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Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?

22 Oct 18 - 12:03 AM (#3957803)
Subject: Origins: Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?
From: SamStone

i had the pleasure of seeing Gordon Lightfoot in concert at the Carolina Theater in Durham NC recently. scored a backstage pass and had the honor of speaking to the great balladeer and his cohorts. also met John Corcoran who followed Lightfoot around for 25 years and produced a documentary "Lightheaded". look for it! it is superb.

22 Oct 18 - 10:56 AM (#3957867)
Subject: RE: Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?
From: Capo da Monty his spiritual home the Massey Hall in Toronto on 29 June this year..also had a backstage pass.
Such a special privilege to shake hands with the Great Man and Band members

23 Oct 18 - 12:28 AM (#3957934)
Subject: RE: Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?
From: GUEST,Jerome Clark

I'm always happy to see Lightfoot's name come up, as it did recently in an exchange between veteran Chicago folksinger/literary scholar Andrew Calhoun and me, during which we shared our admiration for Lightfoot's extraordinary gift. It would be a great shame if his name is forgotten and his songs no longer sung.

24 Oct 18 - 09:59 PM (#3958233)
Subject: RE: Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?
From: GUEST,Char

I saw him all 3 nights at Massey Hall - june 29,30 and July 1. the last night was also Canada Day and the closing of The Church of Gord for 2+ years for total reno job. It doesn't get much more Canadian than that!! The legend at an iconic hall closing it on Canada Day!
                   Enjoyed the party downstairs each night at The Centuries bar with Gordon, friends and family...
I will see him on Nov.16, 17 and 23 as well. He will 80 on November 17 and will be working onstage at the Orillia Opera House in his hometown. Proceeds go to the hospital and the Opera house in his beautiful hometown.
He is out on tour right now...and has been off and on all year and every year except for 2003 and 2004 when he recuperated from abdominal aortic aneurism and subsequent surgeries and rehabs.
He is The Man and I've probably seen him 130+ times since 1973, mostly at Massey Hall but I have travelled to see him as well.
I know John Corcoran and his family and the documentary they are doing is wonderful and I was honoured to be interviewed for it. John has been seeing Gordon for more than 25 years - since early 70's I believe. He's a wonderful person..                                                                            There's an official Lightfoot Facebook (look for BLUE checkmark) and the website is basically the official website..( is a Lightfoot site with a discussion board that has been online since the late 90's..)
Gordon is currently working on tour dates for 2019 and hopes to be the first to walk on the hallowed Gord boards at Massey when the reno work is done.. I love that man! Get out and see him while you can.. his voice has aged but he's always in tune, has the most awesome band and he gives 1000% every night.. (check youtube for concert videos and some wonderful old tv footage as well..)

25 Oct 18 - 07:18 PM (#3958395)
Subject: RE: Anybody seen Gordon Lightfoot this year?

wonder why Mike Heffernan never comes backstage anymore...haven't talked with him for years. Richard and Barry and Carter are top drawer folks and always seem glad to see folks backstage...i saw Carter in his 1st three sessions with Mr Lightfoot and his colleagues in North Carolina in Greensboro and Winston and North Wilkesboro and knew right off that he was a keeper. Look at him now!