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SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020

21 Aug 19 - 09:40 PM (#4005428)
Subject: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: Joe Offer

Save for Camp Harmony. More Soon.

Dates of camp are Friday, December 27, 2019 - Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Early bird camp registration begins September 1 at

Camp Harmony returns to Walker Creek Ranch for our New Year’s camp from Friday, December 27 to Wednesday, January 1.

Attendees may come for all or part. We welcome newcomers, and if you will be a first-time attendee, please feel free to email or phone with your questions.

The Venue: Walker Creek Ranch, in rural Marin County, is known to some in our community as a great retreat spot for other musical gatherings. Its level site, nestled into surrounding hills, features accessible buildings clustered for convenience.
Facilities include a central dining hall and other spacious halls suitable for dancing, concerts, and large group activities. There are numerous rooms for workshops, Arts & Crafts, and lots of smaller spaces for jamming. The property offers walking trails and a scenic bridge over the creek. There’s even a natural history museum for learning about local flora and fauna.
Housing:  Walker Creek offers a range of housing options, and our fees are rated accordingly. This location is remote from any off-site lodging. The online registration form will provide space to explain any accessibility needs. All campers will need to bring their own bedding and towels.
• Dormitories are furnished with bunk beds, and all have easy access to a large central bath house with separate facilities for men and for women. We hope to be able to provide a lower bunk to everyone who wants one.
• Semi-Private lodges have multiple rooms each accommodating - people. These buildings have a common lounge area, some with kitchenee, and shared internal bathrooms. There are no single rooms available at Walker Creek Ranch. To help keep prices as low as possible, no linens are being provided this year.
• Camping is permitted. A parking lot is designated for RVs (power for some but no hook-ups) and tent camping is available at locations around the grounds. If you live locally and wish to stay off-site, the charge will be the same as camping.
Our registrars will make every effort to situate campers in housing suitable to their needs and preferences.
Meals:  Each camper day starts and ends at 2pm, and includes dinner on the day you arrive, and breakfast and lunch the next day. All meals will be prepared by Walker Creek staff who will do their very best to accommodate individual dietary preferences. When you register you have the option of choosing gluten-free, dairy-free, omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan. If you have additional dietary needs, please contact our registrars.

Online Registration: Registration will be available starting September 1, and prices will be posted on the website. To register, go to and click on the Harmony registration link. The site will guide you through registration, and will send you an email confirmation when your information has been received. Margaret Miles and Katie Riemer are co-registrars; if you encounter any difficulties or need help registering, please email, or phone (510) 684-1454 (before 9pm ) with your questions. (Note: we are both volunteers, and it may take us up to  hours to respond. Please either call OR email, but don’t do both!)
PLEASE NOTE: We need to provide Walker Creek with attendance numbers earlier than we have in past years. ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOVEMBER . THERE WILL BE NO LATE REGISTRATION!
You can pay online using a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or by check. If you choose to pay by check, the site and your confirmation email will tell you where to mail your check.

For those who would not otherwise be able to aend camp, the Club offers fee reductions known as “camperships.” If you are able to donate to the Campership Fund, remember it is tax-deductible, and you will be helping someone get to camp who may be someone you will miss if they can’t aend. The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on the honor system. We encourage you to register early if asking for a campership. Instructions for applying for camperships will be included in online registration. TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS to the Campership Fund are welcome and appreciated!
Harmony is a self-made music camp for our Club members of all ages and experience levels. Workshops include singing, dancing, tunes, instrument instruction/technique, and there is a great deal of spontaneous jamming that occurs day and night. All workshops and activities are camper-led, and any camper can sign up to teach or lead a workshop.
In addition, every night we have a concert and a dance. If you would like to lead a workshop, you can sign up at camp, or go to Mudcat café ( and sign up online. To see what workshops have been offered in previous years, search Mudcat café for “Camp Harmony workshop signups.”

Look for more information in the Nov/Dec folknik, and visit us on Facebook!
For photos & more information about camp, please visit www. We hope to see you there.

02 Sep 19 - 04:43 PM (#4007018)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: Joe Offer

This thread is now open for signups for leading workshops. Please give your name, the preferred day and time and location of the workshop, and the name of the workshop.
The day of the "triple crown" and SFFMC General Meeting haven't been decided. I won't post the schedule grids and start organizing until sometime after that - probably sometime in Mid-November.

05 Sep 19 - 12:29 AM (#4007388)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: GUEST,Ellen Eagan

I would like to lead a Waltz Jam on Saturday and Monday in the dance hall at 2 or 3.

08 Sep 19 - 07:50 PM (#4007892)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: GUEST,Carol Holdstock


Hi Joe, Please schedule for a morning at 11am. Thanks!

09 Sep 19 - 01:51 PM (#4008152)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020

Hello, Joe. I would like to lead two workshops at Camp Harmony. One would be FUNNY SONGS and the other TRAD SONGS WITH SHEEP IN THEM. I might ask for a third workshop.

Please do not schedule me in that noisy room next door to the loud instrumental jam. Or first thing in the morning, OR at the same time as the most attended favorite workshops. Thanks a bushel and a peck,
love, Sadie

13 Sep 19 - 12:36 PM (#4008683)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020

I'm happy to lead our Andronico's Old-time jam anytime. if a friendly accessible daily jam is needed, Noah and I are happy to step in.

14 Sep 19 - 06:00 AM (#4008768)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: Joe Offer

It would be nice to have jams 24/7 in the fireplace room in the shower house. Would that work for the Andronico's and Irish gem to be the foundation of that during the day? both of your sessions are wonderful, and we would like for people to be able to hear or join them as they pass through.
If you want to discuss this, contact me at

18 Sep 19 - 04:09 PM (#4009490)
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020
From: GUEST,David Robinson

I would like to teach a handful of Blowzabella tunes for all instruments. Contemporary Anglo-Euro dance tunes (waltzes, mazurkas, schottishes, etc.) written by past and present members of Blowzabella.

I'm a brand new member and this will be my first camp. So I'm not sure of the logistics. But I'd be happy with a slot in mid-morning or early afternoon for the full days.

I would bring copies of the tunes to share.