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09 Mar 00 - 09:15 PM (#192778)
Subject: Dominique
From: fulurum

my girlfriend watched an old movie, "the singing nun", the other day and now she wants the lyrics to "dominique" alls i can find is the lyrics in what i believe to be french. anybody have them in english.? please help, she's driving me nuts. thanks, fulurum

09 Mar 00 - 09:18 PM (#192781)
Subject: ADD: Dominique
From: Joe Offer

Aha! That's a job for Lyrics World [drum roll, please] - Click here for your song.

The Singing Nun

Dominique, nique, nique, over the land he plods
And sings a little song
Never asking for reward
He just talks about the Lord
He just talks about the Lord

At a time when Johnny Lackland
Over England was the King
Dominique was in the backland
Fighting sin like anything

Now a heretic, one day
Among the thorns forced him to crawl
Dominique with just one prayer
Made him hear the good Lord's call

Without horse or fancy wagon
He crossed Europe up and down
Poverty was his companion
As he walked from town to town

To bring back the straying liars
And the lost sheep to the fold
He brought forth the Preaching Friars
Heaven's soldier's, brave and bold

One day, in the budding Order
There was nothing left to eat
Suddenly two angels walked in
With a loaf of bread and meat

Dominique once, in his slumber
Saw the Virgin's coat unfurled
Over Frairs without number
Preaching all around the world

Grant us now, oh Dominique
The grace of love and simple mirth
That we all may help to quicken
Godly life and truth on earth

Dominique, nique, nique s'en allait tout simplement
Routier pauvre et chantant
En tous chemins, en tous lieux, il ne parle que du bon Dieu
Il ne parle que du bon Dieu

A l'e poque ou Jean-sans-Terre de' Angleterre etait Roi
Dominique, notre Pere, combattit les Albigeois
Repeat first 4 lines: Chorus

Ni chameau, ni diligence il parcout l'Europe a pied
Scandinavie ou Provence dans la sainte pauvrete

Enflamma de toute ecole filles et garcons pleins d'ardeur
Et pour semer la Parole inventa les Freres-Precheurs

Chez Dominique et ses freres le pain s'en vint a manquer
Et deux anges se presenterent portant de grands pains dores

Dominique vit en reve les precheurs du monde entier
Sous le manteau de la Vierge en grand nombre rassembles

Dominique, mon bon Pere, garde-nous simples et gais
Pour annoncer a nos freres la Vie et la Verite

09 Mar 00 - 09:22 PM (#192783)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Joe Offer

Three minutes. Two links. Not bad....
-Joe Offer, trying to beat Jeri's two-minute record-

09 Mar 00 - 09:47 PM (#192803)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: fulurum

was it charlie chan or sherlock holmes who said to never overlook the obvious.but leave it to another great detective to come up with the solution. my girlfriend really appreciates it. like i said in some other thread, she can be a real sweetheart, but she can also be one of the meanest woman ever to straddle a pot. thanks a lot joe, i appreciate it.


10 Mar 00 - 01:03 AM (#192909)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Amos

Lemme know if she wants the French lyrics -- at least two bits of them...


10 Mar 00 - 03:36 AM (#192948)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Joe Offer

Say, Amos, follow the links people provide before you bother to post lyrics - the link I posted gives both English and French. Many of us have taken to posting links to pop lyrics, for a number of reasons. Same thing for lyrics that are already in the in the database - those should almost NEVER be posted.
-Joe Offer-

10 Mar 00 - 03:57 AM (#192949)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Wolfgang

Of course, this was a great opportunitiy for Joe to display his outstanding abilities, but...
fulurum, when you entered the word "Dominique" as subject for this thread Max's program had shown you six links to old threads in the Forum with the word 'Dominique' in them. Right the first of these links leads to an old thread with a still working link to 'Dominique' both in English and French including a midi.


10 Mar 00 - 10:21 AM (#193010)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Amos

Well, Joe, sorry...I didn't see the French on the link provided, because I was being hasty.

But I only offered to send out some lyrics, and didn't, so can come out of the birdhouse now??

10 Mar 00 - 11:15 AM (#193046)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Art Thieme

Whew, I was working at Rose Records in Chicago's loop around '62 and from Halloween until a week after New Years day "Dominique" was the ONLY record playing out of a loud speaker over the front sidewalk. By Thanksgiving we were all praying that the damn thing would spontaneously combust, but no such luck. The name of the nun was something like "Seur Sorrierre" in French but we were certain it translated to "Sister Sore Rear" in English. One day the 45 turned up broken on the turntable. I wonder how that happened? But the boss had at least 20 more...

Love and peace,

Art Thieme

10 Mar 00 - 12:13 PM (#193078)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Wolfgang

"Soeur sourire", but the correct translation is much less fun than the one suggested by Art.


10 Mar 00 - 12:33 PM (#193084)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Peter T.

I would like to point out that this sweet song by a nun is about the butchering of thousands of Albigensian heretics by the armies of France under the aegis of the medieval Catholic Church, using St. Dominic as a cover. (A l'epogue ou Jean Sans Terre D'Angleterre etait le roi, Dominique notre pere combattit les Albigeious!!!)
yours, Peter T.

10 Mar 00 - 12:43 PM (#193091)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: MMario

These aren't the lyrics I remember....are there TWO "dominique" songs?

11 Mar 00 - 12:28 AM (#193346)
Subject: RE: Dominique

Very good Peter T.

Keep us informed.

11 Mar 00 - 12:35 PM (#193454)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Ferrara

Mmario, I have the record (mea culpa!) and I believe I remember the verse about the Albigensians that Peter T quoted. The nun's name meant "Sister Smile." I heard (may be fakelore) that the success went to her head and she left the convent to try her hand as a singer, whereupon nobody liked her singing anymore.... Part of its charm, actually, was the lighthearted innocence of the songs. Image is all.... Leaving the convent would have ruined her image if it's true.

Anyway, "Dominique" is a song singing the praises of st. Dominic. I guess they were Dominican nuns.

11 Mar 00 - 01:55 PM (#193481)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Jon Freeman


11 Mar 00 - 02:17 PM (#193490)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Amos

Geezis, Jon, where do you _find_ this stuff? Amazink!

11 Mar 00 - 02:20 PM (#193493)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Jon Freeman

Straight search of Yahoo for "The Singing Nun". I though that one might be interesting.


11 Mar 00 - 05:26 PM (#193544)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Penny S.

As I recall, the song claimed that Dominic climbed through hedges backwards or something, and by his joy converted the heretics. A whitewash job, compared with the history of the inquisition.


11 Mar 00 - 06:54 PM (#193571)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: McGrath of Harlow

Heavy stuff indeed.

But it's a brilliant site, Joe. Only one criticism - its links page doesn't have the DT or the Mudcat.

11 Mar 00 - 08:41 PM (#193609)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Bud Savoie

Come on, Peter T! This is not the site for the all-American sport of Catholic-bashing. St. Dominic was out to CONVERT the Albigentians, no rough stuff, and he wasn't a "cover" for the Church or anything else.

Of course, one of my ancestors was hard on the Waldenses....

04 Mar 06 - 01:20 PM (#1685120)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: chico

That translation is inaccurrate above. The Albigensians were massacred and tortured for the earthly power of rome.

04 Mar 06 - 06:47 PM (#1685281)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: chico

Dominique, nique, nique                        Dominique, oh Dominique
S'en allait tout simplement,                He travelled away quite simply
    D                  A7
Routier pauvre et chantant                Taking his route poor and singing
          D                7
En tous chemins, en tous lieux                In all ways, all places
       G               D
Il ne parle que du bon Dieu.                He only speaks about the good lord
       A7               D
Il ne parle que du bon Dieu.

      G                  D
A l'�poque o� Jean Sans Terre                At the epoch when John without land
       A7          D
D'Angleterre �tait roi,                        Over England was the king
Dominique, notre P�re,                        St Dominic our father,
Combattit les Albigeois.                 Fought the Albegensiens

Certain jour un h�r�tique                One day an heretic,
Par des ronces le conduit,                Among the thorns forced him to crawl
Mais notre P�re Dominique                Our father Dominique
Par sa joie le convertit.                 By his joy did convert him

Ni chameau, ni diligence,                Neither camel, nor diligence
Il parcourt l'Europe � pied.                He travels all around Europe on foot,
Scandinavie ou Provence                        Scandinavia to Provence
Dans la sainte pauvret�.                In saintly poverty

Enflamma de toute �coles                Ignited with their schooling
Filles et gar�ons pleins d'ardeur,        Girls and boys filled with ardour
Et pour semer la Parole                        And to sow the Word
Inventa les Fr�res Pr�cheurs.                 Invented the Brother-Preachers

Chez Dominique et Ses Fr�res                Master Domenic and his brothers
Le pain s'en vint � manquer                The bread was not there [from begging]
Et deux anges se pr�sent�rent,                And two angels are did present him
Portant deux grands pains dor�s.        Carrying two large golden bread loaves

Dominique vit en r�ve                        Domenica lives in dream
Les pr�cheurs du monde entier,                The preachers of the entire world,
Sous le manteau de la Vierge                Under the mantle of the Virgin
En grand nombre rassembl�s.                In great number assembled.

Dominique, mon bon P�re,                Domenica, my good Father,
Garde-nous simples et gais                Keep us simple and gay
Pour annoncer � nos fr�res                For to announce to our brothers
La Vie et La V�rit�.                        Life and the Truth.

[By Jeanne Deckers, 1933-1985. #1 US hit in 1963. Playfully describes St. Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Dominican (Blackfriars) order, and

his participation in the Albigensian Crusade, (1209-1229), known for its extreme violence and brutality by the catholic crusaders against the

dissendent Cathars of southern gallia. The town of Beziers was 'raped' and its ten-thousand inhabitants slaughtered. A painting of 1475 by Pedro

Berruguete was entitled "Saint Dominic de Guzman presiding over an Auto-da-fe against Albigensians".]

03 Apr 16 - 01:38 PM (#3783108)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: keberoxu

Soeur Sourire had an entire LP on Philips; after the Ed Sullivan appearance, the album was added to my parent's record collection.

There's a song on it called "Adèle." It is the name of the nun's Spanish guitar, she wrote a song about her own guitar. And on the breaks between verses, she and her fellow nun anticipate the Gipsy Kings, with rapid strumming and clapping (palmas), so this Belgian nun must have been acquainted with the Gitans of the Camargue (at that point it would have been José Reyes singing with Manitas de Plata no doubt).

Funny that the story of Dominic's life left out the "Seignadou." A bright light over the hills of southern France, no Dominican account of Dominic's life is complete without it.

Listening to those French lyrics at an early age, helped me enormously later on when studying French -- got those sounds in my ear.

One last thing about Dominic: he and St Francis of Assisi met each other, and there is at least one famous painting on THAT subject as well.

A shame how Jeanine Deckers ended. The note read: "We hope God will take us. He saw us suffer."

04 Apr 16 - 01:15 PM (#3783362)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: GUEST,kenny

.....aye, but how many of you can remember what the "B-side" was ? It's really strange the things you remember sometimes. My mother bought this record when it came out - I seem to remember [ why I really don't know ], that the B-side was a song called "Entre Les Etoiles".
Ah'll get ma jaickit.............................

04 Apr 16 - 01:24 PM (#3783366)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: keberoxu

Oh, don't go yet! Just because "Entre Les Etoiles" doesn't have its own thread, like "Dominique." Entre Les Etoiles is one of my childhood favorites from listening to that album. It has a melody that, as the saying goes, you leave the theatre humming it.

04 Apr 16 - 04:05 PM (#3783399)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: Monique

The first line of this song sounds funny in French: "Dominique, -nique, -nique" (Dominic, -nic, -nic) sounds like "Dominique nique, nique" (Dominic fucks, fucks). It made generations of French-speaking people smile...

04 Apr 16 - 04:21 PM (#3783401)
Subject: RE: Dominique
From: keberoxu

Yes, I heard that one!