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Kris Kristofferson-waitress give hobo change

27 May 97 - 01:14 AM (#5792)
Subject: Kris Kristofferson
From: Guy

Can anyone please help me with the title and if possible the lyrics for a song by KK about a young waitress who goes out into the snow to give an old hobo his 50cents change that he has left because he was too drunk!

27 May 97 - 02:31 AM (#5796)
Subject: RE: Kris Kristofferson
From: Joe Offer

Hmmmm. This sounds like a job for Cowpie, the best source of country lyrics I know of:

Songs are listed by artist name. I checked a few of the many Kristofferson songs on the list, and couldn't find your song right off. maybe you'll have better luck.

....Unless it's the Highwaymen song where the men question the waitress for her generosity to some kids, and she says, "what's it to you?" - and then they leave her a huge tip and she tries to give it back, and they say, "What's it to you?"

This one is a mystery to me. Good luck.

-Joe Offer-