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Lyr Req: Sea Maiden

18 Jun 97 - 07:16 AM (#7020)
Subject: Lyrics: Sea Maiden?
From: Kate

I'm looking for lyrics to 'The Sea Maiden' - don't know who it's by. It's another shipwreck song. The chorus goes:

She's my sea maiden
And I'll love her till I die
I'll take her to my kingdom
Where the hawks and eagles fly
We'll reign as one together
Until the end of days
We'll live upon the mountains
And dance upon the waves

Also if anyone knows who wrote this, I would love to find out.

All help appreciated .....

23 Jun 97 - 12:56 PM (#7250)
Subject: RE: Lyrics: Sea Maiden?

Try the following:

1) go to and do a POWER SEARCH for [ sea songs & shanties ] .. set AGE to OLD/50 or more

2) go to and search for same thing as above.

3) go to dogpile/search: [ sea songs & shanties | american shipping ]

may take you a month or two to read all of it