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Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!

23 Dec 99 - 07:37 PM (#153568)
Subject: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: katlaughing

Because of our high altitude, the full moon last night, on Solstice, was 20% brighter; enought to keep waking me up. I kept thinking it was dawn!

First time, I wandered out to the back door, with dawg in tow, in my short "jammies" and Birk sandals to take a peek. 130a and it's already over the top of my house, SO...I ahve to step gingerly out onto the snow to look at it back over the house. Sandals....not good in snow. The dawg and I made a quick retreat, shivering; crawled into a warm bed and tried to sleep, again. All the time the dawg was thinking, "Bonus! I get to pee in the middle of the more holding it 'til daylight!"

He was ecstatic, then, when I got up at 4a to take another look, but I fooled him. This time it was to the west & all I had to do was look out my front window. There she was glowing so brightly, not a cloud remnant left from early evening; the pale sister's light was reaching everywhere during her "fifteen minutes of fame".

We women or wemoon, as some of us like to say, have a natural affinity with the moon. Good vibes; a little hint at mystery and hidden power; enduring; patient; soul-fulfilling. What a grand site she was; glad to have been around and that the clouds of the day finally blew away, like a swept back curtain call, then she took center stage.

Hoep you all had a chance to see her, too.


23 Dec 99 - 07:49 PM (#153575)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Micca

Kat you jammy git( english for you lucky person), it was so overcast here in London we would not have seen it if it blew up. but tonight on the way back from an Irish music session at the Spotted Dog( a pub that has been there since about 1500+) here in East London it was very clear through the clouds. I did some healing rituals last night even tho' it wasn't visible. so come on you slackers let's feel it for Sally and JU and any one else who needs it, it costs nothing and all you have to do is focus and pour, surely you can spare some for those in need at this time , a little of the pleasure in friends and family, shared gifts, music, your feeling of magic of time and place, just think it at those who need and all our "little 1/2 watts of energy " will add up. Bright blessings to you all and peace and love to as much as you need. many heartfelt thanks for those who participate Micca

23 Dec 99 - 08:20 PM (#153600)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Here in the East Bay I was coming back to to look at it all night long. 'twasn't merely big and bright, the sky around it seemed enchanted by it--despite a perfectly clear night, no discernable humidity, there was a distinct, almost breathing glow to the sky around it. Truly magical.


23 Dec 99 - 08:26 PM (#153605)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Benjamín

There was thick fog in Seattle. When I did see it, it didn't look that big. It was BRIGHT though. Felt like a wolf man was going to come after me. Don't worry though, no wolf man here!

23 Dec 99 - 08:37 PM (#153609)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: alison

There was cloud in Sydney too..... eventually broke through....didn't seem any bigger than usual.... maybe slightly brighter... still very pretty...



23 Dec 99 - 09:25 PM (#153642)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: McGrath of Harlow

Dense cloud and no moon on the big night. Looked pretty good the night before, blue ring round it - think that's where the expression "Blue Moon" comes from.

This may break the poetic mood, but I've got to share it. And old colllege friend just sent me his Christmas letter. Complained how his students (degeee type students these) didn't seem to have much historical knowledge.

He quoted one as having written how, "in the late sixties, the first man, an American, set foot in the moon. He was called Louis Armstrong."

It's a great image though - Satchmo standing there in a spacesuit, looking up at the Earth and singing "What a Wonderful World."

23 Dec 99 - 09:39 PM (#153651)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: katlaughing

LOL, McGrath! That's a keeper!

23 Dec 99 - 09:44 PM (#153658)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: catspaw49

LMAO....Geeziz Mac...I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!


23 Dec 99 - 10:50 PM (#153692)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Cap't Bob

That is great McGrath ~ When Louie would go after those real high notes of his he would always look up ~ perhaps it had something to do with this moon thing....

Cap't Bob

24 Dec 99 - 01:27 AM (#153734)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Musicman

Like Seattle, we in the great north (vancouver, bC) were encased in fog so, alas, the moon in all her glory was not too be seen by us... nice one tonight though, can sort of see it through the thinning fog.....

BTW, McGrath, my understanding of the expression "Blue Moon", is when the full moon happens twice in one month... the second is called the blue moon.... We had two this year, Jan and Mar. another historical moment I think.....

24 Dec 99 - 01:58 AM (#153741)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Liz the Squeak

If Micca had got his act together the previous night he would have seen a brilliant full moon, bright and unsullied by cloud, light enough to read by in the back bedroom.... At one point there was hazy cloud, but it only served to create a circular 'moonbow' that was truly magical.


24 Dec 99 - 02:04 AM (#153742)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: Barbara

On a cool clear night, the moon beaming silver thru the bare branches we lit a bonfire. Then the daughter had a flash, went digging in her room and returned with a bag of last summer's fireworks. It was a much better time for them than July 4.
Fa la la la la, la la whiz bang!

24 Dec 99 - 06:30 AM (#153764)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: bob schwarer

Mostly clouds here, but enough clear to get a good view now and then. Seems as if every time there is a eclipse or meteor shower the wearher service schedules clouds. Just wait 'til the next election.

Bob S.

24 Dec 99 - 07:05 AM (#153766)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Clear and cold and achingly beautiful. We had a huge bonfire out at our friends' farm- stood and sang all the solstice songs we could think of, watching the rainbow 'round the moon- it's cool to know you saw it too, Liz! It had been a long and difficult day, so came home early but woke up often, always to the light of the moon.
Much to my daughter's chagrin, it has remained clear since (no snow for Christmas!!!)but smile at the moon morning and night- it's still bright enought to read by!

24 Dec 99 - 07:40 AM (#153769)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: gillymor

It was a beautiful, mysterious night out on the salt marshes of SW FL. After the cloud cover lifted at about 9:30 PM you could look down and see small fish and crabs moving about in the the turtle grass in about 5 feet of water. Caught and released several good-sized,out of season, snook and each kept a redfish for the table. Got home and put on various versions of Clair de Lune as moonlight streamed through the bedroom window.


24 Dec 99 - 10:12 AM (#153793)
Subject: RE: Solstice Moon Was Gorgeous!!
From: harpgirl

...moonchild and I went for a gourmet dinner at Chez Pierre...escargot, goat cheese in the salad (it was delicious and of course Moon knew what kind of goats they were, caterer that she is at heart!), flounder baked with saffron rice and topped with caviar and lots of white zinfandel...when the moon finally came out after the rain we were on the porch at Chez Pierre enjoying our coffee! a delightful evening...harpgirl