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I really miss ya

14 Mar 00 - 09:06 PM (#195010)
Subject: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

I do I really, really do, I miss you guys when I'm on the road. I'm a truck driver(owner operator) in the U.S. and when I'm home I'll check this web site several times a day there are several of you mcats that I've really grown fond of and I missed ya! but now I've got a cellular modem and can get mudcats in the comfort(relative) of my truck. I guess I just wanted my fellow mud cats to know that they're appreciated manys the time you've made an otherwise dreary day....well, exceptional! Thanks -Biskit-

14 Mar 00 - 09:10 PM (#195013)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Sorcha

sniffle, sniffle, Tissue time, Thanks, Biskit, we love you too!

14 Mar 00 - 09:10 PM (#195014)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: annamill

Be careful driving Biskit! Love, annap

14 Mar 00 - 09:22 PM (#195023)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Bill in Alabama

Hey biskit-- Until recently, my brother was a long-haul driver for U.S. Express; out 3-5 weeks, in three days. I never knew where he was, but every time he drove through a college town, he sent me a postcard, so that I knew where he had been. I'm glad to know that you can keep in touch now.

14 Mar 00 - 09:23 PM (#195025)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: wysiwyg


14 Mar 00 - 09:25 PM (#195027)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Mbo

Thanks Biskit! I know how you feel buddy! When I have to turn off the computer at night to go to bed, I miss you all tremendously! Glad you got that cellular modem--we can be with you all the time now!


14 Mar 00 - 10:49 PM (#195089)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Crowhugger

Mbo, not ALL the time, I hope he's watching the road SOME of the time!

14 Mar 00 - 11:09 PM (#195099)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Callie

Maybe just a quick peek at red lights! Congrats Biskit. I know some people who are looking into internet access on their mobile phones. if I ever did such a thing I would be totally unfunctional and dysfunctional! --Callie

14 Mar 00 - 11:21 PM (#195109)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Escamillo

Suggestion : why not keeping a single thread always alive for the people who are far from home, perhaps alone, and say hello to them once in a while, and read from them ?
I still remember how good was for my son Mariano to receive your greetings when he was alone in Caracas for Christmas.
Un abrazo - Andrés

14 Mar 00 - 11:38 PM (#195120)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: catspaw49

Interesting thought Andres. And BTW, how's your son doing now?

So Biskit, it IS nice to miss someone and even nicer when they miss you too. Now in young Meebo's case that isn't true unless you miss having diarrhea.

Try to keep an eye on the road though, huh?


14 Mar 00 - 11:44 PM (#195129)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: MarkS

Must be a champion at keepin' em rolling.

15 Mar 00 - 12:03 AM (#195149)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Escamillo

Thanks Spaw, my son is coming back soon to stay for some months in Bs.Aires and leave again to Canada or USA. His goal is to make flight-hours fast and economical (he is a Commercial Pilot with not enough hours to apply for a job), Venezuela proved economical but the problems of criminal activity are ENORMOUS. Argentina is safe but too expensive. (Yes, I know, no place has it all :)
Un abrazo - Andrés

15 Mar 00 - 12:14 AM (#195162)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: WyoWoman

Wow. A cellular modem. That's waaay cool. I'm jealous. Given my ratty telephone/internet connection out here in the provinces, that might be the answer for my techno-dilemma. Is it incredibly expensive??? Let's talk technology, you beer-drinkin,' truck-drivin man...


15 Mar 00 - 12:38 AM (#195185)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: GUEST,Dave (the ancient mariner)

Hello Biskit good buddy.. I guess cellular is better than the old CB ever was...Hammer down.. Drop in and let us know your 10-20 if you're in the maritimes dont forget its channel #1 not 19 on the CB here...Yours, Aye. Dave (at work)

15 Mar 00 - 01:06 AM (#195202)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: BK

Already dysfxn'l, at least partly having to do w/lurking the Mudcat when I should be cuttin' z's.. & wouldn't trade my CB for anything (well, maybe a OO-21 NY, or... you get the idea.. sumthin' REAL nice) when I'm out on the road, even tho we also always carry a cell phone. (Got a CB hard-wired into each of our vehicles except the motorcycles... yet.. top loaded fibreglass whips, SWR <1.1 or better in mid channels)

Anyway, glad you can keep in touch. If you ever hear "the buzzard" on 19, that's me. It would be wild to bs w/a 'catter on the CB! Wot's yer handle?

If we ever get that dreamed of driving vacation in Canada, we'll hit the Maritimes. I hadn't heard abt using Chanel 1 instead of 19 there, so I'll try to remember...

Cheers, BK

15 Mar 00 - 07:51 AM (#195285)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: kendall

Hey Dave, I plan to visit P.E.I. and N.B. in August..maybe I'll run into you?

For you know my talking blues thing about the truck driver?

15 Mar 00 - 09:47 AM (#195376)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

To wyo woman naw it doesn't cost too much I've got ATT one rate....`bout 9cents a min. BK my handles Biskit looking forward to seein' ya on the big road. Kendall, no I haven't heard it but would love to how'bout some time+chords+lyrics? Thanks everybody for the great response I'm touched.....well but thats another thread/stry. Guess I probably ought to use this thing for its intended purpose now Finding a load. I'm in the great metropolis of Oak Grove, Mo and I really need to get movin' thanks again, and I'ii be lookin'forward to loggin' back on tonight -X- Biskit

15 Mar 00 - 10:55 AM (#195410)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

To Dave the ancient mariner, I do get up that way occasionaly,it's just that your border guys are kinda funny about letting us stay up there very long. oh yeah, found a good load(peice of heavy equip) goin' to Phoenix,Az I'll be able to stop at the house and see if the dogs recognize me,the other day my wife was walking around the neighborhood asking strange men with tattos...Are you my husband?..I know I've got one but it's been so long since I've seen him.....Thank Gawd I called her that night! See ya'll tonight -Biskit-

15 Mar 00 - 10:57 AM (#195412)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: wysiwyg

Biskit, I will never view truckstops the same way again.

15 Mar 00 - 11:00 AM (#195415)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: KathWestra

Drive safely, and don't let those escalating gas prices kill you. We're expecting lots of independent owner/operators in D.C. tomorrow in a major demonstration to call attention to the huge hit indies are taking from the fuel shortage & resulting high prices.

15 Mar 00 - 11:46 AM (#195451)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Molly Malone

You're from Phoenix???

15 Mar 00 - 11:55 AM (#195455)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: GUEST,Roger the skiffler

Kath (sorry, thread creep!)
Those of us on the other side of the pond who are expecting to pay the equivalent of nearly four pounds sterling a gallon soon (it's currently around 78pence a litre, convert it yourself!)for unleaded, more for the lead replacement stuff,feel even more aggreived, even reluctant motorists like me who only do about 20 miles a day.

15 Mar 00 - 12:05 PM (#195466)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Dave (the ancient mariner)

Biskit.. My handle was Seahorse (used to raise Quarter Horses and was a Merchant Mariner) but I gave CB'ing up in 1995 sold my equipment. Sent you a personal message if you get up this way.. Kendal got a personal message too! would be delighted to meet you in person. Yours,Aye. Dave

15 Mar 00 - 12:23 PM (#195488)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: wysiwyg

What if we all chipped in so Biskit could pick us all up and haul us around, you know-- take a tour raising funds for Mudcat and a good long vacation for Biskit and Mrs. Biskit?

15 Mar 00 - 12:26 PM (#195491)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Dave (the ancient mariner)

Sounds like a grand idea for a story thread Praise.. The Mudcat Convoy... Yours, Aye. Dave

15 Mar 00 - 02:07 PM (#195543)
Subject: Lyr Add: IT SURE AS HELL AIN'T COUNTRY (K Morse)
From: kendall

I think I posted this before, but, memory fails.


I was rolling along on the inerstate
In an 18 wheeler two hours late
Searching the dial for a country song
Never did find one, nothin' on but rock music
Thats an oxymoron.

I picked up a hiker to relieve the gloom
Thought if she's willing, I'll get us a room
Make our own such luck
All she wanted was my radio.

She found a station that was playing that stuff
Some call country..that was bad enough
Then, she started singing along
Had a voice that would shatter Tupperware.

We rode that way for miles and miles
I tried to talk, but, she just smiled
Kept on singing with that awful voice
Finally, I knew I had no choice
I gotta shut her up, or get rid of her.

I stopped at a diner outside Duluth
Found myself a darked booth,
Tried to get friendly, but, she couldn't hear
She had one of them damned Walkmen stuck in her ear
Same old rock&roll, 'nuff to make you chew your own leg off.

I dropped her off in my own home town
She opened the door, 'fore she jumped down
She wanted to know if we'd meet again
I said, "Aint likely..I'm not into pain."

I finally walked through my own front door
TV was on, going full bore
My son was watching TNN and that same old racket hit me again,
Cant get away from it
Its like pollution
Its everywhere.

Some guy was pounding a big stack of drums
Screeming something at the top of his lungs
Another had a "steel" and a cowboy hat
The kid says "Whats the matter?, you dont like that?
He's singing 'bout the the land of the free."
I said "Boy, you could have fooled me,
But, I can tell you this much,
It sure as hell aint country."

There is no tune, I do it talking blues style with a simple riff between verses.

15 Mar 00 - 02:35 PM (#195562)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: GUEST,Baz

Cellular modem, don't that take the Biskit?
Sorry about that!

15 Mar 00 - 05:04 PM (#195645)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

Well. I finally made it to the thriving metropolis of Osceola,Ia., about 50 miles from where I load tomorrow and figuered I'd check to see if this thing worked out here among the hog farms,...I am impressed!!!To Kendall; I think I might know that gal, I loved your lyrics,we'll have to get together and you can show me how it goes.To Molly Malone;Naw not Phoenix,..Tucson, but I used to live near Phoenix when I was a kid, used to be a little town called Chandler, wasn't anything but a few old Indian houses and cotton patches,Now it's a suburb of Phoenix with nothing but condos and monster malls,...I wonder where they grow the cotton at now?To Kathy Westra; The group organizing thr convy is Owner Operator Independant Driver Association, I've been a member for about four years now and it's a great orginization I tried to find a load going that way, but it just didn't happen,I would have loved to have been there though.To Roger the skiffler;yeah I know,But I was reading a while back that your drivers staged a demonstration and the last I had heard, your druey deary dra....well whatever you call your truck drivers over there were getting a break. All I know for sure is something has to give and soon, I was raised around trucks and have been driving professionally for almost twenty five years and I've never seen it so bad.Last year I was paying an average of $1.05,and averaging,$1.35 per mile to the truck it costs.70 centsper mile to put a truck down the road( tires,taxes,maint.etc.) now I'm paying an average of $1.60 per gallon, and were lucky if we find anything over $1.00 per mile. Oh Gawd! I'm up on my soapbox again!! sorry about that. Anyway in the 70's we were getting $1.85 to 2.00 a mile and fuel was only .53 per gallon. Okay I'll stop it now!Geezus I hate when I get like that. X's & O's -Biskit-

15 Mar 00 - 05:41 PM (#195659)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

Dave the ancient mariner; I tried to retrieve that message and well.....I think I lost it. please repeat w/instructions. -Biskit-

16 Mar 00 - 04:39 PM (#196307)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: JamesJim

Biskit, glad to see some of you guys can still afford to roll. There'r a big "truck-in" in Washington over fuel prices. I am fortunate - don't have to travel much. Know you miss being home, but hope you can continue to truck. Jim

17 Mar 00 - 12:21 AM (#196592)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Biskit

Thanx Jim, too, I've got some other options I'm workin' on though still truckin, but as an in-house carrier for a high dollar hot tub co.,hopefully it'll work out. -Biskit

17 Mar 00 - 10:26 PM (#197015)
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
From: Dave (the ancient mariner)

Use my E-mail Biskit and I'll send you a reply to yours mate. You can get mine from bbc's resource site. Yours,Aye.Dave