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Stolen Instruments---Database?

23 Nov 21 - 01:35 PM (#4127096)
Subject: Stolen Instruments---Database?
From: saulgoldie

As I was looking over some of the guitars offered for sale to compare to some that I want to sell, I got to wondering...

There have been many reports here of stolen instruments. Is there some place where there is some sort of database where we can look to make sure that what we are about to buy is not listed as having been stolen? Some of the prices I saw seemed like the owner might not have known exactly what they had. This could suggest that the instrument is stolen. Just wondering.


23 Nov 21 - 01:44 PM (#4127098)
Subject: RE: Stolen Instruments---Database?
From: saulgoldie

Duh! If I had but checked in with Brother Google. This site looks pretty decent.

Stolen Guitar Registry

23 Nov 21 - 05:21 PM (#4127111)
Subject: RE: Stolen Instruments---Database?

My experience is that most people ignore these databases and just post on social media, including Mudcat.