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Origins: The Rose of Sharon

16 Dec 19 - 03:51 PM (#4024128)
Subject: Origins: The Rose of Sharon
From: RTim

Some years ago - probably 40 plus years ago.....I learnt a song that was called - "The Rose of Sharon" - and was a short version of the song/hymn - "Lo How a Rose E'er Booming" - or in it's original language - "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" by Michael Praetorius.

My memory told me it was recorded by The Druids (Keith Kendrick, Johnny Adams, etc.) - but they tell me this is NOT true....Does anyone know whom may have recorded the version below sometime in the 1970's.
I am interest to know where this version came from eg Translation, etc.. as well as who recorded it.

Thanks - Tim Radford

See from the root out springing
A tender plant appears,
The promised blessing bringing,
Foretold by ancient seers.
For lo a rose blooms bright, amid the cold
Cold winter and in the gloom of night.

This rose is the anointed,
In Bethlehem manger Born,
Eternally appointed to bless this breaking morn,
And all around is bright, Indeed a heavenly
Glory, Shines through a gloom of night.

16 Dec 19 - 03:58 PM (#4024130)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Rose of Sharon
From: Reinhard

Rose of Sharon was recorded by Martyn Wyndham-Read, Geoff & Pennie Harris and Arky's Toast on "Maypoles to Mistletoe" (Trailer LER 2092, 1975) and by Martyn Wyndham-Read and Maggie Goodall on "Yuletracks" (Greenwich Village GVR 235, 2986)

16 Dec 19 - 04:38 PM (#4024139)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Rose of Sharon
From: RTim

Thank you Thank you Reinhard....It was driving me crazy that I could not find or recall where I originally got it from.....

Tim Radford