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Lyr Add: A Mothers' Day (Ken Robertson)

21 Apr 00 - 05:50 AM (#215507)
Subject: Lyr Add: A MOTHERS' DAY (Ken Robertson)
From: Spider Tom

I think it would be timely to put this on a thread.
There are many Mothers' stories floating about.
Now there is another, based on a true story as told to me by (I'll let you know when I get her permission)
They say you have no secrets if you know someone who writes.

A MOTHERS' DAY. © Ken Robertson (Story, you know who.) 21/4/2000.

The kids had been out playing,
And they ran into the house,
Shouting, "Come on, Mummy, look at what we've got."
Their eyes looked so delighted,
And they were so excited,
I said, "Come on, kids. You're gonna show me, what?"

Their little hands unfolding,
My eyes were now beholding,
A vagabond, a rodent, a wee mouse.
I kept all my decorum.
A good mum won't ignore 'em.
I didn't scream, or run about the house.

"Oh! Can we keep him, Mommy?"
My kids are milk and honey.
"We can keep him in a box, feed him crumbs upon a plate,
And so he won't get lonely,
And be the one and only,
Can you take us to the pet shop, and buy the mouse a mate?"

Now, you know it's true, a mother,
Just like any other,
Can be weakened by two loving, pleading kids.
I nearly did succumb,
Until, when eating crumbs,
The little mousey ran away and hid.

Two children, broken hearted,
The mouse and they were parted.
We wound up in the pet shop after all.
I gently did coerce them,
Me, their mother, who did nurse them.
Not mice, but lovely goldfish, that was my final call.

I find it quite intriguing,
Our cat now, sticks his beak in.
I think he seems to like the look of fish.
Yet if he'd not been lax,
And done his mouse attacks,
We wouldn't own two fishes in a dish.

21 Apr 00 - 08:42 AM (#215524)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: alison

Thanks Spider Tom......

those of you in the chat room and Hearme during yesterdays Mudcat radio show already heard this story as it unfolded.

Ryan and Shannon are still upset about their mouse, (their mum however is delighted that it got away).. the goldfish remain un-named.. but at least they're alive (never had much luck with goldfish.......)

Thanks again



21 Apr 00 - 09:15 AM (#215532)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: MMario

name the goldfish mickey and minnie. Maybe they won't notice they are fish....

21 Apr 00 - 09:38 AM (#215545)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Áine

Don't know why I clicked on this thread, but thank goodness I did -- That's a keeper, there, Ken! May I please put it in the Songbook? (And shame on you for not sending it to me!). I just wish I could have heard it on HearMe -- any chance you can get this to Max for the radio show?

-- Áine

21 Apr 00 - 09:45 AM (#215548)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: alison

he hasn't sung it yet.. I haven't even heard the tune... I was telling the people in hearme what was going on as the drama unfolded....

Knowing Spider Tom is a bit like keeping a diary..... a lot of stuff that happens in the local folk scene tends to make it into song... its great.....



21 Apr 00 - 10:21 AM (#215560)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Mbo

Spider Tom, you are most DEFINATELY the man!


21 Apr 00 - 11:11 AM (#215582)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: GUEST,Mrr

Why not, the most entertaining thing I remember MY mother saying.
Background: Mom's native language is Hungarian, she had a German governess, went to grade school in Serbian, and learned French in high school. She didn't learn English till her 20's. So her accent in all languages is, shall we say, eclectic, and not immediately recognizable.
One day she got into a cab and gave her desitnation. The cabby, curious, asked where her accent came from. Mom's answer:
(in heavy accent)It comes from trying to speak English!

21 Apr 00 - 07:28 PM (#215811)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Spider Tom


If you have had trouble, in the past, keeping goldfish, There are two methots that I have found successful.
(1)Salted and Smoked (problem here is that they are hard to light and even harder to smoke, though it has been found to be a good way to quit smoking.
(2)Deep Frozen (They should be scaled and gutted first as they tend to turn to mush if handled once thawed.)
I hope this will help and assist you.
Now I've got to do a tune,(you'll have to sing it)
Aine ,
Of course you can put it ,wherever you would like, and thanks for wanting to.
You are doing wonders for my self esteem, thanks.

22 Apr 00 - 03:34 AM (#215982)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: JenEllen

LOL Spider forgot the varnish! or in a pinch, clear nail polish. ~Elle

23 Apr 00 - 12:55 AM (#216372)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: alison

It's been one of those weeks... it needs a few more verses Spider.....

today at lunch we were sitting down when there was this almighty bang, (just like like old times......) so we jumped up to see what had exploded.....

outside the door a car had smashed through our fence and was hanging with it's front wheel over the swimming pool...

nobody hurt..... next door's daughter had been teaching her dad to drive (don't think she'll do that again)..... and half a dozen police trying to keep straight faces as they took the details....... and plenty of jokes about "that's not how you dip your headlights".......



23 Apr 00 - 12:56 AM (#216374)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Eluned

Spider Tom; You forgot Formaldehyde! And don't forget, with this wonderful stuff, the kiddies can even look at them drifting around in a glass jar (Ugh!). Just don't light up, and don't breathe if you open the jar! (If this seems exceedingly gross to anyone, my apologies; it's been a loooooong week!) btw, the Poem/Lyrics was/were exceedingly nice.

23 Apr 00 - 02:48 AM (#216430)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Marymac90

Well, while we're mentioning Mother's Day... When I am the dj on Mudcat Radio, on May 3rd, I will be playing a lot of songs related to mothers and families, in honor of Mother's Day and my upcoming visit to see my mother (for the first time since I was 9), and to meet my siblings (for the very first time ever!) I expect that it will seem a little different than the usual show, and I hope nobody will hate me for doing something different-least of all MAX!

Speaking of the devil, remember it's Max's birthday Monday! Let's celebrate it on this week's radio show!!! Send in your cards, letters, presents, and checks NOW!!! Maybe you'll want to call and sing him something, or extend birthday wishes over the phone. Feel free to plot something on Hearme Sunday night. I don't think that I can get on there, with my antique, slower-than-sludge computer.

See you all on the radio!



23 Apr 00 - 03:20 AM (#216434)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Metchosin

What a wonderful thread. Thank you Spider Tom and alison.

Mrr, both my husband and I, cracked up over the anecdote about your Mom.

24 Apr 00 - 03:18 AM (#216886)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Spider Tom

We've got to get Alison to take up just one more instrument(she already plays every thing but the kitchen sink, and she's working on that).
Take up thy PEN, and WRITE.
Be good to see you diving into a song challenge, after all you did push me in .
Spider T

25 Apr 00 - 06:33 AM (#217535)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: alison

Just as a little end note.. I came in this morning after a night shift to be confronted by my 4 year old, tears in her eyes... we found him again mummy.... (they had indeed but not before the cat did!)... and there he was in her hand all cute and furry and DEAD!!

so we took him out and buried him.......... "Mummy can we go to the pet shop and get a new mouse????"......aaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!



25 Apr 00 - 07:59 AM (#217546)
Subject: RE: Mothers' Day
From: Spider Tom

Alison I believe that this is conclusive proof that there is a God, and god loves to play with us in some wicked ways.
Buy them an elephant they are tough and long living, I believe big ears donate long life so get an African one (and a mate too, of course )