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BBC Making Music - contents

16 May 22 - 02:04 PM (#4141869)
Subject: BBC Making Music - contents
From: Nigel Parsons

Making Music was a BBC Schools broadcast series on television.
As Television is a more visual medium than Radio it appears that the booklets for these programmes are less common than those for 'Singing Together' or 'Time and Tune'.
Some further information can be found Here but it is currently quite scant.
I will list the contents of those pamphlets which I hold.
Several of the booklets were re-used, or re-printed for different years.

16 May 22 - 02:07 PM (#4141870)
Subject: RE: BBC Making Music - contents
From: Nigel Parsons

1966 Autumn Illustrated: Peter Edwards

Street cries
A round of street cries
Down by the river
Old Jim John
Lieutenant Kije
Past three o’clock
A Czech carol
Gabriel from heaven came (tune appears to be Angelus ad virginem)
A Mexican carol

1967 Summer (The Turtle Drum) Illustrated: Charles Pickard

The Turtle Drum
Go back where you belong
Round of welcome
Divertissement of the deep
The four seasons
Sayonara song

16 May 22 - 02:08 PM (#4141871)
Subject: RE: BBC Making Music - contents
From: Nigel Parsons

1967 Autumn, 1969, 1971 Illustrated: Anthony Hemingsley

Young Kitty Clark
Michael Finnigin
Green Corn
To Music
Nova, nova
Children, go where I send thee
When Christ was born of Mary free
Orientis partibus
My Dancing Day
Comic song

1970 Summer. The Story of Lieutenant Cockatoo Illustrated Anthony Colbert

Shanty (A sou’westering blowing billy)
Arrival of Lieutenant Cockatoo
Round (Who’s this? Candy Dandy, Gentleman, Cockatoo)
Song of the Albatross
Ship-Boy’s Song
Song of the Spirits
Song of the Ghost Ship

16 May 22 - 02:14 PM (#4141873)
Subject: RE: BBC Making Music - contents
From: Nigel Parsons

Autumn 1970 Illustrated: Peter Edwards
The contents for this term repeat, to a great extent, the booklet for 1966 Autumn, but with a new cover, and some variations of content.

A round of street cries
Cries with chords
Blue bottles and flies
Young lambs to sell
The scissor grinder (trad. Milan)
Down by the river
Old Jim
Lieutenant Kije
A Czech carol
Past three o’clock
A Mexican carol
We wish you a merry Christmas

Spring 1971 Illustrated: David Brown

Oh, blow the wind southerly
Poor fly
Mango walk
Searching for lambs
(Some folk songs from Louisiana):
   Father Felix
   The chicken thief
   A waterman’s polka
Old Abraham Brown
The orchestra
Skip-a to my Lou
Botany Bay

16 May 22 - 02:21 PM (#4141874)
Subject: RE: BBC Making Music - contents
From: Nigel Parsons

1972 Spring Illustrated: Justin Todd

One man shall mow my meadow
Within a forest
Summer is a-coming in
Simple gifts

Russian Easter Carol        ) Traditional Russian tunes
Street dancer’s tune       ) used by Stravinsky
Down St Petersburg Road    ) in Petrushka
As I walked up-hill         )

Vilikins and his Dinah