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A new rounds collection - by DADGBE

12 Apr 23 - 11:16 AM (#4169744)
Subject: A new rounds collection

After more than 30 years of singing rounds at Camp Harmony, the San Francisco Folk Music Club’s annual New Year’s get away, I’ve started a collection of rounds that I’d heard sung there. The goal of the collection is to create sheet music and sound files of each round in an easily e-mailable form.

Each round can now be sent to anyone interested to receive it complete with a printable PDF of the written music along with two small mP3s of the linear melody and the combined parts.

At of now there are 61 songs on the list which grows when I can get publication permissions from writers, other collectors, and publishers.

If any of you are interested in perusing my rounds list, please let me know and I’ll email it to you. You can then ask for any round on the list and I’ll send that file to you.

Many thanks,
Ray Frank

16 Apr 23 - 11:31 PM (#4170092)
Subject: RE: A new rounds collection
From: Joe Offer

Here's Ray's list - so far. If you'd like a PDF and MP3 of the music, email me and I'll pass it on to Ray.
Since I work for the people who edited the Rise Up Singing and Rise Again Songbooks, I should say that Rise Up Singing has chapters on:

1. Alvin the Alligator

2. Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis

3. Apple Maggot Quarantine Area

4. By the Waters of Babylon

5. Benjie Met the Bear

6. Black Socks

7. Blue Balloon

8. Calypso

9. Come Follow, Follow

10. Crazy Gibberish

11. Dance For the Nations

12. Death Is a Long Sleep

13. Dona Nobis Pacem

14. Du Wop

15. Duchess/Duke for Tea

16. Dwarves

17. Fall (The Road)

18. Four Long Hours of Driving

19. Ghost of John

20. Glass Houses

21. Good Friend

22. Good Night

23. Great Tom

24. Hava Na Shira

25. Here’s to Life!

26. Hinei Ma Tov

27. Interval round (1, 3, 5, 8…)

28. Jubilate Deo

29. Lame Tame Crane SFFMC

30. Lame Tame Crane Weber

31. Le Carillion de Vendome

32. Many Candles

33. Mister Bach

34. Moon Moon

35. Mousies

36. Mush-room

37. Music Alone Shal Live

38. My Friend Sharon

39. Nero, Lani’s

40. Nero, original

41. O Bruit Doux

42. Old Man From Calcutta

43. Onawa’s Waltz

44. One Bottle of Pop

45. Orchestra

46. Rhythm and Syncopation

47. Ride a Cock Horse

48. Ride a Cock Horse (Shaw)

49. Ringin’ In the New Year

50. Scalloped Potatoes

51. Shalom Chaverim

52. Sharing Round

53. Skiing Round

54. Smetana

55. The Chickens

56. This Longest Night

57. To Stop the Train

58. Waiter, I Want Some Water

59. When I Go Waltzing

60. White Sand

61. Why Shouldn’t My Goose

18 Apr 23 - 12:46 PM (#4170270)
Subject: RE: A new rounds collection
From: leeneia

Hello, Joe. I would like the PDF of the sheet music. I don't need the MP3's.

I have another to add to the list: Alles Schweiget, which has a lovely 18th-century sound.

18 May 23 - 10:14 PM (#4172538)
Subject: RE: A new rounds collection
From: Stilly River Sage

Curt Bouterse is looking for DADGBE so I've refreshed this thread to make him easier to find.

19 May 23 - 12:58 AM (#4172544)
Subject: RE: A new rounds collection - by DADGBE

Thanks SRS! Don't recall Curt but I'm looking forward to hearing from him.

19 May 23 - 01:55 AM (#4172545)
Subject: RE: A new rounds collection - by DADGBE
From: Stilly River Sage

The request came through the Mudcat Annex on Facebook, but wasn't posted to that page because tracking down Mudcat members is a kind of question. He is Curt Bouterse on Facebook.