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2021 Folk Music Calenders?

28 Oct 20 - 10:05 PM (#4077186)
Subject: 2021 Folk Music Calenders?
From: GUEST,Lin

About 12 years ago I bought a calendar that you could hang up on a wall.
I don't recall now what company made it but each month depicted pictures or drawings of guitars, or a drawing of a girl or a guy playing a guitar.
Not anyone known at all, just drawings of someone strumming an acoustic guitar or banjo. Some months had just a photo of a folk instrument with maybe a tree or wooded area in the background.

I've moved a lot over the years and don't know what happened to it.
I didn't buy it at a store but some on-line site.
What also was nice about that calendar was each month had large squares for each day of the month, so there was room to write things.
Also, NOT just a calendar showing an instrument but drawings of someone playing it on different months.

No, I am not creative at art at all, so cannot make one myself.

If anyone know of anyone who does make folk music themed calendars, please post.

I am NOT looking for journals, datebooks or sit on a desk booklet calendars,

ONLY interested in good old-fashioned wall calendars.

29 Oct 20 - 04:25 AM (#4077213)
Subject: RE: 2021 Folk Music Calenders?
From: GUEST,Enfield/Swindon Pete

Hi Lin...Hedingham Fair do a lovely Calender of Folk Traditions, which includes lots of bits about folk song etc. Website is:

29 Oct 20 - 12:25 PM (#4077282)
Subject: RE: 2021 Folk Music Calenders?
From: Tattie Bogle

I'll second Hedingham Fair's calendar: beautifully produced, and a wealth of information about folk traditions, festivals, etc, but still plenty if room to write your important dates in: a square per day. And they sell lots of other interesting folk-related merchandise, T-shirts, books, cards depicting folk traditions, all with lovely designs by Karen and Colin Cater: Christmas shopping sorted! (And no, I'm not on commission for promoting them!!)