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BS: Irish Politics Today

23 Oct 20 - 11:05 AM (#4076541)
Subject: BS: Irish Politics Today
From: Raggytash

Backwoodsman I have created this thread just for those who wish to discuss Irish Politics.

Hopefully this will prevent Irish Politics being discussed on the Brexit and UK Politics thread.

I realise that the two are interlinked to a considerable degree but some areas should be discussed independently.

23 Oct 20 - 11:09 AM (#4076542)
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Politics Today
From: Backwoodsman

Thanks Raggy. Makes sense.

23 Oct 20 - 02:08 PM (#4076554)
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Politics Today
From: The Sandman

Europe has been good for ireland in a liberalising approach, it has taken a country highly influenced by reactionary religious elements and gradually turned it in to a much more liberal minded and forward looking country

24 Oct 20 - 07:08 AM (#4076650)
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Politics Today
From: Thompson

Today, Ireland is in a rage because Dail and Seanad (the two arms of the Oireachtas, equivalent, roughly, to Congress and Senate or Commons and Lords in the anglophone sphere) have rushed through a bill to seal for 30 years the records of what's laughingly known as the "Mother and Baby Homes" (not places of refuge but places of torment where babies were stolen and sold and girls forced to work while imprisoned).
This is particularly stupid and cruel because it will conceal from the surviving babies and their descendants family records that could reveal tendencies to illnesses such as ovarian cancer, cystic fibrosis, etc, and the family networks that these people desperately need.
It was done against the protests of the Data Protection Commission, which said it was illegal, and it may break EU law.
Settle back and watch the constitutional cases begin…

25 Oct 20 - 06:02 PM (#4076833)
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Politics Today
From: The Sandman

i agree Thompson