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Ellen MacIllwaine Cds

20 Apr 00 - 10:41 AM (#215000)
Subject: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: GUEST,James

Does anyone know if there are any Cds of early recordings by Ellen MacIllwaine. She is one the most underrated artists of all time , a fabulous guitarist. I have a few old lps but have never seen her stuff on Cd. The original labale was Kotai in Montreal but I hera they are out of Business.

20 Apr 00 - 12:48 PM (#215064)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: annamill

I have two of her early albums. I have been heralding Ellen since the 60's. She used to live in Woodstock, NY as did my first husband and I. He was a dj for a local radio staion. He brought home lot's of music they didn't play. Two albums were by Ellen. I fell madly in love with her singing and playing. I could never understand why she didn't "make it".

One day I saw her walking down the main street in Woodstock and had the opportunity to tell her how wonderful I thought she was. I still play her albums for people when they come to my house.

Though, strangely enough, I've never played them for any Mudcatters. Well, usually they were making their own wonderful music.

Love, annap

20 Apr 00 - 07:36 PM (#215288)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: MAG (inactive)

I adore Ellen. I have her first 2 vinyl and a tape she put out in her Caribbean phase. Heard her live in chicago for 17 years every time she came through, starting in the Evanston church coffeehouse basement. Heard her say more than once she couldn't deal with the music establishment. Last heard her at Seattle Bumbershoot (Labor Day) 1990.


20 Apr 00 - 08:19 PM (#215304)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Crowhugger

Yes yes yes Ellen McIlwaine is a fabulous musician. A roommate years ago had one or two LPs of hers. Oh, to be able to sing and play as well as she does ...

"Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.
"Everybody wants to know the answer without even [ever?] asking why."

Definitely Singing & dancing CH

21 Apr 00 - 12:15 PM (#215602)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Tony Burns

Is this the lady who was a friend of Jimi Hendrix and who plays electric slide guitar? If so I'll have to listen to her again since you folks have such a high oppinion of her. The lady I saw was part of a guitar workshop that the Toronto Blues Society put on years ago. On that particular day I thought she was nothing but distortion and volume. I've avoided her ever since. She ruined the whole workshop for me.

21 Apr 00 - 03:44 PM (#215703)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: MAG (inactive)

She sometimes used a whomp pedal but to my knowledge was strictly amplified acoustic.


21 Apr 00 - 04:05 PM (#215716)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: The Beanster

I agree with all you Ellen McIlwaine fans--I first saw her in 1971 at the Main Point in Phila. and after that first show, went back every single night she played there, both sets. Amazing singer, guitarist, pianist. Maybe a little too quirky for mainstream but my god she could sing and play her butt off. I just got a new CD that's called "Up From The Skies: The Polydor Years" which seems to be a combination of the "We The People" and "Honky Tonk Angel" albums--has 21 selections. I think I got it at CDNow or (no tax or shippinng at DVD, by the way). I've played her stuff for some people and they seem to either love it or hate it but it's guaranteed to be like nothing they've ever heard before! Nice to see some Ellen devotees here.

21 Apr 00 - 04:12 PM (#215719)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Mike Regenstreif

The LP that GUEST,James was asking about in the first post in this thread was THE REAL ELLEN McILWAINE (Kot'ai). That LP from 1975 has been combined with EVERYBODY NEEDS IT (Blind Pig) from 1982 onto one CD as THE REAL/EVERYBODY NEEDS IT (Stony Plain).

Mike Regenstreif

21 Apr 00 - 04:15 PM (#215721)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: The Beanster

Oh dear--forget what I said about They seem to have merged with CDuniverse (ugh!). No more free shipping. But I checked at CDNOw and this CD is $12.99. When you search for her though, be careful of the spelling of the name. It's McIlwaine.

22 Apr 00 - 01:44 PM (#216113)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Mark Cohen

Beanster, I think I was at the same concert at the Main Point. I seem to remember Ellen singing a song called Firehouse Blues. Right in the middle of the song, the siren on the firehouse across the street went off. She went right with it and did a duet. Awesome voice. I loved the Point. If you ever find a copy of the old Oak publication "The Coffeehouse Songbook," the picture on the front is of the interior of the Main Point.


18 Apr 05 - 05:15 PM (#1464662)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: GUEST,Paul Gregory

Googling "Ellen McIlwaine" turns up her web site where CD's can be ordered.

On a hot summer afternoon in 1974 I saw her perform at a two day blues festival on Toronto Island. The guy sitting in front of me responded to her introduction with the remark "Fuck what's this ... chick on guitar?" .... of course was completely blown away before the set was finished. Gender bias turned inside out in a few short minutes.

18 Apr 05 - 05:26 PM (#1464672)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: WFDU - Ron Olesko

Tony is correct, she was friends and played with Hendrix. I think most of us recognize her for acoustic slide guitar, but she does play electric.

18 Apr 05 - 09:30 PM (#1464836)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Margret RoadKnight

The first time Ellen McIlwaine recorded with her electric slide guitar was during her 1980 Australian tour. That track - "I'll Be Gone" (she also sings, & plays organ) - is currently available on my "Silver Platter" CD. Details at my website (just google my name).

She returned Down Under in 2003, touring with just her trusty acoustic, singing & playing up a storm (she's also funny on stage).

She recently had succesful hip replacement operations and is set to tour again.
Almost everything she's recorded is now available on CD, details at her website.

19 Apr 05 - 07:57 AM (#1465187)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: GUEST,James

I have all of her early stuff om record and the double cd..she is the most under rated artist ever. Wasn't her first album an instumental one, just guitar ?

21 Apr 05 - 09:31 PM (#1467547)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: Margret RoadKnight

Her first album, "Fear Itself", was a singing & playing with band one (only one currently not available on CD, though a few of the songs were subsequently rerecorded).

29 Sep 09 - 07:00 AM (#2733916)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds

You are all completely awesome. This conversation has been so informative. I am a huge fan of hers & as a singer/songwriter who does some of her stuff which I learnt off vinyl many years ago & thrilled that I can now get my hands on her songs on CD. Which album has Everybody wants to go to heave but nobody wants to die on it? Thankyou everyone

29 Sep 09 - 10:16 AM (#2734069)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: bankley

Ellen has been living in Calgary for awhile now... I used to hang out at her place when she lived in Montreal. What a cook! While in Montreal she recorded 'The Real E.M.' with a few folks from Ville Emard Blues Band. esp Bill Gagnon who produced it. Quentin Meek was the engineer. Funny, I was at Quentin's in Ottawa yesterday mixing some songs for the Kentucky project.... anyway... Ellen played the Ottawa Folk Fest this summer, I wasn't around for it, but she gets back east at least once a year... incredible talent and great lady, a real powerhouse.... Hendrix and her were good friends in the Woodstock days.. she also recorded a CD with Jack Bruce, another of her heros....

29 Sep 09 - 11:35 AM (#2734161)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: bobad

GUEST FREjA, the song you are looking for is "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)" and it is on the album We The People.

31 Jan 12 - 02:26 PM (#3299785)
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
From: GUEST,Mischa

Ellen learned guitar techniques from Jimi Hendrix. She was included on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Guitarists" in 1974. Evidentally, sexism being a prime motive, RS has largely forgotten her. The only woman player on this year's list is Bonnie Raitt.

Ellen deserves wide recognition and a big apology from the Rock Press for its omissions over the years!