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BBC Radio 2, 15 January - 21st Century Folk

14 Jan 23 - 07:24 AM (#4162413)
Subject: BBC Radio 2 15 January 21st Century Folk
From: GUEST,henryp

BBC Radio 2 Sunday 15 January 20:00 Mark Radcliffe presents 21st Century Folk
21st Century Folk article

Sean Cooney of Stockton-on-Tees band The Young'uns has turned Dr Lone's story into a song called Doctor Boro, combining his passions for the NHS and Middlesbrough FC.
Watch The Young'Uns on Youtube

Martyn Joseph sings about how Andrea Bell serves "a cup of love" in the soup kitchen and food bank she helps to run in Sunderland. Watch on YouTube

Michael Dodds, a fifth-generation foyboatman who helps ships dock in the Port of Sunderland, stars in a modern maritime folk tune by Kathryn Williams and Squeeze's Chris Difford. Watch on YouTube

The Unthanks and Angeline Morrison sing that Katie Toner, from Northumberland, "will make a dream" for neurodiverse children by organising accessible parties and sleepovers. Watch on YouTube

Thea Gilmore puts the spotlight on Delyth Raffell, whose daughter Ellen died in 2019 at the age of 16 after suffering an allergic reaction, and who set up the charity Ellen's Gift of Hope.
Watch on The One Show on BBC One at 19:00 GMT on Monday and on BBC iPlayer

Now available on demand on BBC Sounds but only for 24 days!

14 Jan 23 - 10:38 AM (#4162443)
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 2 15 January 21st Century Folk
From: FreddyHeadey

Blimey. I know they are mostly somber subjects but with the exception of Sean Cooney's song about the Doctor I found them all terribly ponderous.
Surely should have had the Young'uns doing the song for the foyboatmen.

Here's the page with the programmes available

I presume the YouTubes of the songs
will remain for longer.

24 Jan 23 - 06:18 AM (#4163415)
Subject: 21st century folk
From: Dave the Gnome

Anyone heard the BBC Folk show's item 21st Century folk? I have heard a couple up to now and they were both very good in my opinion. I have not linked to the individual podcasts but here is a link to the overall concept -

26 Jan 23 - 06:07 PM (#4163635)
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 2 15 January 21st Century Folk
From: GUEST,keberoxu

Sean Cooney's song is LONG --
no wonder he had to have the lyrics in front of him.
Fun, though.
Except when it was too true to life:

"people eating pet food 'cos they can't afford to cook" --
that really does happen.