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pagan yule

19 Nov 96 - 02:51 AM (#438)
Subject: pagan yule
From: kattrina

any pagan yule or circle songs

12 Dec 96 - 04:08 PM (#759)
Subject: RE: pagan yule

The Lady's Bransle (by Gydion Penderwynn)

Oh she will bring the buds in spring and laugh amoung the flowers In summer's heat her kisses sweet she sings in leafy bowers She cuts the cane and gathers grain as fruits of fall surround Her bones grow old in wintry cold She wraps her cloak around her

12 Dec 96 - 07:45 PM (#765)
Subject: RE: pagan yule
From: Susan of DT

try @seasonal inthe DT. Wassail songs are probably pagan. Yule did not come up with anythin I think you want. There are some pagan songbooks around (xeroxed), I borrowed one once. Try the creative anachronisms people or wiccans to locate a copy.

02 Jan 97 - 01:11 PM (#1032)
Subject: RE: pagan yule
From: Megaera of Moon Birch Grove

From the "Better late than never" file...

Adapted from the Need Fire chant in the Wicker Man...

Light the Solstice Fire, watch the Yule log burn. Fire feed the fire seed at the sun's return.

And a chant by Kay Gardner, often used by Wiccans...

Celebrate the birth of the sun. Light the way, oh Lucina. Dance around the altarside. Blessed be the Great Mother.

And then there's...

Light is returning, even though this is the darkest hour. No one can hold back the dawn.

And Deck the Halls is perfect as it stands.

Hope you had a merry Yule, and have a Happy New Year.


12 Dec 06 - 12:19 AM (#1907108)
Subject: RE: pagan yule
From: George Seto -

This is the season....

31 Oct 15 - 04:17 PM (#3747749)
Subject: RE: pagan yule
From: GUEST,slag310

Here's an update, try Yule Songs
This page gives information about what songs people think are Pagan, and maybe whether they are or not. It gives links to the words, music and some free performances like on YouTube, whenever possible.
Yule songs As usual, I can't remember which type of link works.
Slag 310

01 Nov 15 - 05:33 AM (#3747861)
Subject: RE: pagan yule
From: Jack Blandiver

Wassail songs are probably pagan

No they're not. Not even back in 1996!