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26 Dec 19 - 03:12 PM (#4024987)
Subject: Yo
From: gillymor


26 Dec 19 - 03:17 PM (#4024988)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Jack Campin

yo with a big yeller string.

26 Dec 19 - 03:20 PM (#4024989)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: GUEST,Joe MacGillivray (Can't Reset Cookie)

Hi. I see this too. There aren't any other threads showing up but this one and one in the BS section. I can't reset my cookie when I know my password is correct.

26 Dec 19 - 03:22 PM (#4024991)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Stilly River Sage

In the dropdown menu (middle of home page) set the Age to 14 days and you'll see enough to work with.

26 Dec 19 - 03:26 PM (#4024993)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Bee-dubya-ell

Or seven days if 14 seems overly ambitious.

26 Dec 19 - 03:53 PM (#4024999)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Richard Mellish

This is the first time I've been able to get in for several days. The paucity of postings indicates that others have had the same trouble.

What is going wrong?

Even more important: what can we do to help? Does Max need money? Technical support? Moral support?

Anyone feel free to email me at Richard (at) if you can't get in here (or even if you can in case I can't). Brexit is likely to deprive me of my domain, so I am fortunate to have been able to get as well.

26 Dec 19 - 04:14 PM (#4025001)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Richard Mellish

Hmm! Just realised that I ought to have used a spare address, lest the above one, which I've just notified all my contacts of, gets spammed. Oh well, I can kill it if necessary and tell all my contacts another new one.

27 Dec 19 - 03:10 AM (#4025064)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mr Red

why would the .eu TLD be dis-allowed?
Was there a criterion at set-up?
They are there to make money and as long as they get that ..........
Maybe new owners would be subject to rules

I well remember looking at a .by (Belarus) which put a too high price on foreign ownership. Years ago.

If you became an e-Estonia Cyber-Citizen ............?

27 Dec 19 - 03:35 AM (#4025068)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: DaveRo

.eu and Brexit.

You probably just just need an address in the EU to renew it. It will be trickier if renewal payments cannot be drawn from a UK bank.

27 Dec 19 - 06:11 AM (#4025077)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Richard Mellish

The last I heard, some time ago, was that no individual or organisation based in the UK would be allowed to have a .eu domain after Brexit. Some workarounds were postulated but didn't seem practicable. So I bagged when the chap who handles my domain registration told me it was available, but then waited until we found out whether Brexit would be happening before starting to tell people.

(Probably) losing my .eu domain will be one of the lesser consequences of Brexit, but we don't need to discuss that here.

27 Dec 19 - 09:03 AM (#4025090)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: GUEST,keberoxu

You weren't the only one wondering what was wrong.

The problem was in the good old U S of A,
and the company that provides internet service
to the Mudcat Forum.
This company is known to me --
even though I don't have television or cable hooked up, by choice --
as a provider of cable television,
and of residential internet service through the cable networks.

The wrestling match went on for several days.
Only after the Mudcat came back, finally,
did I have a clue what was happening,
by reading what
She Who Must Not Be Named
posted .

She Who Must Not Be Named)

27 Dec 19 - 09:33 AM (#4025093)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mr Red

It will be trickier if renewal payments cannot be drawn from a UK bank.

Not sure about audit trail, but I pay via credit card and would have thought that was common. There would be exchange rates.

Given there are many people providing many things on the web, I would bet there are convenience addresses for these things. There must be hundreds of peeps in the same situation. Some willing to pay "effectively twice", just as the OPer has decided with the .uk TLD.
If there is profit, services are usually to be found.

Is the same kind of rule applicable to .uk for foreigners?

The effective problem with changing domain names is broken links. You can trawl for any on websites, there are websites that do it for you. Getting webmeisters to update may be a problem. But all those surfers who have put you on their favourites are potential broken links, worth thinking about! Worth money to commercial sites, hence suggestions above.

Well lookye here

The only details required to meet this restriction is a valid European Union address.
If no European Union address can be provided then our agency service can be used and the domain will be registered on your behalf.

Best of luck.

27 Dec 19 - 10:12 AM (#4025094)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: GUEST,Phil d'Conch

(L. heu): Ho, ha, heo, hoe, hoy, oh, yeo, yo, yoa, ahoy, holla, hello &c.

ie: O!

O Antiphons

Max: Happy New Year early and a belated Merry Christmas.

27 Dec 19 - 02:02 PM (#4025125)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mossback

Comcast??? Now THERE'S your problem. Real crap outfit - they lead the world in consumer complaints.

28 Dec 19 - 07:42 AM (#4025182)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

A song for Donuel

28 Dec 19 - 07:53 AM (#4025183)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

An Appaliachian Fulk Tune for Mossback

chewin wood feels so good
I always knew it would

28 Dec 19 - 08:33 AM (#4025194)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

decontectualized reality = quantum mechanical realities = absurd realities = the unlikely will happen given enough time.

Which is where we are just!

29 Dec 19 - 05:36 AM (#4025302)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mr Red

times up for the UK & the US IMNSHO.

There was a cartoon by Matt in the Daily Telegrope which basically says

"A good guide to what happens next, is to ask yourself how this could get any worse"

Also in the year's collection, printed pre-Xmas, there is one with two bus drivers talking:

"Boris makes model buses. My hobby is making detailed, carefully thought out, Brexit plans."

Happy Knew (sic) Year, y'all.

29 Dec 19 - 06:52 AM (#4025315)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

Reality, what a concept. IF an objective fact has 752 exceptions, is it still a fact ? <-intentional ?

Dr. Reginald Watt says "d9oe"

30 Dec 19 - 06:54 AM (#4025434)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mr Red

The answer is most certainly YES, if the 752 exceptions are clearly listed every time someone quotes the fact.

Humans are not capable of combining 752 caveats in one breath.
Engineers, by training, can hold maybe a few. They have to, a "thing" doesn't "thingy" if you ignore, usually, one wayward "doovery". But after that we employ computers and AI (which can't tell us why it thinks something is so).

30 Dec 19 - 07:41 AM (#4025451)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

That is a very heavy footnote way to go to establish a fact.
On a different not
I recall going to Times Square for New Years eve on a break from the NYT. It had different acoustic amateur bands and music groups every 30 feet or so. Now it is full of guns and a dozeb differnt special forces.
I went to Thurdgood Marshall Airport (now BWI) and saw assault rifles on display for the first time. I gave a ride to a synagoge and saw armed police on display. I frequent gas stations, malls, grocery stores and art stores, each are former sites of shootings or mass killings.

These are factual observations but it is editorial to say that I am witnessing a breakdown of American civilization.
Fact or not, it is happening with each and every shooting no matter how vigilent a police response may be.

People seem to hate thier neighbor

A war of armed cultural hate is underway, fact or not, attested by the bodies that are removed quickly and forgotten.

30 Dec 19 - 09:23 AM (#4025471)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

Sometimes I think the internet taught social media people too much about each other and extended flame wars into real life.

Or are culture wars eternal?

30 Dec 19 - 10:47 AM (#4025485)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: keberoxu

Mr. Red, you made me smile with your
"lookye" typo,
it reminds me of somebody saying
"Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye..."

31 Dec 19 - 02:20 PM (#4025720)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

Oh Kebby, you are having a good hair day.

31 Dec 19 - 05:50 PM (#4025744)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: keberoxu

if you only knew, Donuel ...

01 Jan 20 - 04:24 PM (#4025797)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Bill D

"IF an objective fact has 752 exceptions, is it still a fact ? "

"The exception proves the rule.......consequently, the more exceptions, the better the rule."

01 Jan 20 - 04:31 PM (#4025801)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Bill D

Corollary to the above: "Has been adopted as the guiding principle of the Republican Party... as in "The president is not above the Law, with an infinity of exceptions."

01 Jan 20 - 04:36 PM (#4025805)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Mr Red

Mr. Red, you made me smile with your
"lookye" typo,

Well it was considered. Sort of literal from the verbal. (joined-up phoneticisation if you will).

01 Jan 20 - 04:37 PM (#4025807)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: keberoxu

Thought you meant "lookey ... "

03 Jan 20 - 07:56 PM (#4026232)
Subject: RE: Yo
From: Donuel

This got decidedly funny.

An infinity of exceptions proves a claim is not an objective fact.
When some Einstien equations turn into repeating infinities, (at singularities) mathmaticians dismiss them as garbage but I still am not sure the math is wrong.