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BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?

10 Jun 21 - 07:36 AM (#4109559)
Subject: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Jon Freeman

This weekend, I booked Hermes to collect and deliver a parcel. The parcel was supposed to have been collected on Monday. With one exception on Tuesday where it asked me to contact them ASAP, the status has shown that a friendly courier will be collecting today. Nobody has called on any day.

I’ve tried their online contact system but that (at least with Firefox and Chromium on Linux, I’ve not tried anything else) won’t let me past entering the tracking number. Mum and I have both tried their contact us query number. Mum couldn’t get beyond trying to read the tracking number to their automated system. I got further than that but after a long hold followed by a dialling tone, the line just went dead.

Does any one here have any suggestions as to how one does make contact with them?

I have used Hermes (with the same account) to send other parcels without problems and they have delivered here many times but they seem to be making resolving a problem impossible.

10 Jun 21 - 07:48 AM (#4109561)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Dave the Gnome

It is difficult on the phone - I have had experience of it. If you persevere you can get an operator but it may take a while. If you cannot get any satisfaction try emailing the CEO - and someone from the executive team should pick it up quickly. I had call to do it and they were pretty good. I put it as a complaint about the complaints procedure!

Good luck

10 Jun 21 - 08:17 AM (#4109563)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Jon Freeman

Thanks Dave, email sent.

10 Jun 21 - 06:46 PM (#4109614)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Steve Shaw

I've had serious difficulties with DPD and Parcelforce recently, with their either claiming to have delivered stuff which they hadn't delivered or claiming that they couldn't deliver for this, that or the other spurious reason. I've found Amazon Prime to be very reliable. Hermes have also been OK. It's all about couriers on low pay dashing around like whirling dervishes in order to comply with unreasonable demands.

11 Jun 21 - 06:29 AM (#4109662)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Jon Freeman

Well the email's achieved something as I got a phone call from support thing morning. I was told that she had spoken to the courier who called yesterday but we had wanted the parcel collected from my work address. I said I didn't have a work address and she agreed there must be some confusion... Anyway, she's phoning the courier again to get her to call here today.

Steve, I agree couriers can be under a lot of pressure and are poorly paid. I think it can contribute to failed deliveries. One may not want to spend much time finding an address and perhaps, for example, even feel tempted to falsely claim a call had been made, especially if there are penalties for missing targets.

Difficulty in getting support when something goes wrong is another matter though.

11 Jun 21 - 06:40 AM (#4109665)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Sandra in Sydney

here in Australia overworked couriers put cards under doors with option "You weren't home so I took it to the Post Office" ticked.

People waiting behind the door get annoyed, strangely enough, then have to go to the nearest PO wherever it is & join the queue - in working hours of course.

I do like the idea of emailing the biggest boss of an organisation!

11 Jun 21 - 07:26 AM (#4109667)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Dave the Gnome

Glad I could help, John.

12 Jun 21 - 10:13 AM (#4109829)
Subject: RE: BS: Hermes parcels - help ideas?
From: Mr Red

FWIW give them your** - 3 word locations. If your back door is preferred you can specify that if it is more than 3 metres away from the most obvious door.

w3w uses Goggle & streetview, so there is no excuse if they are prepared to use the w3w - and if they are anay good they will have that as their back-up, because with awkward sites you can see the road/entrance. Or at least a view from within the last 10 years.

** replace "///slab.strikers.dented" with your town, click on the 3 word below & scoot around for your location. w3w are advertising on telly, and the UK emergency services recognise the 2 words now. AND its a British invention (even if on the back of Goggle).