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Celtic tabs?

17 Feb 00 - 04:51 PM (#180250)
Subject: Celtic tabs?
From: GUEST,

Can anyone help with traditional Irish guitar, tin whistle and banjo tablature web sites. Ta, Rob from Oz.

17 Feb 00 - 04:58 PM (#180262)
Subject: RE: Celtic tabs?
From: wysiwyg

Have you looked at the two links sections here?

17 Feb 00 - 08:48 PM (#180399)
Subject: RE: Celtic tabs?
From: honestfrankie

Check out tunes at Ceoleas, Mandolin Cafe, Mandozine. Follow Yahoo through to Celtic guitar sites. That's a good start

18 Feb 00 - 07:31 AM (#180603)
Subject: RE: Celtic tabs?
From: John in Brisbane

Rob, I am a bit confused about your request - I have a few suggestions but they may not be appropriate.

Re Guitar and Banjo tabs - if you are chasing melody lines for Irish songs or tunes then there are a few utilities on the Web that will let you print TAB using a MIDI file of the tune e.g. download Black Velvet Band from Mudcat and use a shareware program like Music Ease to print the TABs. (it'll have some sort of watermark in the background indicating that you're a cheap skate for not paying for the full software) Some of the TAB software lets you adjust the string tunings to accomodate a variety of tunings for guitar, banjo, mandolin, citern etc.

If however you want fancy finger pickin TAB versions of Irish tunes some of the other sites suggested may be the trick.

When it comes to tin whistle you are quite fortunate. Someone else will have to give you the URL (or it's in the Mudcat Links) to the Alternative Digital Tradition site. All the songs in the DT which have tunes are included at this onofficial site and tin whistle TABs are provided as one of the alternative ways to view and print the melody line.

If you're after tin whistle TABs for Celtic tunes there is separate TAB software which uses ABC as the notation input. If you aren't familiar don't worry too much at this stage. One of us can fill you in at a later stage. Depending on what you actually chasing I suspect that you will have a fair amount of new materials to investigate.

Regards, John