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Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)

08 Jun 21 - 05:55 PM (#4109386)
Subject: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: Joe Offer

Again With One Voice: British Songs of Political Reform, 1768 to 1868, by Dick Holdstock, Loomis House Press, 2021.

If Faith Petric was the matriarch of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, many might agree with me that Dick Holdstock is the patriarch. I met them both in about 1995. Faith is gone now, but I've had a lot of contact with Dick and his wife Carol through the years. Dick has lived in Northern California forever, but he's from Kent and never lost his accent.

I knew a lot about Peter, Paul, and Mary when I joined the Club in the 1990s, but that was about it. Through the years, Dick encouraged and challenged me and others to learn the tradition, and we did learn. And all the time I've known him, Dick has been writing a book. He was almost done with the book back in the 1990s, a collection of songs from seamen of the British Merchant Marine, since British military sailors didn't sing. Then it took a turn toward including labor songs, and now the book has arrived with the title, Again With One Voice: British Songs of Political Reform, 1768 to 1868. I feel like I've grown up with this book, and I'm so happy to see it come to fruition after all these years. And all through these years, I've heard Dick sing these songs he collected, experimenting with various melodies when he couldn't find the "real" melody.

And it has been so much fun - especially in recent years, when Dick has called me and asked ME for advice about one thing or another. I think I'm the one who convinced him to get the book published at Loomis House Press, and the results are excellent.

I haven't read the book yet, but I think I've heard most of the songs and narratives over the years. The book feels like a chronicle of my friendship with Dick over 25 years, because this book is an adventure that Dick shared enthusiastically with all of us. And now it's finished. The narratives and songs are fascinating, the illustrations are vivid and interesting, and the book is laid out beautifully. I suppose it's strange to post a book review before actually reading the book, but I think I can say I've lived this book with Dick for 25 years, and I know it well. I'm proud of my friend Dick, and I feel privileged to have been able to travel with him on at least part of his adventure of producing this wonderful book.

The Chapters:
  1. Liberty: 1768-1781
  2. Revolution: 1780-1789
  3. Paine: 1789-1795
  4. Insurrection: 1796-1799
  5. War: 1800-1815
  6. Suppression: 1815-1819
  7. Gagged: 1819-1830
  8. Union: 1830-1836
  9. Charter: 1837-1851
  10. Reform: 1851-1868

The Songs:
    An African’s Appeal to the British Nation
    The African’s Complaint
    “All round my hat,” or a Corporation Turn-Out
    Answer to the Threats of Corruption
    The Battle of Blorris Moor
    Battle of Waterloo
    Billy is Sick of the War: By Mr. Dyke
    Bold Robert Emmet
    Bonaparte’s Farewell to Paris
    Bonaparte’s Farewell to Paris
    Btitannia’s Lamentation On the Devastation War
    Britannia’s Wish: A New Song No 33
    British Tars Rewarded
    Briton’s Pilot The Patriot King
    Burdett Our Leading Star
    Catholic Rent
    The Champion of Reform
    The Chartist Song
    The Corn Laws
    The Cotton Lords of Preston
    The Cotton Spinners Farewell
    The Countryman’s Frolick; or, Humours of an Election.
    The Coventry March
    Dark Bonnymuir
    Dialogue and Song, Between Captain Swing and ]oan o’Greenfield
    The Dispersion of the British Convention
    The Dudley Boys
    Edmund Burke: To The Swinish Multitude
    England Demands Reform And Reform She’ll Have
    The Fatal English Poor Law Bill Or, The Ways of the World
    Father Murphy: Or the Wexford Men
    The File Hewer’s Lamentation
    The French Invasion
    Frost, Williams, and ]ones’s Farewell to England
    Gagging or The Worst Robbers of All
    The Gathering of the Unions
    General Ludd’s Triumph
    The Genius of Britain
    God Save Great Thomas Paine
    The Great Battle For Freedom and Reform
    The Great Liberal Majority of 110
    Great Naval Action Between The Kearsarge and The Alabama
    The Great Reform Meeting December 3rd 1866
    The Handloom Weavers Lament
    The Harvest of Corruption
    Hunting a Loaf “
    I’d Be A Reformer
    Isle of St. Helena
    ]ohn Bull and the Unions: Unity is Strength
    ]ohn Bull in a Rage at the Corn Laws
    The Knight-errant or The Distressed Queen
    Lock ]aws: A Ballad
    Lord Cornwallis’s Surrender
    The Meeting at Peterloo
    The Men of Forty Eight
    The Mitred Majority
    The Muse’s Friendly Aid
    Napoleon Buonaparte’s Exile To St. Helena
    Negro Slavery
    Nelson’s Death and Victory
    A New Ballad: On the Birth... of Mr. Edmund Burke’s Brat
    The New Bunch of Loughero
    A New Chartist Song
    The New Irish Drum
    A New Liberty Song No 44
    A New Song
    A New Song Called the Tradesmen’s Lament
    A New Song on Lambton’s Motion for Reform
    A New Song on the Great Demonstration... on Kersal Moor
    A New Song on the Great Lock-Out and Strike
    A New Song, called The French Kings Blood Crying for Vengeance
    A New Song: By Phelemy Freebairn
    A New Song: I Wish the Wars Were all Over
    A New Song: Lately composed on Castle Island
    A New Song: Pitt and the Union
    The Nottingham Tragedy!!! Lines to Their Memory
    O’Connell’s new Song on Emancipation
    Old Middlesex, Burdett, and Freedom For Ever!
    On Peace, By Mr. Fox
    The Ploughman’s Ditty
    The Pop-Gun Plot Found Out: Or, Ministers in the Dumps
    Present Times or Eight Shillings a Week
    President Parker
    The Queen or the Birth, Rise, and Progress of The Green Bag!!!
    Queen Victoria
    The Rats and the Ferret
    The Reform Battle in Hyde Park
    The Reform Demonstration in Hyde Park, May 6th, 1867
    Removal of Napoleon’s Ashes T
    Resignation Of His Majesty’s Ministers
    Rouse, Hibernians
    Serjeant Kite’s Invitation to the Swinish Multitude
    The Shan Van Vocht
    Short Time Come Again No More
    The Silent Cell
    The Song of the Lower Classes
    Song of the Volunteers of 1782
    Song on the Death of Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlotte
    Striking Times
    The Suffering of the British Army in the Camp Before Sebastopol
    The Tara Monster Meeting
    The Tenders Hold, “Or Sailors Complaint”
    To the Chartists of Shropshire
    To The Commons: On Meeting After The Recess
    To The Electors of Great Britain Reform Song
    Tone’s Grave
    The Tradesmen’s Complaint
    Transports and Old Baileys
    The Tree of Liberty
    True Reformers
    Verses On the Death of Queen Caroline
    The Voice of Africa
    When We Get ]ohnny’s Reform
    The White Cliffs of Albion
    Wilkes and Glyn: A new song
    Wilkes and Liberty: In Honour of No 45
    A Word of Advice to Reformers of England
    Working Men of England
    Yankee Doodle: Or The Negroes Farewell to America

Patience Young did the editing, June Nishimoto the musical notation, and Steve Roud wrote the foreward.

11 Jun 21 - 03:25 PM (#4109722)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: Jon Bartlett

I've known about this ms. for yonks, and I've read some of the chapters. I'm so glad it's out - kudos to Dick for such a long sustained effort. Question: where can one buy it that'll do most good to Dick? I'd like a signed copy, too, for old times' sake. Joe, please give my best to Dick.

Jon Bartlett

11 Jun 21 - 07:48 PM (#4109755)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: GUEST,#

The book is selling at Barnes and Noble, and it's available on Amazon for about $30 (shipping extra). Looks like a great resource to have.

03 Jul 21 - 02:22 PM (#4112210)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)

You can also order directly from the publisher in Minnesota, Loomis House Press , and most, if not all, independent bookstores are able to order titles in for you. I think those suppliers might be more in line with the spirit of the book, and certainly offer the most support to Dick as the author.

04 Jul 21 - 11:13 AM (#4112282)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: Stewart

On sale from No reason to go to Amazon

Paperback $29.95

Cheers, S. in Seattle

04 Jul 21 - 12:18 PM (#4112291)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: GUEST,Modette

... and I wouldn't buy it from either.

New Statesman - Why is not the saviour the book world needs

06 Jul 21 - 11:25 AM (#4112486)
Subject: RE: Pre-Review: Again With One Voice (Dick Holdstock)
From: GUEST,Rosie Upton

In the UK it's available via Blackwell's price £23.36 including postage and packaging. I'll be ordering one and look forward to reading it and looking at the illustrations. It will be of great interest to anyone like me who has an interest in music and like my alter-ego Rosie MacGregor in politics and protest.