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Folk Tracks on Mainstream Music LPS

08 Nov 19 - 02:30 AM (#4017804)
Subject: Folk Tracks on Mainstream Music LPS
From: SPB-Cooperator

As I get older, I find myself listening to broader genres of music, particularly revisiting progressive/rock singers/performers I listened to in my youth, and a find that there are individual tracks that, if they had be written/performed by a 'folk' artiste (whatever interpretation one gives to that - but someone who has been generally recognised as part of the folk scene -please no arguments about what is and isn't folk) they would, by now be part of the'folk canon'. As I have to go out in 5 minutes, I don't have time to cite examples. Is it possible that there is folk in mainstream music and lps/sets are not so much in an exclusive genre, but in a more eclectic mix with other genres. And.... is that a good or a bad thing for folk?

08 Nov 19 - 05:18 AM (#4017862)
Subject: RE: Folk Tracks on Mainstream Music LPS
From: G-Force

Examples spring to mind:
Kilgarry Mountain by Thin Lizzy
Two Sisters by Tom Waits
John Barleycorn by Traffic

No doubt many others.

10 Nov 19 - 06:55 PM (#4018403)
Subject: RE: Folk Tracks on Mainstream Music LPS
From: Zhenya

I still love that Traffic version of John Barleycorn, which was the first version of that song I heard.

Another one that comes to mind is Led Zeppelin's version of Gallows Pole.

And Good Shepherd on a Jefferson Airplane album. (The other version I have of this song is done by Mike Seeger and Peggy Seeger under the title Blood-Stained Banders.)

Or, SPB, are you referring to newly composed songs by rock musicians that could actually work as folk songs? Or perhaps rock songs that already have been interpreted by folk artists, of which there are a number. (Ex: Tim O'Brien doing Norwegian Wood.)

11 Nov 19 - 03:10 PM (#4018501)
Subject: RE: Folk Tracks on Mainstream Music LPS
From: GUEST,Savika

Procol Harum's Broken Barricades, as was demonstrated by Barry Dransfield.