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Jean Ritchie 1955 WNYC broadcast

15 Mar 24 - 10:42 PM (#4199159)
Subject: Jean Ritchie 1955 WNYCbroadcast
From: Thomas Stern

1955: Walter Henry Thompson, Jean Ritchie, and Telford Taylor all speak at The New York Herald Tribune Book and Author Luncheon. Thompson talks about his book on Winston Churchill. Taylor expounds on the Congressional cross-examination of citizen loyalties at the height of the Cold War and Jean Ritchie reflects on her music and Kentucky upbringing

WNYC1955 NY Herald Tribume Book and Author luncheon

to listen click the blue LISTEN button.

Van Doren introduces Ritchie, who talks about her childhood in Kentucky, music, and her book "Singing Family of the Cumberlands." She also performs. She introduces each song, which she performs on a dulcimer. Performs "Barbry Ellen,"
an unnamed song, a short Baptist hymn, and "Hop Around, Skip Around Old Betty Larkin."

Jean Ritchie introduction starts at 18:37 followed by long blank
20:56 talk about family and book
22:50 dulcimer
24:36 Barbry Ellen
26:43 Devil and the Farmer's Wife
29:02 Old Regular Baptists, preacher, Granny
31:52 hymn
31:47 play party song Hop Around Skip Around Betty Larkin


02 Apr 24 - 09:22 PM (#4200325)
Subject: RE: Jean Ritchie 1955 WNYC broadcast
From: Thomas Stern

Has anyone listened to this 1955 Jean Ritchie performance ???
Can you identify the hymn ??

Is she now forgotten ???


05 Apr 24 - 09:01 AM (#4200441)
Subject: RE: Jean Ritchie 1955 WNYC broadcast
From: Felipa

No, Jean is well-remembered

05 Apr 24 - 04:44 PM (#4200469)
Subject: RE: Jean Ritchie 1955 WNYC broadcast
From: Jason Xion Wang

Amazing find! This is such a lost gem. From the 50s