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Contact Pete Scrowther??

28 Mar 24 - 03:17 PM (#4199941)
Subject: Contact Pete Scrowther??
From: Joe Offer

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Posted By: GUEST,Ann Parsons
28-Mar-24 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: RE: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide

I'm looking for contact details for Pete Scrowther

28 Mar 24 - 03:36 PM (#4199942)
Subject: RE: Contact Pete Scrowther??
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Ann -

As far as I can tell, Pete is living in Lucerne (Switzerland). He was a member of the band Isambarde (click). Jude Rees is the only band member I could find contact information for online. -

Hope that helps.

Joe Offer, Mudcat Music Editor