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Help: Old Scottish songbook

11 Jun 97 - 12:05 PM (#6634)
Subject: Old Scottish Song Book - Help!!
From: Alan of Australia

While trying to work out the rules of Tonic Sol-fa I referred to a book of Scottish songs that my ancestor brought to Australia in 1893.

It has nearly 200 Scottish songs (Trad, Burns, Tannahill, Baroness Nairne etc.) with tunes for all songs in Sol-fa notation.

My problem is that sometime in the last hundred years the pages before page 7 were lost and I don't know the title, publisher etc.

My copy starts on page 7 with "Logie O' Buchan" and ends on page 190 with "Mary Of Castlecary". If there were any more pages they are also lost.

I think it might have had a very long title and was very popular at the time.

If anyone has any knowledge of such a book please let me know the title, publisher, and if possible the year of publication.



11 Jun 97 - 06:56 PM (#6649)
Subject: RE: Old Scottish Song Book - Help!!
From: anna root

Well, I can't identify your particular book (presumably the cover's torn off?) but I've had very good luck finding old books of Scottish song in libraries, both public and college. Don't know where you are in Oz, but I should think that a good university library would have a number of books you could look at. Check especially in the archived books: There's an old book in the SUNY Cortland library in upstate New York (under lock and key) from the mid 1600's that claims to be a collection of even older songs. It has a version of John Grumley that's more elaborate than any other I've seen, but essentially the same as more modern versions.

12 Jun 97 - 02:07 AM (#6667)
Subject: RE: Old Scottish Song Book - Help!!
From: Murray

Title is "Two Hundred and Twenty Popular Scottish Songs", published by Mozart Allan in Glasgow. M.A. never did put dates on his stuff,but it wouldn't have been long before 1893, I think. 20 years at the most. If you want to know what's missing, read on: p. 5 Auld Langsyne [one word!!]6 Comin' thro' the rye [and] O dinna ask me gin I lo'e ye.... 191 stanzas 3-4 of Mary of Castlecary [and] The Standard on the Braes o' Mar 192 The Lea Rig [and] Green Grow the Rashes 193 Lang, Lang Syne [by Lawrie] 194 Scotland [by Wm. Watson].

12 Jun 97 - 04:29 AM (#6673)
Subject: RE: Old Scottish Song Book - Help!!
From: Alan of Oz


That's greatly appreciated. I'm not surprised you were the one that could help. This forum is amazing.