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Nickname II

17 Feb 00 - 05:07 PM (#180270)
Subject: Nickname II
From: Sorcha

Mine is my registered SCA name, Sorcha niGhlais. Lots of folk call me that and I answer to it as readily as my birthday name.

17 Feb 00 - 05:09 PM (#180273)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: wysiwyg


I had just referred some newbies to the old thread with a blue clickie. Do you want to go blue clickie this new one into the old one or shall I?

17 Feb 00 - 05:18 PM (#180281)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Peg

is this about nicknames in real life? or on line? my real name is Margaret (as is true for most Pegs, Peggys, Maggies, Megs, etc of the world).
I do not remember when I learned Margaret was my given name, but i do know that i thought of myself as Peggy when I was little before i knew what my given name was... My dad also called me Maggie occasionally (but then he wanted to name me Audrey).
I kinda outgrew Peggy in high school, and now sometimes feel Peg is not all that appropriate for me...but it's my name I guess...
being a witch I also have a magical name but it is not really used by the world at large...


17 Feb 00 - 05:22 PM (#180283)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Sorcha

I'll let you. you refreshed!*GRIN*

17 Feb 00 - 05:47 PM (#180291)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: wysiwyg

OK, then would you write a starter for this one so people know what it's about, see Peg's reply above.

You and I have got to get to know each other. I keep passing you in the hall! I'm going to go read some of your threads this weekend and send you a personal note sooner or later.

17 Feb 00 - 07:38 PM (#180352)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Snuffy

I'm Snuffy because I take a lot of snuff.


17 Feb 00 - 07:54 PM (#180366)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Sorcha

OK< Phoaks, this is supposed to be an intro/info message, even tho it's not first. There was an old thread with over 170 messages which is too many for some to download, so I started a new one. The old one is called BS How did you choose your nickname? and Praise is going to do a blue clicky to it from here.

17 Feb 00 - 11:43 PM (#180509)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: JedMarum

blue clicky thing to the old thread.

17 Feb 00 - 11:50 PM (#180511)
Subject: RE: Nickname II

I know only one other person who says "phoaks"


Could a Kat be farting?

17 Feb 00 - 11:59 PM (#180518)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Amos

Wow, wow,..., wow , wow, wow..HTML EMphasizers! ......I am sooooo impressed!


ANyway I'm not telling my nickname nohow. THis is my Right Name.

18 Feb 00 - 12:01 AM (#180520)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Sorcha

No,Garg darlin, I don't think so. Luv ya!

18 Feb 00 - 12:17 AM (#180528)
Subject: RE: Nickname II

Not Garg.

19 Feb 00 - 01:25 AM (#181105)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: momnopp

In the hopes that people who started reading the other thread will get down to mine after the hokum in the past several postings, here's my story:

Mom 'n' Opp because I'm a mom and I'm an Opp (part of my last name). I came up with this idea when I lived in VA where almost everyone has a personalized license plate. I had a limited number of letters I could use and wanted it to be something unique about me.

Alas, I left VA before I could get such a license plate, but in almost everything I do on line I use "momnopp".


19 Feb 00 - 12:45 PM (#181243)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Eric the Viking

I got called Eric the Viking at school when we learnt about Eric Bloodaxe. My dad was a historian and our family name dates back to about 565AD from the village of Lackford-Suffolk. My family history is pretty much chartable as my dad did almost all the work to search it out, there are very few gaps of only a few years from about 700 AD. I was brought up on tales of Vikings, Saxons etc including their mythology. I have always been "the viking". My daughter is called Freja (Freyja-Odins daughter) The Lackfords were Anglo-Saxon of Danish/Frisian decent( NOT like friesien cows!! or else I'll take a beef at that!) The village is still there, the Manor house, church (10th century) and farm are still there, as is the area known as West Stow which was part of the Hundred of Thingo an ancestor. So folks Eric the Viking it is!! I have lots of my dads work (he died 21 years ago) and a fairly complete history. Eric the Viking.

19 Feb 00 - 01:06 PM (#181253)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Pene Azul

Years ago, when Max and I exchanged e-mail we often signed them with silly nicknames. From the remnants of my high school Spanish and experience looking up dirty words in Spanish/English dictionaries, I reasoned that "pene azul" was Spanish for "blue penis." So I started signing "Pene Azul, blues pianist." Hardly anyone ever gets the joke or thinks it's funny, but Max thought I should use it as a nickname here.

Pene Azul, blues pianist

19 Feb 00 - 07:22 PM (#181375)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: wysiwyg

Who have we missed?

19 Feb 00 - 08:01 PM (#181388)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Osmium

I just gave up trying to find nicknames that hadn't already been used and went to a dictionary to find anything that would allow me past the membership page. I suspect your going to get a lot more meaningless "nicknames" in the future.

25 Apr 00 - 04:15 PM (#217823)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: SDShad

Might as well chime in with my nickname story and refresh the thread in case there are nickname stories as-yet-untold out there in 'Cat Land....

When I first got on the Internet in...*counts on fingers*...1992, one of the first things I discovered was a telnettable Internet BBS in Omaha. I played around with name ideas (Brian Boru among them), but then logged on as Shadowspawn, a character from the Robert Lynn Asprin-edited "Thieves' World" fantasy anthology series, and started posting under that name. Shadowspawn's real name in Sanctuary, the city of "Thieves' World," is Hanse. So on story boards, I'd be "Hanse called Shadowspawn," which soon expanded to "Hanse called Shadowspawn, Saint of the Nether Northern Regions of Morpo and Chosen One of the Huy." (Long story.)

And of course on regular discussion boards, it quickly got shortened to Shad, or as my interest in "Celtic" music became apparent to my friends, mutated into "Shad O'Spawn" and Gaelicized into "Siad ui Span," which was given me by my friend at Queens University Belfast at the time, who said it kind of roughly meant "Daughter of Herring."

As I went to other forums, like ISCA, etc., I found that "Shadowspawn," and often "Shad," was already taken, so I took to other permutations. I'm from South Dakota, so SDShad has kind of been my default login for free email services, newspaper websites, etc., for some time now, so's I'll remember it.

So SDShad I am here as well. All of which you desperately needed to know, I'm sure.


25 Apr 00 - 04:59 PM (#217846)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Wesley S

My wife sometimes calls me "The Master Of The Bleeding Obvious". I call her "Yes,Dear" . I'm not sure I want to tell you why.

25 Apr 00 - 05:32 PM (#217867)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: BlueJay

I didn't make up my Internet Alias, I had to earn it 25 years ago. My common name is Jay, (though it's actually my middle name). I worked for the railroad for many years. One of the "old heads", when he got past calling me "stupid kid", hung Blue Jay on me and it stuck for the remainder of my railroad career. His name was Dino Duckett, not that it really matters. He's probably dead by now. But he taught me how to drive a locomotive, and how to "drop" an Amtrack coach into in to Denver's Union Station. Even though we were both brakemen, not engineers. So BlueJay stuck, and it is with a good deal of pride and rememberance that I have adopted "BlueJay" as an online persona. DISCLAIMER- I have no connection, that I can recall, with any baseball teams who may have stolen my name. Nor do I accept any responsibility for their their performance. Love You All, BlueJay!

25 Apr 00 - 07:40 PM (#217952)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: vindelis

'Vindelis' was suggested to me by a friend. It does also happen to be the Roman name for Portland.

25 Apr 00 - 07:44 PM (#217954)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Jeri

Wesley, it's obvious.

-Jeri, who's nickname is her name. At least in this case - I also answer to "hey you," "yo," and "who wants free food."

25 Apr 00 - 07:50 PM (#217958)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Caitrin

Well, I was told that Caitrin was the Welsh translation of my real name, Kathryn, and I liked the sound of it. Of course, Jon Freeman has informed me that I'm probably spelling it wrong. : ) He pronounces it a lot prettier than I ever did, too.
In the 3-d world, I'm usually Kat or Kate. I've also acquired Captain Sarcastic and Katie Kaboom, too, but those are generally used to make a point at me. : )

25 Apr 00 - 07:54 PM (#217959)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Mbo

Katie Kaboom? Not going to ask....not going to ask...but still furthers my theory...**BG**

--Mbo (who is actually called Mbo in real life, as well as "boy" and "Matty" and "Scooch")

25 Apr 00 - 08:13 PM (#217968)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Caitrin

Well, Mbo, it's a reference to my I'd watch it if I were you.

25 Apr 00 - 08:57 PM (#217991)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Mbo

Well you know what they redheads are really short-tempered.


25 Apr 00 - 10:53 PM (#218057)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Metchosin

speak for yourself Mbo, I don't go off like a firecracker.....much.

Metchosin is the name municipality where I live. The native people of this area called it, Smets-Shosin, after a dead whale washed ashore and it means "place of the smelly fish or stinking whale". "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".........except in Metchosin.

25 Apr 00 - 11:36 PM (#218075)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Racer

I got my nickname from the navy. My last name landed me the nickname Speedracer.

During my enlistment, I started drinking profusely (barracks life). I always drank with the same two people. We eventually got bored with simply drinking and decided to get a little more creative.

All three of us had this strange passion for being in high places where we didn't belong. We would do things such as steal signs, and spray-paint our names in obvious locations. Since we couldn't very well paint our real names, we had to come up with aliases. I ended up choosing racer (because it was almost obvious), one guy was Bamm Bamm (because he looked like Bamm Bamm), and the other guy came up with Oz (because his last name is a number commonly associated with the word "Ounce").

Everyone always knew who we were, but nothing could ever be proven. I never got caught.

26 Apr 00 - 02:42 AM (#218113)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Escamillo

Pene Azul, obviously I got the joke many months ago (born in Buenos Aires, can´t overlook that name) :) , but did never ask just for not bothering. Now that you explained it, the enigma is solved. Original nickname, indeed !
By the way my nickname is an Opera character (I pretend to be a singer) and was explained in another thread.
Un abrazo - Andrés

26 Apr 00 - 04:55 AM (#218135)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: GUEST,JulieF (at Work)


I don't know about the Welsh versions but my daughter is Catriona ( Scots gaelic), there are at least two Irish versions - Caitriona and Caitlin ( My niece).


26 Apr 00 - 12:22 PM (#218318)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: ceitagh

My first year online I joined a Babylon5 e-mail fan list...some of the other girls had gaelicized names, and after a while they started addressing me as 'ceitagh', which i guess is pronounced katie. This was shortened to ceit, and i've kept it for most online purposes. Offline, my friends call me 'shrew' (that one's my mothers fault....her favorite play was "taming of the shrew" and that's what inspired her to name me catherine). I also picked up several nicknames from my years of rpg's.


26 Apr 00 - 04:24 PM (#218457)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Caitrin

Julie...neat! Catriona sounds nice, too. It would probably be more appropriate for me, since I have considerably more Scots blood than Welsh. However, once you've picked a name, that's kind of it.

26 Apr 00 - 09:44 PM (#218630)
Subject: RE: Nickname II

A few years back I discovered that I was supposed to have been named Sinclair, my mother's maiden name. I won't bore you with the reason for the change. But I spent months brooding over how wonderful my life could have been had I been "Sin". So I decided to try it out and it suits me. Sinsull is a combination of that plus my last name.

Recently, I sent my boss a memo from my personal account and he started complaining loudly about getting porno spam at the office. Had to explain it was me.

27 Apr 00 - 03:17 PM (#219067)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Wavestar

Might as well join in...

I got the nickname Wavestar about seven years ago, amusingly enough when my high school friends were handing out honorary godhoods... some of them had entertaining ones, like God of Paint Thinner and Dried Leaves, but I was granted the illustrious status of Goddess of Sea and Sky.... thus, Wave + Star... (by the way, for any of you who are thinking, blashphemy! towards any religion... we were kidding. really.)

I used wavestar on the internet for years, and many people go to know me by the name... I'm annoyed, in my self-centered way, that there are more Wavestars out there now, and I often have to use one of my other nicknames... I generally go for Iscah, which is the original Biblical version of Jessica, and my SCA name. I answer to all sorts of things.... My recent favourite is my fraternity house name, Wacktart.

Useless information, free! to good homes.


27 Apr 00 - 05:04 PM (#219129)
Subject: RE: Nickname II

Wacktart? Is that the Iced Poptart with the sugar sprinkles?

18 Jul 00 - 12:11 PM (#260085)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Lena

That's what I suspected(it sounded ambiguous).Pene is the same in my native language.But why blue?! Yes,I'm enjoying the Mudcat forum. I was born the 15th of sept. 1979 I also should say tha my crazy mother wanted me to be born in England.She was staying in London at the time,but one day she woke up and rushed to buy a plane ticket.She was homesick.She covered "me" with a suitcase and checked in. The following night she started laughing viciously,and went on for hours,until I was born. This explains two main traits of mine:an OEdipus thimg everytime I see a plane and a tragic tendency to make myself laugh. As for the music thing,My fater's job got him to travel gig after gig,festival after festival.Me with him,many times.About 57 000 kms in the last two years.So I feel at home wherever there's music and jamming. I don't think I have any relative in the mudcat spiral yet. What you're doing,no need to say,is the eigth world wonder to me. Lena

18 Jul 00 - 12:32 PM (#260100)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Kim C

Oh, mine's boring. First name, last initial, just because I couldn't think of anything really clever whenever I signed up. I suppose I could have used Feathers, which is my maiden name, or Kimba, which was a college nickname. I have a couple of friends who call me Moon Pie (cause I like Moon Pies but don't eat many since I went low-carb), and I often follow that with "Frank Zappa's Southern daughter." Really, though, I just prefer my own name.

One day on the Civil War reenactors list we were making up Greek & Roman sounding names for ourselves, and I figured upon Kimberelius Fiddleopoulos Caudellus, Mistress of Vexology. It really does match my initials (the KFC part, anyway).

Some of you may have noticed that I call my husband Mister. Fellow Prine-ites will know where that came from. His uncle calls him Zan, as in Gitarzan. (heehee)

18 Jul 00 - 12:40 PM (#260110)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Mbo

Hit it, monkey! Ooh ahh ahh ooh ahh ahh!

BAY-BAY! Oooooooooh BAY-BAY!!


18 Jul 00 - 12:59 PM (#260131)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Naemanson

Naemanson - Combination of two things.

In the SCA I was Harald Naemanson (No Man's Son), Icelandic farmer and (t)raider at the end of the 11th Century. I chose Iceland because I liked the idea of a democracy in the medieval world. I got into trouble because I refused to bend the knee for the king. I had a whole spiel of freudian slips which I used to describe myself. (I and a large number of like minded fellow take our ship along the European coasts raid... er, trading with the people we meet...)

I developed that name because of my travels. I like to consider myself a son of Odyseuss and use the name he gave to Cyclops, Noman.

18 Jul 00 - 01:07 PM (#260136)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: sledge

My surname is Hamer, often misquoted as hammer. A while back upon joining a ship, the official bestower of nicknames picked up on this, hence sledge (hammer). It has followed me now for the best part of 15 years.

18 Jul 00 - 04:13 PM (#260294)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Kim C

Let's hear it for the Jungle Band!

18 Jul 00 - 04:32 PM (#260308)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Pixie

Its my REAL nickname....I don't answer to anything else. I was a wee thing when Mom brought me home from the hospital, and someone said "She looks like a Pixie", and that was it! I wonder if it was my pointed ears????? I've had many other nicknames in this lifetime, but I even sign my name as "Pixie" so what else could I be? I'm not mischievious in the slightest, either.

18 Jul 00 - 04:39 PM (#260318)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Mbo

Oh no, Pixie! Are you a changeling? Like in Yeats' "The Stolen Child"? ;-)

--Mbo (a fellow real nickname-user)

19 Jul 00 - 12:42 AM (#260566)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Lepus Rex

Eric the Viking, was 'Eric Bloodaxe' your ancestor? If so, we'd be cousins, muahaha...

Lets see... my nickname is... maybe 4-5 years old. One I used to use on irc. I started with just 'lepus,' but then added the '_rex' becuase I thought it would be funny. Ah, well. Thinking of changing my REAL name to Lepus Rex for a couple years, just for fun. Just to be paged with it, and just to make cops say it when they pull me over. You might say, "Oh, he's easily amused,isn't he?" But it's not THAT easy to change your name, is it? ;)

---Lepus_Rex (Will,for now, muaha)

19 Jul 00 - 06:12 AM (#260639)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Bagpuss

I got my nickname from my favourite ever tv programme from when I was little. I'm a bit of a trivia master when it comes to kids tv - and Bagpuss was just soooooooo cute!!

Bagpuss ~ whose real name is Katy

19 Jul 00 - 08:55 AM (#260672)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Willie-O

I used to post under my real name, but there are just too many Bills around. Here, there and everywhere. (Fine fellows all I might add.) After awhile it's hard to sort them out even with the last initial.

Willie-O as many of you are aware is a notorious character in folksong who has trouble with relationships and authority figures. He has a brother Johnny-O with the same problems and is often associated with the long-suffering Molly-O. I have a brother John and am married to a Molly so what the hell. Plus I have a dark side which exists almost entirely in my imagination so it just seemed a natural alter ego to slip on.

...and in the none-of-my-business dept. I think "Caitrin" is a lovely variant of Kathryn, but "Katie Kaboom" is downright catchy!


19 Jul 00 - 10:04 AM (#260706)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: L R Mole

"Mole" because without glasses I squint over my incisors, Wind-In-the-Willows style. "L R " for the pleasant Rhode Island village of Little Rest, which isn't called that any more.

19 Jul 00 - 10:55 AM (#260726)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: GUEST,Sailor Dan at work

When I joined the cat and I tried a couple of "aliases" to go with Dan, but they were all taken. I had just come back from running the Bosses boat (large CPMY) and had to make three passes at the dock in a 20 knot wind before I could get it docked. My pal who was with me said, And you call yourself a SAILOR??? OH well "Sailor Dan" it is.

19 Jul 00 - 11:12 AM (#260739)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: CamiSu

My own name, short for Cameron, which sometimes causes gender confusion in readers. (I get MORE unsolicited mail to Mr. Cameron etc.) and Su because when an exchange student in Turkish Cyprus I found Sue to have an unfortunate pronounciation. (Of course Cami there is prounounced Jamii and means 'mosque'. Oh well. And I use because I like it and I doubt there are any others with the name...

Cami Su

19 Jul 00 - 01:57 PM (#260872)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: GUEST,Skivee

I play a sailor character in my Renn Fair (and other events ) Pyratical band. The name is Long John Skivee, hence... Hmm...I seem to recalling replying to the Nicknames #I thread. I seem to be repeating myself. I seem to be repeating myself.

09 Dec 01 - 02:36 AM (#606628)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: Genie

While my name is Jeanene, a lot of people turn it into "Jeannie," as my grandpa did.  I just thought the modidfied spelling had more magic to it.

BTW, Spaw, I always assumed you took your nickname because you were the proverbial
"cat's paw" -- i.e., the one who gets suckered into doing other people's
dangerous/dirty work! (It's an old fable-- Aesop or someone like that.)  But I like the bit about your cats playing your dulcimers.  Mine just try to do data entry on my computer.


24 Apr 02 - 10:43 AM (#697468)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: GUEST,bydand

Like many others, when asked for a nickname (which seems like a strange term on its own), chose bydand; which is supposed to be a trait of my family - bydand meaning 'lasting' or 'enduring', so i'm told.

24 Apr 02 - 12:33 PM (#697551)
Subject: RE: Nickname II
From: GUEST,An Pluiméir Ceolmhar

Still guesting because I don't know if I really belong here, but I like the company, and people here were extremely helpful with two queries I posted about songs.

My main interest is uilleann pipes, to which I graduated from tin whistle. I took up the whistle about 1965 in the midst of the Irish version of the folk revival (Clancy brothers, Dubliners etc.) because it was easier to learn just the tune and play it through a few times rather than having to remember all those hard verses.

Anyone care to guess the inspiration for the above nickname, which I will use if I do sign up? Clues: Sorcha Dorcha and that well-known mode of transport, the SeaCat.