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Lyr Add: Michigan Snow Shanty (Judi Morningstar)

20 Nov 22 - 12:54 AM (#4158145)
Subject: Lyr Add: Michigan Snow Shanty (Judi Morningstar)
From: Joe Offer

It's getting cold. We all need some inspiration. You people in Australia, don't scoff.

(c) 1993, Judi Morningstar

It's Heave Ho, Heave Ho
Rock your car in the snow
Forward first throw it in reverse
Way up in Michi-gan-io

Vs 1
On Saginaw Bay where I come from
You learn survival on the run
Chains and salt and shovels and sand
Are tools you'll always have on hand

Vs 2
Well, bundle up and cover your nose,
Wear your hat when the big wind blows.
Air so cold you can see your breath,
If you get sick you'll sneeze to death.

Vs 3
Wear your woolies whenever you roam,
By Springtime they can walk alone.
Keep your mukluks on your feet,
You'll need the traction in the ice and sleet.

Vs 4
Pretend that you like winter games
Downhill skiing is quite insane.
Hang your ice skates on the wall
You can't hurt yourself if you don't fall.

21 Nov 22 - 12:46 PM (#4158270)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Michigan Snow Shanty (Judi Morningstar)
From: Cool Beans

Thanks for sharing, Joe! I know Judi Morningstar, was on the same concert bill as she two weeks ago, but I'd never heard this song.