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2018 Obit: Vince Martin

07 Jul 18 - 10:32 AM (#3935941)
Subject: Obit: Vince Martin
From: GUEST,larrytheradioguy

One of my favourite albums of all time was "If the Jasmine Don't Get You, The Bay Breeze Will" where the Nashville folks were allowed to cut loose.   Psychedelic folk!

07 Jul 18 - 11:25 AM (#3935943)
Subject: RE: Obit: Vince Martin
From: Mark Ross

I knew Vince 50 years ago in The Village. Helluva nice guy and a great performer. RIP.

Mark Ross

08 Jul 18 - 07:48 AM (#3936054)
Subject: Obit: Vince Martin has left us.
From: GUEST,Bluesman James

Vince Martin passed away Friday July 6, From the Rolling Stone article:
Vince Martin, an influential singer-songwriter in New York’s Greenwich Village and Florida’s Coconut Grove folk scenes, died in a nursing home facility near his native Sheepshead Bay, New York surrounded by family. Martin was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and was hospitalized in March. He was 81.

Todd Kwait, who directed the 2010 documentary Vagabondo! about Martin’s life, confirmed the details of his death to Rolling Stone. “He was a dear friend for a long time and had a positive spirit about life,” said Kwait. “He loved people, he loved to be out and he had a sharp mind.” Martin is survived by his daughter, Cara and his three grandchildren, who live in Brooklyn.

Martin’s career began when he recorded the 1956 pop song “Cindy, Oh Cindy,” with the Tarriers. The song was Martin’s only Top 40 hit and peaked at Number Nine. Eddie Fisher covered the song and his version broke the Top 40 in the same year. “Cindy, Oh Cindy” was revived in 1962 when the Beach Boys released a standalone cover that would later appear as a bonus track on reissues of Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ U.S.A.

08 Jul 18 - 10:45 AM (#3936078)
Subject: RE: 2018 Obit: Vince Martin

Mark: I don't believe he was part of the Folklore Center group. I believe he spent those years in Coconut Grove Florida with Fred Neil

08 Jul 18 - 04:36 PM (#3936120)
Subject: RE: 2018 Obit: Vince Martin
From: Mark Ross

I knew Vince from hanging out at the clubs, mainly the Cafe AuGoGo. I also would see him when I would hang out with Fred Neil. This was the late '60's.

Mark Ross

09 Jul 18 - 08:01 PM (#3936358)
Subject: RE: 2018 Obit: Vince Martin
From: GUEST,LarryTheRadioGuy

There's an excellent album....I think it was on Elektra....of Fred Neil and Vince Martin called Tear Down the Walls.