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Obit: Bernard Hill (1944-2024)

06 May 24 - 02:56 AM (#4202114)
Subject: Obit: Bernard Hill
From: Dave the Gnome

He came a long way from Yosser Hughes to Theoden, King of Rohan. A brilliant actor and certainly versatile. His death is a great loss to theater and film. Condolences to his loved ones

06 May 24 - 03:52 AM (#4202116)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill
From: Hagman

He was very good in "Fox," a Trevor Preston write from 1980.

06 May 24 - 03:53 AM (#4202117)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill
From: GUEST,Lang Johnnie More

"A man who has music will always have friends". His most relevant performance to this site would have been in "The Boys And The Girl From The County Clare", where he played the part of an Irish traditional fiddle player. If I remember correctly, there were 3 photos on his mantlepiece - the Pope, John F. Kennedy and Michael Coleman.
A great actor who will be much missed. RIP.

06 May 24 - 07:15 AM (#4202130)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill
From: Dave the Gnome

Just looked up that film, LJM, and it is now on my watchlist!

06 May 24 - 09:52 AM (#4202140)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill
From: GUEST,henryp

Folk musician Barbara Dickson wrote on Twitter/X; “It’s with great sadness that I note the death of Bernard Hill. We worked together in John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert, Willy Russell's marvelous show 1974-1975. A really marvelous actor. It was a privilege to have crossed paths with him. RIP Benny x”.

The play opened at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in May 1974, directed by Alan Dossor. It ran for eight weeks, then moved to the Lyric Theatre in London, where it ran for a year and was named "Best Musical of 1974" by the Evening Standard Theatre Awards and London Critics' Awards.

It had what proved to be a very distinguished cast;
Bert: George Costigan
John Lennon: Bernard Hill
Paul McCartney: Trevor Eve
George Harrison: Phillip Joseph
Ringo Starr: Anthony Sher
Barbara Dickson sang the songs of the Beatles.

The queue for the theatre stretched around the Everyman, and was entertained by a group of buskers who wandered up and down. Once the queue had entered the theatre, the play began with the buskers walking up the centre aisle and taking their places on the stage. What a wonderful evening!

06 May 24 - 12:30 PM (#4202154)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill (1944 - 2024)
From: Anne Lister

I remember that production of John, Paul, Ringo, George and Bert from the London run. And I saw Bernard Hill in other theatre productions, too, although the details escape my memory. A fine actor, and a huge loss.

06 May 24 - 05:18 PM (#4202179)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill (1944-2024)
From: Dave the Gnome

I didn't know if this should be above the line but now I see it should! Definitely a man of many talents

12 May 24 - 04:32 PM (#4202432)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill (1944-2024)
From: Anne Lister

I have a feeling (and I'd need to check my theatre programme) that he was also in The Passion at the Cottesloe theatre back in the day. I think he pulled me into a maypole dance.

18 May 24 - 09:25 AM (#4202642)
Subject: RE: Obit: Bernard Hill (1944-2024)
From: GUEST,Tunemith

I saw Bernard playing John Lennon in the Willy Russell play at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool back in the mid-70s, and he was terrific. Unfortunately, the play only worked when the possibility of a Beatles reunion was possibly. That all ended with John’s death.