. Barnum said there's sucker born
Ev'ry minute, and he knew your mother well,
But he never met you.
He'd want to put you on the midway, charge the folks a dollar and say: CHORUS

Now you wear leather; now you wear chains.
Now you got balls but you got no brains.
Now you're Che Guevara in your purple pants.
You never been hungry but you know how to dance.
And you don't read Marx; you watch the video,
And you look at the pictures in the Rolling Stone.
You got your party dress, you got your party hat.
You got your party Jill; you got your party Jack.
You stick it up your arm and you stick it up your nose.
You stick it any place the sun don't go. CHORUS