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Other Online Radio Shows

12 Jan 00 - 07:29 PM (#161894)
Subject: Other Online Radio Shows
From: Clinton Hammond2

Ummm... A good chum of mine (and one hell of a barman) hosts a show on the local university radio show called 'Free Passage To Canada'... a show of Canadian and Celtic music...

Lemme see if I have a URL...

Have a look there... his show is on Monday night from 5 to 7??? I think...

Any others out there??

13 Jan 00 - 12:41 AM (#162056)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: Rick Fielding

My show "Acoustic Workshop" was online for a few months but, everything's down now at CIUT. They keep saying it'll be up any week now, but I've stopped holding my breath. Some of my shows have been archived here, but recently there hasn't been a good quality tape machine at the station to tape the shows. Hope everything gets back to normal. Anyway we're on in Toronto and parts of Ontario and New York every Monday from 7 to 8pm.


13 Jan 00 - 01:17 PM (#162235)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: Clinton Hammond2

Steven Alexander's Music & Radio Bookmarks

Found this guys page this morning... lotsa good stuff to be seen folks!

Steven Alexander's Music & Radio Bookmarks

I hope I got that right.. we really do need a preview function for us HTML insecure....

Take Ye Care Folks!

13 Jan 00 - 05:31 PM (#162339)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: Mike Regenstreif

My show, Folk Roots/Folk Branches on CKUT in Montreal, can be heard on-line in RealAudio in real time on Thursday mornings (9-11:30 Eastern).

The RealAudio link is available at the Folk Roots/Folk Branches website.

Mike Regenstreif

13 Jan 00 - 05:51 PM (#162351)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: JedMarum

Thanks all for te additional web radio links. I look forward to tuning in!

By the way, I've listend to two of Rick's archived shows and enjoyed them immensely! Good stuff, Rick. I especially enjoyed the latest show, Sept 13 - with Jaimie Snyder. Some great live jammin'!

12 Feb 08 - 04:00 PM (#2260738)
Subject: Tech: Midwest Irish Radio
From: 1122346

For anyone interested this is an irish radio station called Midwest Irish Radio. Irish music only which i think is great!!!

Click Here To Listen Now

31 Jul 08 - 04:06 PM (#2402536)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: bruceCMR

Celtic Music Radio, broadcasting 24x7. 1530kHz in central/west Scotland, plus streaming.

More info on

01 Aug 08 - 02:02 AM (#2402844)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: GUEST,Marymac90

My local listener-supported radio station, WVUD, has a folk
program called Roots each weekday morning from 9 to noon,
eastern time. During the school year it runs from 8:30 to
11 am. Each day has a different dj with a slightly
different take on folk.

Wednesday evenings they have a Celtic show. Saturdays they
have two bluegrass/oldtime/country programs, one from 10 to
12, and one from 12 to two pm.

I think the URL is


01 Aug 08 - 11:37 PM (#2403439)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: GUEST,iancarterb from Bellevue Comm College across Lake Washington from Seattle. Noon to three PDT M-F, nine to noon on Saturday, nine to six on Sunday.
Carter B

02 Aug 08 - 12:02 AM (#2403449)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows

There are a *bunch* of folk music programs on the station I broadcast from, KDHX-St. Louis, They include "Ireland in America", "Folks of the World", "Music from the Hills" (Eastern European, Scandinavian, etc.), "Down Yonder" (modern bluegrass), "Bluegrass Breakdown" (old-style bluegrass), and "No Time to Tarry Here" (that's me -- traditional music and related stuff, including lots of 78s and field recordings). And more, too many to list here -- check the website. I don't list times because the Program Committee is about to juggle the schedule and several of the times may change, but check the website. The new schedule should be settled down in a week or so.


02 Aug 08 - 12:55 AM (#2403478)
Subject: RE: Other Online Radio Shows
From: eddie1

My show "On The Road Again" is every Thursday from 1000 - 1300 BST on Blast1386, the radio station of Thames Valley University here in Reading England. You can hear it on www,

This Thursday (Aug 7th) I'm featuring the double cd album celebrating 10 years of EWOB - European World of Bluegrass. The album has 48 bands from 15 countries including the #1 European Blugrass Bands and a selection of Europe's finest alongside 15 special guests from the USA and Canada.