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Doc Watson

10 Apr 00 - 05:58 AM (#209507)
Subject: Doc Watson
From: Billy the Bus

Hey Max?

Was it you made the comment on MC Radio (I think about a month back - I'm a newbie working my way through the archives).

I heard something like "I had the opportunity of metting Doc Watson a couple of days back"

The MCR epsisode has a damned good virgin of "Stackolee" going at the moment - with a lot of hiccups...;^)

"Damn you're good" - you just said to the singer.

Anyway - goin' back pre that - you're "off-air" again - Hey "Campbell?" - born the year after the "Yodelling Brakeman" died - SHIT.

Form here I get big gaps in MCR - "Prairie Lullaby" - thats what I'm hearing - "Ken Dahl?" is that the name?

Armageddon past yonks back - Kendall ??? - "Life gets teejus don't it" - remember that from the 40s - talked it in the 60s.


Goin' back to topic - well, I will when I've finished listening to "Guy Wolf?" doin' the ol' Rbt Johnson "When the train came into the station".

"Guy Woof? - kicks butt" - right on!


While you're on the 'phone - going back to topic.

Somewhere, back a few minutes ago, having heard you talk about Doc, I started this thread. It's when you said something like "He won't be round much longer".

OK - I haven't checked the threads that are already on Mudcat about Doc. Let's start another about those that are here....

If any of you MCR's know Doc. PLEASE

Tell him, that at the "bottom of the world" is a guy who sends his LOVE - "Only seen yer on record mate - plus a tape from one of the early Newports - not official - hand held. Doc, I caint remember the tune - it was 30 years back - you went from normal, to double to quadruple time"

Bloody fantastic...

"By the River" - Hammmer Family?

Sounds a bit like AP Carter...

Kill this thread - I'll be on-line for hours.

Love ya MCR

No "Guild" was ever cheap - wot MCR am I listening to - sporadically...:)

Thank ya Max and MCR

Percy French and "Garden opf Eden"?

I'm switching the wirelss off.


10 Apr 00 - 08:08 AM (#209525)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: catspaw49

Uh Sam?............Can I get some of whatever you're smokin'?


10 Apr 00 - 09:01 AM (#209541)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: kendall

I think the song you call Garden of Eden is really Bally James Duff by Percy French

10 Apr 00 - 11:12 AM (#209592)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: Willie-O

I doubt it Spaw--he's in Australia, the buds must be at the bottom of the plant. Wouldn't work here.

yrs eye willie-o

10 Apr 00 - 12:28 PM (#209646)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson

This is a great thread! Can someone tell me what it's about?...please!?

10 Apr 00 - 12:35 PM (#209650)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: Easy Rider

Does it matter?

10 Apr 00 - 02:37 PM (#209737)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: Amos

MCR has this effect on people. It's part of max' Great Plan.

10 Apr 00 - 07:43 PM (#209908)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: Billy the Bus

Spaw - it was just plain whisky...;)

Willie-O, go wash your mouth with carbolic - NZ, not OZ..;)

Coo - er - never combine MCR archives, nostalgia, message posting with whisky...;)

"Didn't he ramble"?

Dadgbe - I can't tell you what it's about, but it was fun at the time...;)

Cheers - Sam (feeling a bit seedy)

10 Apr 00 - 07:53 PM (#209912)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: catspaw49

Love ya' bro.......and send me some good whiskey!!!!


10 Apr 00 - 08:16 PM (#209920)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: Billy the Bus


See if you can track down "Wilson's Whisky" in the US of jolly old A - it's (was actually) made in Dunedin NZ. A very large order to Taiwan fell through, and they ended up with an aircraft hanger full of the stuff, which I'm still trying to work my way through..;^0

The distillery was mothballed and has now been dismantled.

Sigh, weep, grizzle, moan...

Yours with tears in my eyes...

Sláinte - Sam

11 Apr 00 - 12:53 PM (#210096)
Subject: RE: Doc Watson
From: JedMarum

hmmm; stream of consciousness sketch, while listening to an archived radio show? Good tunes, especially Stak o lee or Stag o lee or any other way it gets spelled ...