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Off To Atlanta

05 Jan 00 - 07:59 PM (#158655)
Subject: Off To Atlanta
From: Guy Wolff

Hi Gang, I'm off to Atlanta for the week and wondered if anyone had some ideas of good blues or folk clubs or vintage instroment stores{ My Faverite!}.. All ideas would be apriciated, yours,

05 Jan 00 - 08:06 PM (#158659)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Guy Wolff

I did write "Yours Guy" but sometimes the end gets lost sorry.. Yours again, Guy <><><><><><><><><

05 Jan 00 - 08:51 PM (#158694)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Dave Swan


When we're in Atlanta to visit my in-laws, I visit Fado Pub on Peachtree Road in the Buckhead district. It's a pub-in-a-box, but there are sessions there (Tuesdays and ??days)and they do know how to pour a Guinness.

Cheers, Dave

05 Jan 00 - 09:17 PM (#158728)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Guy Wolff

Thanks Dave , There do seem to be a ton of peachtree rds don't there.I like the Buckhead district for food and will look for Fado's , Thanks again , Guy <><><><><

05 Jan 00 - 09:37 PM (#158745)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: catspaw49

Dave doesn't say, but PJ grew up in Atlanta, as did my wife Karen.....but the place changes almost daily anymore. I lived there for 3 years and when I went back I could barely figure out how to find my HOUSE!!! Outside of folk technically, but if you haven't been to Underground Atlanta, go to "Dante's"...kind of a must see and generally the music is still folkie. And drop into the "Varsity"...Georgia Tech's legendary greasy spoon. No music, but the place is a riot. Take along some Maolox.

My sister-in-law told me about a place awhile back, just off the square in Marietta (Karen and I got married on the Square), but I don't know if its still there. Had a couple of good blues nights there a few months ago. I'll try to catch her before you go. (You oughta' stay with her family--they got a LOT of money!!!)

Have a great time!!!


05 Jan 00 - 10:00 PM (#158759)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Victoria

You might try the Limerick Junction Pub ((404)874-7147) I cannot for the life of me recall if it is in Little Five points or not (I believe so!) regardless of having been there in November (!) (we went to so many different places) But I do recall some great fun there, singing along with folk musician friends,in years past. Have a safe (and great) trip!

05 Jan 00 - 11:51 PM (#158834)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Guy Wolff

Thanks Cat and Victoria, I love Atlanta.. I was hoping to go look at guitars tomarow before all the madness of the Gift show hits me.. My partner does'nt get in till the afternoon so I have alittle time to get in trouble.. I'm still trying to find a resonated mandolin or some nice little Gibson Guitar [how about a George lucas moddle}.. Anyway thanks for the help. I will look in before I hit the road at the break of dawn... All the best Guy<><><><><>

06 Jan 00 - 12:35 AM (#158853)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: DonMeixner

Guy if you can track down Michael F Waters in that afir town. He'll aim you at whats up locally. Drop my name and a hello on him for me if you do get in touch.


06 Jan 00 - 04:54 PM (#159125)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Frank Hamilton


Here's what's happening.

1. Fado's for Irish 2. Blind Willies (in Virginia Highlands) for the Blues 3. The Red Light Cafe in Little Five Points. 4. Borders Bookstore has concerts in Gwinnett and Buckhead. 5. The Hot Club of Atlanta used to meet at the Sacred Brounds Coffee House in East Atlanta. They may still be there on Tues. night. 6. Various concerts at the Variety Playhouse. Grisman plays there on occasion. 7. Fiddlers Green Coffee House meets at the Margaret Mitchell House (I think it's the first Saturday, not sure) 8. Lena's Place in Decatur, (a folk-style coffeehouse) meets the second Saturday of every month. They have Singer/songwriters and other related accoustic acts. 9. The Hungry Ear Coffee House meets at the Unitarian Church in North Atlanta on Mount Vernon Street. The Mount Vernon Unitarian Church. 10. Check with a underground newspaper called Creative Loafing for information on other events re: "folk". 11. The Irish Arts of Atlanta puts on a Ceili upon occasion and conducts seisiuns. 12. There is a seisiun at Manuel's Tavern in Little Five Points on Sundays.

Atlanta is a weird place in that there is a lot of music going on but the city doesn't support it very well. They have only one newspaper called the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and all I can tell you is that it's no New York Times or Boston Globe. Creative Loafing is your best bet.

There is also an organization called the Atlanta Friends of Folk Music (AAFM) which meets in various homes for sessions and songswaps.

This should about do it. There are others who organize Celis and seisiuns such as Kathleen Donahoe-Noble and Bernard and Cathy Laine. There are a lot of local accoustics performers who are very good and culturallly undcernourished in Atlanta.


13 Jan 00 - 12:14 PM (#162205)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Guy Wolff

Thanks to all,Wow frank that was great.. I am putting your help note into storage for my summer visit back to town...I met a guy from Texas who used to play and hang out with lots of blues guys.. I had a great time and I think we woke up the garden market at the Atlanta Mart.. Thanks again... Guy<><><><>><><><>

14 Jan 00 - 01:08 AM (#162593)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: p.j.

Wow, Frank-- Creative Loafing! I haven't thought of that rag since my days at Georgia State! Did I ever see you at the Mellow Mushroom, or Rose's Cantina on Spring n' 10th?

Yall's truly,


02 Apr 02 - 08:46 PM (#681942)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: Big John

Hey, has nobody been to Atlanta since Jan. 2000.? I'm going there at the end of April. Is Frank Hamilton's guide still accurate? Big John

13 Apr 03 - 01:47 AM (#932210)
Subject: RE: Off To Atlanta
From: GUEST,

Folk loving folks!!
I have lived in the Atlanta area for over 10 years, and haven't met a folkie yet...Moved here from the Delta in MS...Yea lots of blues, but lot's of Bluegrass and folk too....Really miss getting together
Would LOVE to meet some other fans..just to jam, exchange songs...Been playing and singing since I was 13 yrs..finger pick guitar...sister and I love to sing...I live in (Pls forgive) Snellville...but would love to get to know anyone that loves this Kate Wolf, Childe Ballads, I tend to "folk up" all my songs....LOL
Anyway if there is any interest...pls contact via email...
ps...I've been married a long while, oldest child is this is definitely NOT a come on
Hope to hear from someone

Lou, welcome to the Mudcat. I've started a new thread for you, so that you might get more interest, rather than your notice being *buried* in this thread. You may access the new one by clicking HERE ~ joe clone ~