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BS: Nicknames

18 Apr 00 - 05:08 PM (#213917)
Subject: Nicknames
From: JulieF

I finally managed to get connect at home and have now become a member - although I will still be a guest from work. Great advantage - nobody rings me up and tells me that their computer isn't working and I can play my music in the background. Up to now I have used the internet mainly for work ( or rather I have been careful about joining things or downloading onto my work computer).

The problem is that everthing seems to need alias and passwords. I can cope with the ones at work using mainly song and book titles - My favourite was "So long and thanks for all the fish" - really impresses the users when you type it in. How do long standing internet users decide what to call themselves and more important how do they remember. I am really just unimaginative. I always prefer just to be known by my first name.


18 Apr 00 - 05:39 PM (#213928)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Liz the Squeak

One of my passwords, given me by a very strait laced manager, on my second day at work was NOB YER DUK. Funny, can still remember that one, but can't remember the one I have now, five passwords later.....

I tend to use a word that associates with myself, that isn't a family name or birthday - and as for the nickname, I am and I do. Just ask certain others who lurk about these sainted vaults....

There was a thread a while ago about how did you get your handle, nothing to do with pottery, but did explain quite a bit about how some 'catters got lumbered. Good for a few giggles.


18 Apr 00 - 05:54 PM (#213935)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: kendall

When I first came here, I was so innocent, I started using my own name, and, it stuck.

18 Apr 00 - 06:05 PM (#213940)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: SeanM

As a somewhat long-term net user, I can attest to the fact that they just evolve. Here, I use my real name and initial. On ICQ, I use one of my stage names. On other boards and on other services, the name varies. How do I keep 'em all straight? Hell if I know. I've stopped using a couple of services over the years, and if pressed, I probably couldn't tell you what my codes were. I probably have a few I've never even activated past a first drunken "Hey, this looks cool! Let's call myself garhawo;eiru this time!".

My theory is that if the site/service/account is important enough, you'll remember whatever you call yourself. And if not, write it down someplace.


18 Apr 00 - 06:08 PM (#213941)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: GUEST,Walrus

Nicknames? With me it's dead simple, it's not a name, it's a description.



18 Apr 00 - 06:11 PM (#213944)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mbo

You are the Walrus!


18 Apr 00 - 08:00 PM (#214004)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Irish sergeant

Yes Mbo, but who is the eggman? In my case, I have two, My accesss name for the internet(writer) and Irish Sergeant, which i took because someone else (Another mudcatter0 is using writer. I chose irish Sgt because I am of Irish extraction and I am a 1st sgt in the Civil War unit I reenact with

18 Apr 00 - 08:13 PM (#214009)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Caitrin

Caitrin's the Welsh translation of my real name. (Although, from what our resident Welshman tells me, I'm spelling it wrong.)
I pick all kinds of bizarre things for my password. I really don't know how I manage to remember them.

18 Apr 00 - 08:29 PM (#214020)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mbo

Mbo is a family nickname I've had for about 6 years...all stems from an episode of "Home Improvement" as I'm so fond of telling. My passwords and names always have to do with Star Trek or things Celtic.


18 Apr 00 - 09:11 PM (#214050)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: katlaughing

It's a long one, but the other thread, "Why did you choose your nickname?", is fun reading. You can find it here.

katlaughing...I am

18 Apr 00 - 09:54 PM (#214077)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mooh

Mooh is pronounced Mike. I knew how to spell Pooh (as in A.A.Milne) before I could spell my name. When I discovered my initial "M" I assumed then that Mike would be spelled Mooh. On the underside of my parent's dining room table in faded red crayon there reads "Pooh Mooh". I thus have not used a pseudonym, because it is spelled "Mooh". As you can see, I have not grown up.

Peace, Mooh.

18 Apr 00 - 11:06 PM (#214127)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mrrzy

I love that Mooh is pronounced Mike. I use Mrrzy because it is my childhood nickname, invented because my sisters (7, 6 and nearly 5 at my birth) couldn't pronounce all the syllables in my name. Mrr is the short version, which I also use to sign notes and such. Mrr is pronounced myrrh, and given that, Mrrzy is pronounced like it's spelled. I have a cookie here but not at work, so I usually post as Mrrzy-from-work when posting from work, though sometimes I've used just Mrr. I always end up signing notes Mrr with any new group I get into (college, grad school, work) as my real name is long and not otherwise shorten-able without mutating it into another name. Ever since I started joining Internet clubs I've used it too, as I cherish the hope that some day, a long-lost friend of mine will recognize the nickname...

19 Apr 00 - 02:06 AM (#214172)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Song Dog

I chose "Big Dog" because " Old Dog" was taken. although I havent seen it used yet, and I am 5 ft. 18 ins. tall.

19 Apr 00 - 02:49 AM (#214184)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Billy the Bus

Hi Julie,

"Sam" was taken, so I used "Billy the Bus" for my moniker (sp?) on Mudcat - he's my partner. Now, in your case I'd choose "Fishy" - not that I'd see you as a "fishy" person, or a "fish-wife" (many songs sung of them) but, I think you'd remember it...;)

Mike, when did you last play "Mooh Sticks"? Is there an AA Milne thread on Mudcat? Or do I have to look for Eeyore (sp?)?????

Hi, Catheryn (or any of the other spellings) - don't Welsh on your real name too much and "Caitrin" sounds Welsh enough for me for spelling - How does the REAL leek-eater spell it?

Mbo - you will forever remain "M'boy"...;)

Mrrzy - do you live beside the river Mersey in the UK?

Big Dog, I have to look up to yer. What, 5' 18" I'm jsut 6' dead - haven't worked out how tall I am alive..;)


Cheers - Sam

19 Apr 00 - 04:06 AM (#214197)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: GMT

Hi Julie.

I'm GMT because they're my initials and GaryT was taken.
As for passwords I have a few favs but will keep them to myself ;) Perhaps you could use (and excuse the spelling)
Slarty Bardfast or Zephod Bablebrox !!!
I only say this because some mice diced my brain.

Cheers Gary

19 Apr 00 - 04:57 AM (#214200)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: GUEST,Julie ( I'm at work)

Thanks for all the response. I think I'm just the sort of person who never got a nickname. My parents call me Jules. My brothers both had nicknames - Haggis ( scot living in Yorkshire) and Fozzie ( from the surname and also Fozzie Bear) so I became Haggis's sister or Fozzie's sister depending on which set of friends it was. My daughter is Cat ( short for Catriona) or Kitcat. I'ld live with it. I'm going to continue using song titles and classic quotes for passwords. What about - "Smoke me a kipper I'd be back for breakfast". I will be stuck if we move to Windows NT because I think we're limited to 14 characters. In a similar vein some of my friends used to name file servers depending on what was on the radio so we had "Wild Thing", "Dancing_Queen" And "Charmless_Man". Looked great in the documentation.


19 Apr 00 - 08:29 AM (#214232)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mooh

Billy, Poohsticks just last year through a culvert under a rural road, with my kids. Thanks for the memory.

Peace, Mooh.

19 Apr 00 - 10:05 AM (#214273)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Mbo

At The Wild Geese discussion forum I'm "The Dagda" and at the Thistle & Shamrock Message board I was "Matthew The Celtic Answer Man."


19 Apr 00 - 11:38 AM (#214318)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Kelida

I've always been Kelida (pronounced ke-LEE-da, just in case anyone out there is mispronouncing it as kel-EYE-duh) because that was the name of a character in a fantasy book I read once, and it supposedly meant "wanderer" in Dwarven, or some such nonsense. In any case, somehow it stuck, and I've gotten a bit attached to it now.

For my passwords I sometimes use compounds that I remember from Chemistry, mostly because they're easy to remember and a good mixture of letters and numbers. When I'm feeling lazy I just use my student number from school plus my initials. . .


19 Apr 00 - 12:34 PM (#214347)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: annamill

I really cannot remember what was in my mind when I chose mine.


19 Apr 00 - 12:47 PM (#214356)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Sorcha

We give our pets strange names so I use those. If I can remember the dog's name, I can get in, but he has a lot of nicknames, too. Just have to rmemeber which spelling I used!

19 Apr 00 - 02:53 PM (#214431)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: TerriM

Julie, like you I just settled for my first name plus a last name initial as there already was a Terri ( haven't seen her yet though).The old memory isn't what it was and I have to make my life as simple as possible, like me really. My brother was also called Fozzie, was/is your last name Foster?

19 Apr 00 - 03:52 PM (#214472)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: JulieF

TerriM - no the surname is Fotheringham. Still Mark is a big lad who climbs at lot, tells bad jokes and has hair with a redish tint (no relationships with rubber chickens though)- any similarities to your brother ?


19 Apr 00 - 03:54 PM (#214473)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Megan L

The good thing about choosing names for the net is that for once I got to choose my own, at school I got saddled with Sherman - built like a tank, slow to get riled up but God help anyone who stands in my way once I start rolling, bairns can be so nice to each other

Megan L- I write some of my poems under that name, my own being 5 words long.

19 Apr 00 - 04:53 PM (#214513)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: TerriM

sounds just like my brother, dear God, you poor wee soul!

19 Apr 00 - 05:38 PM (#214536)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: JulieF

TerriM You don't know the half of it - I have another who is 6ft 2 ish and the sibling rivary is amazing. At Christmas they were playing competitive Twister ( every one else retired hurt). Still, they taught my daughter how to walk round the room with 5 2ps clenched in the buttocks and drop them into a tub. Then she bet them at that and they weren't happy. Guess we're just an average competitive family. I thought that when they got to their 30s it might have slowed them down. Julie

19 Apr 00 - 11:36 PM (#214802)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Biskit

Dearest Julie, There have been many folks take many, many guesses at from whence came my moniker, I'm a trucker in the U.S. and it is also my CB handle, I've had folks guess that it's because I only take the "gravy" loads, I've even jokeingly told folks that add a little honey,... well you get the idea. But the truth is...,and this is the only time I've ever said this publicly, my best friend was the only one that ever knew it before, we were going through Wyoming a few years back going past a truck stop and there was a fellow with my former CB handle talking really trashy on the radio....I didn't wanna be mistaken for this potty mouthed throw back so I decided to change my handle to one that none would ever copy, I thought babout it for a couple hundred miles and then.....and then....I saw `em a heard of buffalo off to the north of the interstate. Hence the handle....dare I say it....Buffalo Biskit, I figured I wouldn't have to worry about anyone stealing that one. well now the truth is out, I hope I can still get folks to answer my threads now that they knowe the arful truth!

20 Apr 00 - 09:43 AM (#214973)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Gary T

I don't know, Biskit, that sounds like a load of BS, maybe you should drop it--or dump it. It's a crappy name. But now that we're privy to its origin, we realize that it's been around so long, it doesn't stink.

20 Apr 00 - 06:17 PM (#215227)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: Irish sergeant

Julie & TerriM: I grew up in a family of 11 kids so I definately sympathize with the tales of sibling terrorism. I was the youngest boy so you can imagine all the fun they had at my expense. ciao bella, Neil

21 Apr 00 - 01:55 PM (#215647)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: black walnut

i have a black walnut fretted dulcimer.
i have a black walnut celtic harp. nothing grows under a black walnut.

~black walnut

21 Apr 00 - 03:20 PM (#215689)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: catspaw49

Hey Sam........I wanted to let you know that kat has some really long ones, but if you decide to try to out do her you risk glomming up thread beause of the lack of spaces in the 'Tag' line.


21 Apr 00 - 03:23 PM (#215690)
Subject: RE: whowantstosayheissorryformuckingaboutonthisthr
From: catspaw49

Pathetic ain't it......Now you have to use the little bottom slide bar.


21 Apr 00 - 04:54 PM (#215749)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: BlueJay

JulieF- I'm kind of like you, want to use my name. In my case, it's no problem. I'm used to nicknames. My first name is Roy, middle name Jay. My dad was also Roy, and my mom started calling me Jay early on, to distinguish me from my father. Years later, while working for the railroad, an old head started calling me "BlueJay". I don't know why. Maybe because I have blue eyes. But that label stuck for many years on the railroad, so it was the first thing I thought of when asked for a Mudcat alias. Just my 2 cents worth. BlueJay

25 Apr 00 - 03:22 PM (#217784)
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
From: GUEST,Mrr

Sam/Billy the Bus writes - Mrrzy - do you live beside the river Mersey in the UK?
No, but I've heard it has a ferry, and I used to think that mairzy doats was about me...