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Folk for the Fire

11 Sep 19 - 05:25 PM (#4008432)
Subject: Folk for the Fire
From: TheRamblinReilly

So, I'll be going camping with my girlfriend and parents for the first time together this weekend.
I'm planning on bringing my dulcimer to play a few tunes in the evenings, and was curious to know if there's any songs you guys like to play when you're relaxing with friends around a fire?
Trad songs of course are my favorite, but if there's other tunes y'all really like for those settings, by all means let me know about em.

11 Sep 19 - 09:44 PM (#4008453)
Subject: RE: Folk for the Fire
From: GUEST,Starship

I suggest you DON'T do a rendition of "Long Black Veil" or "I Killed Sally's Lover". (However, you may wish to go your own way on that.)