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Obituary threads

26 Jan 21 - 01:54 PM (#4090023)
Subject: Obituary threads
From: Joe Offer

I've noticed a lot of obituary threads lately that are lacking one important element - they often tell us noting about the deceased person, so the thread makes no sense to us who don't know the person.
Start both music and non-music obituary threads with the "obituary" tag. The thread will start out in the music section at the top of the forum menu. Eventually, the moderators with regularize the thread title (with standard date format) and move the thread to the non-music section if needed. No need to worry about it - non-music obits will get to the non-music section eventually. If the person didn't die in the current year, it would help if you state the date of death in a message. Otherwise, we'll assume it was in the current year and date the thread title accordingly.
But please remember to tell us something about the deceased person.


26 Jan 21 - 02:01 PM (#4090028)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Joe Offer

We've occasionally had discussion about whether or not it's appropriate to "speak ill of the dead" in obituary threads. I think the consensus among the Mudcat community, was that obituary threads should be an honest and peaceful discussion of the good and bad aspects of the person who is deceased. It should not be a whitewash, and it should not be an argument. The moderators had to do some cleanup in the Phil Spector thread.

26 Jan 21 - 03:46 PM (#4090056)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Colin Randall

Well said, Joe. I will add what I know or have been told to the Anne Byrne thread!

27 Jan 21 - 10:26 AM (#4090183)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Waddon Pete

Yes, well said Joe. It makes my job of curating the "In Memoriam: thread difficult when you have an obituary thread that reads something like, "Oh I heard on Facebook that Gus has died!" "Oh no! Has he?" etc. etc. Please do as Joe asks and tell us Who, Where, What and When. Thanks.

27 Jan 21 - 12:53 PM (#4090213)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GUEST,Rossey

I would have added, if it isn't your type of music, pass it by - unless you want to pay a grudging compliment or some appreciation of the party involved and the context of their place in history. One certain snobbish fella, insisted on consistently trolling the Phil Spector post, when it was a genre of music he has no time for. So why bother?

27 Jan 21 - 02:53 PM (#4090225)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GUEST,Phil d'Conch

As an outsider, I read two distinct types of obit threads.

The ones the poster knows personally and so assume everybody elso also knows. I've never seen any ill spoken of these departed.

The ones that are a total stranger to the poster and so not a friend or relation to anyone... apparently. Out come the justified knives.

The five Ws and the manners your mother should have taught you should suffice for both peoples but, alas, popular culture has never really worked that way.

27 Jan 21 - 03:03 PM (#4090227)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: punkfolkrocker

.. and then opening up a thread to demonstrate his 'admiration' for George Martin,
when he'd never been bothered to show any interest in Martin's obit,
or any other previous mudcat threads devoted to him...

27 Jan 21 - 03:03 PM (#4090228)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: punkfolkrocker

Just saying, whether or not you liked a recently deceased person,
their obit is not a place to stroke your own ego,
and indulge in petty grudges..

Some folks might need to be more self aware of how their own eventual obits might read...

27 Jan 21 - 07:07 PM (#4090266)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GUEST,Rossey

Punkfolkrocker.. I can imagine what'll happen when Hank Marvin eventually goes. The long Shadows Apache tribute post had a lot of that kind of division and snotty attitude. Some Mudcatters lacked understanding of the group's place in musical history. It juat wasn't to their own taste - and they couldn't stand back and see the bigger picture. Tonight I heard a brief snatch of 'Be My Baby' in a TV trailer - the fact that I heard it at all means that Spector did something that entered popular culture and still crops up. And for that skeptical party's information Spector did contribute to the song, as well as producing. It was voted one of the top Pop songs of all time etc. Anyway, on to the next death. The reaper awaits!

27 Jan 21 - 08:51 PM (#4090277)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GUEST,keberoxu

The reaper awaits?
I think the reaper has got his skeletal hands full
with a pandemic in full swing ...

27 Jan 21 - 09:52 PM (#4090292)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GerryM

I think the reaper must be subcontracting.

28 Jan 21 - 12:34 AM (#4090303)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: GUEST,Rossey

Yeah.. at the start you of the pandemic you would see Covid mentioned in the heading of the obit. I don't think anyone bothers now. We are so used to Mr. Reaper making extra use of the scythe.

28 Jan 21 - 02:14 AM (#4090305)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Backwoodsman

punkfolkrocker- two excellent posts, completely in agreement with all you said.

28 Jan 21 - 11:15 AM (#4090351)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Stilly River Sage

This is reading like a BS thread.

28 Jan 21 - 11:31 AM (#4090356)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: punkfolkrocker

Perhaps honest sincere obits should be published before we die,
so we can get some real idea
of the the true impact we left on other people...???

28 Jan 21 - 12:50 PM (#4090368)
Subject: RE: Obituary threads
From: Doug Chadwick

We could always write our own, to make sure that people remembered us in the way we would want them to.