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Help: Gypsy/East European music

11 Feb 00 - 05:10 PM (#176840)
Subject: Gypsy/East European music
From: Ely

My mom knows a man who plays traditional gypsy and Romanian music and she loves it. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any recordings/has no plans to make any recordings, and I can't seem to find any through the usual sources (I'd like to hear it first, or have someone who knows vouch for it, so I'm wary of catalogs). Can anyone recommend any good recordings and tell me where to find them?

11 Feb 00 - 05:22 PM (#176845)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,Frank Hamilton


Don't miss the movie called "Latcho Drom" (Safe Journey), the best movie made about Gypsies ever. Last time I looked, Blockbusters had it and it has been on PBS TV channels as well.

Also, the fiddling of Sandor Lakatos. The Lakatos are aluminary Gypsy family of musicans once very popular in Budapest. I knew Elek who was an expert Cymbalom player. Elek now resides in Las Vegas, I believe, at least from the Gypsy perspective, that's the last address for him.

Also, there is a film of the Django Festival at Samois Sur Seine which is scored by Babik Reinhardt. Django is a Gypsy hero and many of the young musicians aspire to emulate him. It is the music of the Manouche, (French Gypsy).


11 Feb 00 - 05:29 PM (#176849)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Jacob B

What I would do is go to , and send an email to them from their site. Simon at Hatikvah Music is extremely knowledgeable about those types of music (and some others.) Personally, I would trust his recommendation.

11 Feb 00 - 05:53 PM (#176855)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Áine

Dear Ely,

If you would like to learn about the Romani people, go to The Patrin Web Journal: Romani Culture and History site, which has extensive information, including information about their music and culture.

-- Áine

11 Feb 00 - 11:26 PM (#176980)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music

Latcho Drom a video and CD. is perhaps the best compilation easily accessable of gypsy music. It ranges farther than e. european.

12 Feb 00 - 03:48 PM (#177243)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Chet W.

Second on the Lakatos family. I have several albums of them that I bought in Prague in the early 90s. My favorite is one with the senior Lakatos with his son. As far as specifically Romanian gypsy music, check out the Hungarian band Muszikas (with their incomparable singer Marta Sebestyen). A couple of their albums are of Transylvanian music, some gypsy, some Jewish. All are available from Amazon. Also at Amazon you can browse through International>Europe>Eastern Europe>Romania. There are some Central European gypsy bands that play more of a Spanish style, sort of like the Gypsy Kings. (One is Vera Bile in the Czech Republic). Good stuff, but very different from Transylvania. A good Czech net-retailer is Search for gypsy or Romany or Tzigane. Good luck.


13 Feb 00 - 02:18 AM (#177494)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,Jutta

There is a Hungarian Gypsy band called Ando Drom, which play great music, also a Romanian group called Taraf de Haidouks, with mostly fiddle music in lively high speed. Both have produced several CDs. Bratsch (from France) are one of my favourites, but they are a bit more into Jazz and modern expressions from time to time, in case you are looking for more traditional things. The German label Network has produced a series of 2-CD-compilations, one of them is "Road of the Gypsies", another one "Gypsy Queens", they also have records of Ando Drom and Bratsch in their programme. The soundtracks to the movies of Emir Kusturica (first of all: Time of the Gypsies) are full of Gypsy music material. There is a 70's Russian musical, the English name could be something like: A Gypsy Camp Flies Into The Sky". A fascinating fusion of Roumanian dance musik and music and songs from Brittany you will find on the records from Eric Marchand and the Taraf de Carancebes.

13 Feb 00 - 10:11 AM (#177577)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: InOBU

Hi folks:
The BEST Romani band is the Kalyi Jag Group (Black Fire) and their best tune is La Ratjake Cheja, and Lacho Drom means the Good road. Be very careful of Tony Gatlifs movies, for example, Gadjo Delo is concidered very defamitory by American Roma, and is from a scholars point of view fraught with cultural defimation and inacuracy. I saw a pre-release version with some Roma elders in New York, and I understand it was toned down from the version we saw. It was a fine piece of film work, as was Dances With Wolves, a film concidered by many Native Americans to be one of the most racist movies ever made. Latcho Drom is much better, as it has little in the way of commentary, however, Gatlif does what he does in other films, which is to change the translation of spoken words in subtitles in order to editorialize while claiming not to so do. I have used Latcho Drom, however, when, for example lecturing at the Columbia University Grad School of Sociology (before chucking it all for music...)
But Kalyi Yad is the ticket - and I agree Ando Drom is great as well...

13 Feb 00 - 11:20 AM (#177612)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Áine

I know how Larry feels about Gadjo Delo, and I agree with him (after a little educative effort on his part!) that it is not at all a true representation of the Romani culture. However, on a purely artistic point, I do enjoy the movie. It is beautifully filmed and the music is wonderful. The end of the movie is especially touching, and worth sitting through the 'objectionable' parts.

If you have a chance to see it, please do. But, do keep in mind that it is just a 'story' and not anything close to being 'realistic'.

-- Áine

14 Feb 00 - 01:04 AM (#177952)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: M. Ted (inactive)


I am very curious to know more about the man who plays Gypsy music, anything you can find out, including where the music that he plays is from, how he learned it--You have a very special acquaintance there, and, it would be worth thinking about sitting him down in front of a good recording machine, opening a bottle of slivovitz, and recording as much of his repertoire as you can--if you can't do it yourself, there are a good number of people around who might be able to help you out--

14 Feb 00 - 08:08 AM (#178004)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: InOBU

Dear Ted: Forget the booze, sit him down in front of a plate of Sarmi and follow it up with Prioga (the Romani version, not the Polish dish - a sweet noodle pudding) then, and most important, fill up his pockets with gold, THEN ask him for some tunes...

15 Feb 00 - 01:45 PM (#178839)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: wysiwyg

Refreshing this to add this from Mudcat Links/Internat'l Folk:

Rubon- folk music group from Belarus International Folk Add to Bookmarks This site is providing Rubon- folk music group from Belarus and the creativity of Sergey Bolsoun, it's leader. The site contains MP3 and Real Audio files.

Don't know if this fits your interest but interested in what y'all think of it. Recent request for Polish folk also...

16 Feb 00 - 01:34 AM (#179254)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: M. Ted (inactive)

InOBU--I have known a few Gypsy musicians in my life, and none of them ever complained if someone brought out slivovitz, or palinka, or vodku--but of course, you are right--the food is important, and the money-- I still can fix mamaliga, but you have to send me a recipe for the prioga--

16 Feb 00 - 07:59 AM (#179298)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: InOBU

AH! Mamaliga! Good choice, and I will go off my diet and have it with some good greasy barbique! I will try for the priroga recipie for you, it is noodles, rigotta cheese... and I will see about getting the rest for you...
Unfortunately, I have met a number of famous Romani musicians from Rumania, who out of respect I will not name, who, every time I met with them were drunk, and exibitied the symptoms of hard core alcoholism. This is not traditionally acceptable. Among American Roma, a cultural isolate, and often a window into the Roma of the pre-war and pre-colectivist state forced assimilation programms, the community drinks but I have not seen hard core alcohol addiction. Drinking at events like Pumani, feasts for the dead, is moderate, rather there are lots of alcohol alternatives.
Not to sound moralist, but as with the Native American community, alcoholism is more an example of the damages of forced assimilation than part of the culture.
Das baxtalay, hai arrack o Gadjen! (only kidding prala)
All the best

16 Feb 00 - 08:09 AM (#179300)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Dave (the ancient mariner)

Try some recordings by Spanish artist "Manitas de Plata" Yours,Aye. Dave

21 Feb 00 - 10:46 PM (#182525)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: wysiwyg

How about a songbook of Gypsy music? Found this today, looking for something else.

Click here to learn about Jerry Silverman's books:

Gypsy Songs of Russia and Hungary for Guitar & Voice Book (95684

andGypsy Songs of Russia and Hungary for Piano & Voice Book (95683)

21 Jun 06 - 09:02 AM (#1765460)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: freda underhill

"SWING" is another movie by Tony Gatlif, the man who made LATCHO DROM, GADJO DILO and VENGO.

I have the CD of the soundtrack, also called SWING, it records the music of Mandino Reinhardt, Tchavolo Schmitt, and Abdellatif Chaarani. The music is wonderful.


21 Jun 06 - 09:32 AM (#1765489)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,Jack Campin

The Patrin Web Journal has moved:

For Turkish Gypsy music, look at the recent movie "Crossing the Bridge", which has a sizable section on it. Some of this stuff is recorded by Kalan Muzik, - their CDs are among the best packaged I have ever seen, with superb liner notes in several languages. But there are a lot of Turkish Gypsy musicans from Thrace who record on local labels - you don't even see their stuff much in Istanbul, let alone outside Turkey. One old recording that should be easily available in the West is the Ocora one of the Erkose brothers. (Turkish Gypsy music sounds more like Bulgarian than Rumanian, for the most part).

21 Jun 06 - 12:01 PM (#1765612)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: sian, west wales

Slightly off-topic, but I get info on Gypsy music activities occasionally from Ida Kelarova. This is the most recent:


Dear Friends,
The time is now!
We, Roma and non Roma people, artists , singers, dancers will be creating beautiful things for you in order to meet, create, live, sing and dance together on these special days in the unforgetably beautiful surroundings and atmosphere of Svojanov Castle in the middle of the moravian countryside.

"The main idea of this project is to find a way to access and open up the road between Roma and Non - Roma people. We believe, that this road exists and our previous 5 festivals proove that our faith and hope has given us strength to continue with this project. The most needed thing is for us to join together, because as an individual we are strong, but to cope with such an uncared for problem as is racism and discrimination is very hard. Our strength and energy throughout these 5 days is dedicated towards romany music, culture, and identity. We don't have to fight with weapons, our strength is in our voices and music. Our festival is devoted to people who realise the meaning of life and honour it , and also help to work towards a better world. In these 5 days we would like to feel safe and loved. United our music will connect us ! Our aim is not only for us to join together but to visualize these great talents, and for the media to also see and realise how capable, talented and wonderful these Roma artists are.We are going to give you the experience and understanding about the art of celebrating. The aim of our festival is to become aware of the music and the songs, in addition to their origin. We will use this as an inspiration to open our hearts, to meet and to brake the borders between all the nationalities. It is an experience of being fully involved in a moment. It is about Now and Here.

All these different experiences will help you to understand and learn more about your daily life, pain, joy, freedom, love, and happiness. We would like to invite those, who are ready and able to appreciate the strength and potencial of group energy work.

All musicians, artists, singers, friends, families, all of you who would like to be a part of this special program are very welcome to join us at Svojanov Castle, we are looking forward to meeting up with you all "

Ida Kelarova

The 2006 Gypsy Celebration Festival ( singing, dancing workshops, children summer camp and festival ) from the 25th - 30th of July 2006 for the price of 320 euro (which includes accomodation + breakfast + the festival bus and the program for all 5 days and nights).
Participants of the festivals workshops can take their kids with them, they will have the opportunity to take part of our international camp for Roma and non Roma children at Svojanov Castle ( ages 7 - 15, the price for the kids is 150 euro which includes accomodation + food + special 5 daytime childrens program with our team).

The full programme then follows. If anyone wants it, they can PM me. I'd love to go but I'm committed to Lorient this year.


21 Jun 06 - 12:35 PM (#1765635)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,steve benbows protege off line

Saban bajramovic from serbia is a damn good musician. Try his "Gypsy king of Serbia" c.d.

Kali yag are a great group as are Romanyi Rota from Hungary.

I am a gypsy jazz fan and you can't beat Django or tchan Tchan Vidal Or the ferre cumpanita - Barro, Pierre, Matelo etc.

So Ely who is the mystery Rom and wheres his atchin tan?

InOBU sastimos mush. Mted seems to know his stuff! Is he a posh rat or a gorger with a kushti knowledge of things Rom?

21 Jun 06 - 01:04 PM (#1765660)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music


26 Jun 06 - 09:23 AM (#1769292)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: Steve Benbows protege


14 Jul 06 - 04:30 PM (#1783665)
Subject: yale strom ETHNOGRAPHER
From: GUEST,yale strom

Yale Strom 'Romany Rai" to some among the Rom has a new book coming out with klezmer tunes - over 300 from out of print sources. Many of these tunes were perfromed by Rom in the Carpathian, and Bessarabian regions of Eastern Europe. The book "THE ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE KLEZMER SONGBOOK" (Transcontinental Music) will come with a history chapter, archival photosfrom Strom's archives as well as a CD with Strom's band Hot Pstromi performing 36 traditional klezmer tunes. Playing on this Cd are Jim Whitney- bass (plays with Andy Statman), Norbert Stachel (clarinet) plays with Freddie Hubbard, Tower of Power, Roger Waters, etc. Peter Stan - Rom accordion extraordinaire and violinist Yale Strom. Strom also has written other books that speak about the connection between the Klezmer and Rom musicians befroe WW Two in Eastern Europe, and wrote a book with photos he took called: UNCERTAIN ROADS: SEARCHING FOR THE GYPSIES. WWW.YALESTROM.COM

15 Jul 06 - 04:51 AM (#1784080)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,Fred McCormick

Check Passion Music, an on-line order company who specialise in Eastern European music. They're at and their site has soundclips.

There's any amount of authentic eastern European music available on CD nowadays. However, for anyone starting out in Romanian music, I'd particularly recommend the Romanian volume in the Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol XVII. The disc came out on LP in the early fifties and has recently been re-edited and reissued on Rounder 1161-1759-2. It contains some wonderful stuff.

Regarding your Romanian gypsy friend, why not try recording him yourself ? Granted it might be difficult if you're not familiar with the idiom. But at least if you could get the tunes and titles, and anything he can tell you about the music, it would do a little bit to preserve the guy's music.

15 Jul 06 - 05:42 AM (#1784094)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: clairerise

we have a gypsy traditionalist guitar player in our local and he is excellant.

15 Jul 06 - 03:24 PM (#1784411)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music

Ah, and where are you based Clairerise?

06 Jan 08 - 08:01 AM (#2229633)
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
From: GUEST,Volgadon

Just the other day, I saw on TV the Russian movie mentioned "The Gypsy Camp Ascends to the Heavens", based on a story by Maxim Gorky. The songs aren't bad.
Russian Gypsy songs are usually romanses, that is, art-songs. There are plenty of recordings which should be available from anywhere that sells Russian music. Just ask for Tziganskiye romansy.