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25 Apr 19 - 10:01 PM (#3989281)
Subject: buganvilia
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

I would be surprised if there were not a single song about ...

Buganvilla -

The scientist
The cabin-boy
The wife


Getting "click-baited" on Mudcat for "female chanty" ...

26 Apr 19 - 12:18 AM (#3989290)
Subject: RE: buganvilia
From: Joe Offer

I've heard of the flower la Buganvilla, usually known by the French spelling Bougainvillea, but not the others. Please enlighten, Garg.

26 Apr 19 - 01:23 AM (#3989295)
Subject: RE: buganvilia
From: Dave the Gnome

Stan Rogers' "Lock Keeper" mentions bougainvilla blossoms.

Have I been 'caught'? :-)

26 Apr 19 - 03:04 AM (#3989303)
Subject: RE: buganvilia
From: Mr Red

No, you have been locked.

FWIW the flower ( wikipedia Bougainvillea) is tiny, what you see is colourful leaves or technically "three or six bracts".


Loads of them apparently - - bougainvillea

26 Apr 19 - 03:26 PM (#3989419)
Subject: RE: buganvilia
From: Jack Campin

I presume the allusion is to the domestic arrangements on board ship for Bougainville's circumnavigation of the world (which included the first woman to do it).

Bougainville was a remarkably talented guy, perhaps better at his job than Captain Cook.