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Lyr ADD: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)

07 May 00 - 08:43 AM (#224283)
Subject: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,

Can anyone help with interpreting a lyric, please? It's "There's the day", as sung by Cathal McConnell on his wonderful new album "Long Expectant Comes at Last" (on Compass Records). I find his accent on this track to be rather thick, and in particular I'm puzzled by the first verse, third line. Rather than put ideas into anyone's head by saying what I _think_ Mr. McConnell sings, could you mail me with what you believe the verse to be if you're reasonably sure? Many thanks. Cathal got the words from Kevin Mitchell from Derry, who in turn got them from John Brennan from Newcastle, but I've not heard any other version than Cathal's.

Paul Woods

07 May 00 - 10:44 AM (#224309)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Noreen

This is how it sounds to me:

A fitful sleep the landlord had
Mid din and chattin' not of his choosing
His daughter 'til the morning light
Abusing those who sat there boozing

I've not heard these words before, but as it's a translation of "Nil se 'na La", perhaps one of the bilingualists might be able to say if this is likely to be the translation?

BTW, I agree with your opinion of the CD. Interesting to hear, among others, Richard + Linda Thompson recording 'together' again- though apparently in different studios.

07 May 00 - 10:54 AM (#224314)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: InOBU

Cathal gave me a print out, I will look it up and get back to you all in a little while...

07 May 00 - 01:41 PM (#224352)
Subject: Lyr Add: THERE'S THE DAY (Cathal McConnell)
From: InOBU

Complements of Bill Oachs, here are the words in their entirety...

(Cathal McConnell)

A fitful sleep the landlord had,
'Mid din an' chattin' not of his choosin'.
His daughter till the mornin' light
Abusin' those who sat there boozin'.

CHORUS: There's the day; it's not the day.
It is the day; the night is over.
It's not the day whate'er you say,
And it's only the moon to guide the rover.

Come, landlord, join us in the snug,
All drowsy thoughts of slumber scornin'.
There's not one drop in jar or jug
That we won't drain before the mornin'. CHORUS

I'll stay in bed, the landlord said,
For if I'll get up you'll go out quicker.
So drink your fill of swipes and swill,
But not one drop of my good liquor. CHORUS

This tavern has my socks and shoes,
The landlord has my coat and britches.
By mornin' I've no more to lose,
And I'll go snooze amongst the ditches. CHORUS

But I've money left to treat a friend,
Here's my last guinea upon the table.
Let's tilt the barrel on its end,
And let's be drinkin' whilst we're able. CHORUS

All the best

07 May 00 - 02:51 PM (#224373)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,

Larry, Noreen -

Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I can't believe how quick you came up with the results. Like Noreen, I heard "His daughter til the morning light", but it didn't quite make sense.



07 May 00 - 04:42 PM (#224394)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Angun

Is there anyone who has got this song in gaelic?


08 May 00 - 09:33 AM (#224599)
Subject: Lyr Add: NÍL SÉ 'NA LÁ (from Aoife Ní Fhearraigh)
From: Áine

Here's one version:

from the singing of Aoife Ní Fhearraigh

Níl aon phort dá chuala mé ar phíob ó tháinig mé i méadaiocht linbh,
Nach raibh liom ar bharr mo bhéil isteach
i sliabh 's ag gabháil 'n bhaile.

Níl sé 'na lá nó 'na lá,
Níl sé 'na lá nó 'na mhaidin,
Níl sé 'na lá 's ní bheidh go fóill,
Na níl sé ach uair ó d'éirigh an ghealach.

Seo na mugaí, seo na jugaí, seo an áit a bhfuil an leann,
'S mura bhfuil an t-airgead in do phócaí, buail a' bóthar 's gabh 'n bhaile.


Éirigh do shuí a fhear a tí 's ná bíodh gruaim in do mhalaí,
Líon domsa cárta di 's gheobhaidh tú'n díolaíocht faoi mhaidin.


Chuir mé féin mo lámh i mo phóca 's tharraing mé anois mo chorrán garbh,
'S é dúirt sí liom suigh síos ag bord, is gheobhaidh tú'n cárta go dtí'n galún.


Tá na caoirigh ag ithe'n fhéir, is tá na huain ag ól an bhainne,
Tá mo bhean féin ar fud na tír', is mithid domh éirí is gabháil 'na bhaile.


08 May 00 - 02:16 PM (#224736)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Angun

Thanks Áine! Is this version from Donegal?


08 May 00 - 02:26 PM (#224739)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Áine

'Sea muise! 'Tis indeed! *BG*

-- Áine

08 May 00 - 02:31 PM (#224743)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Áine

I put a link to this article in another thread; but, if you missed it, here it is again -- Article about Cathal's new CD by his brother, Cormac, in the Irish Emigrant.

Le meas, Áine

09 May 00 - 12:24 AM (#225030)
Subject: Lyr Add: NÍL 'NA LÁ
From: Brendy

The version I knew first

Níl 'na lá

Go mall, seolta

Chuaigh mé 'steach i dteach aréir,
Is d'iarr mé cárt ar bhean a' leanna,
'Sé 'dúirt sí liom: "Ní bhfaighidh tú deoir
Buail an bóthar's gabh'n a' bhaile."

Níl 'na lá. Níl, a ghrá.
Níl 'na lá ná baol ar maidin.
Níl 'na lá's ní bheidh go fóill,
Solas ard atá sa ghealaigh.

Chuir mé féin mo lámh i m'phóc,
'S d'iarr mé briseadh corón' uirthi;
'S é dúirt sí liom, "Buail a' bord
Is bí ag ól anseo go maidin!"


"Eir' i d' shuí, a fhir a' tí,
Cuir ort do bhríste is do hata
Go gcoinní tú ceol leis an duine cóir,
A bheas ag ól anseo go maidin."


Nach mise féin an fear gan chéill,
A d'fhág mo chíos i mo scornach?
D'fhág mé léan orm féin,
Is d'fhág mé séan ar dhaoine eile


"Tá do bhairille ar a cheann,
'S ní fheicim ann ach dríodar deascaidh;
Tá mo choróin ar an mbord
Is beam ag ól go dtiocfa' 'n mhaidin!"


Learned from the singing of Seán Bán Mac Grianna, Rann na Feírste.


09 May 00 - 05:10 PM (#225441)
Subject: Lyr Add: NIL NÁ LÁ
From: GUEST,Angun

Thanks Áine and Brendy!

This is the version I know, from somewhere in Munster I suppose;


Tá na caoirigh ag ithe an gheamhair
Tá na gamhna ag ól an bhainne
Prátaí síos gan diolachán
´s duine gan mheabhair na raghfá abhaile

CÚRFA: Nil`na lá, tá na lá
Nil`na là, tà ar maidin
Nil`na lá, tá na lá
Is bean a rà, is ì ar fhaga

Is deas an bhean i Síobhán òg
gùna nua uirthi anìos òn siopa
Is breathnaím ar mo ghini òir
`s ì a´rince ar an mbord leis an phoc ar buile

Buailim suas, buailim sìos
`s buailim cleamhan ar bhean a leanna
Cuirim giní óir ar an mbord
Is bím ag ól anseo go maidin

Tá mo bhróga t dtigh an óil
Tá mo stocaí i dtigh a`leanna
tá na coiligh go léir ag glaoch
`s b`eigean domsa `dhul abhaile


HTML line breaks added. --JoeClone, 14-Jan-02.

09 May 00 - 07:17 PM (#225517)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brendy

Yo, Angun, sorry I didn't get back to you on the 'Oslo crowd' subject; I've been up to my eyes here and haven't hardly had a spare minute. Magpie might be able to help you out.

However. The version I posted was adapted by Clannad and became over the years their 'signature tune' prior to the 'Harry's Game' days. If you can get your hands on the live in Switzerland album - Clannad in Concert, 1978 - you will be up there on the floor boppin' with everybody else.
The version above is slow and 'with soul' mar a dheá, and has a different melody line from the spirited 'in your face' version from Clannad. And Seán Bán lived barely a km from the Ó Bhraonáins and the Dúgans

It's called 'The Folk Tradition', I think.
Hope you get to Ireland this summer. Go West young man!!!

10 May 00 - 03:57 PM (#226002)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Angun

Thanks Brendy, and yes, I´m going over to Ireland this summer and I look forward to go! Can hardly wait! (And I, a young lady, will go west!)

Do you know if Clannad in Concert, 1978 is available here in Norway?

I think it is very interesting with different versions of a song. I think it shows that the song is alive.


10 May 00 - 10:02 PM (#226171)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Noreen

Can somebody please tell me where I can find out how to put accents on letters, such as Angun, Brendy and Aine have been doing for the song words in this thread?


11 May 00 - 01:32 AM (#226245)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brendy

Depending on what kind of keyboard you have, try Alt Gr + the key for \ or the ` key.

Angun (sorry, Angun - I have subliminally been reading your name as Audun) probably has the same kind of keyboard as me; a Norwegian one which gives the extra letters å ø æ. But you should, I think have a key for the french grave accent, as the one up there.

Other than that open your main word processor's options/preferences section (if you have MS Word you can 'programme' your keystrokes from here) It takes a bit of uncovering but once you do it, you wont (hopefully) have to do it again

Áine, I think, has to put a lot of code in between letters to make hers work(I THINK).

The Alt Gr +`may work, but by rights you should be able to do it quite easily. Computers were never meant to be that much hard work, were they?
Mess around with your Alt Gr key in association with other keys. The results can be quite funny sometimes!!
And you may come across it by mistake.


11 May 00 - 07:46 AM (#226322)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: InOBU

There is another easy way, when you dont have the HTML knowelge, the old cut and paste... for example find a word or name that you can barrow, Áine for example (done buy cut and paste! and bobs your uncle, (or Áines your aunt?)

11 May 00 - 09:05 AM (#226346)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Áine

A Lorcán,

If I'm your auntie, someone has some explaining to do ... *BG*

-- Áine

(P.S. Click here for a good site about HTML character sets)

11 May 00 - 06:38 PM (#226719)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Noreen

Thanks, all- my typing will now be far more éxpressive- I have even found the Euro symbol €!

21 Jun 01 - 11:38 AM (#488866)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: radriano

Based on Brendy's post, I purchased a copy of Clannad's live recording and, I must say, I couldn't have been more disapointed.

First of all the CD had no liner notes whatsoever. The inside of the "J" card had a list of other recordings offered by the same company. There was no mention of what the performers names were, no explanation of any of the songs. And the "signature song" which I bought the album for was nothing more than jumble of solos that featured (I suppose) the bands' foray into semi-jazz riffs. The song was mangled in the process, in my opinion.

Now I have nothing against Brendy. I don't know Brendy. Her tastes are quite different from mine and there's nothing wrong with that. This experience has taught me that I should not run out and buy a recording based on what someone says in a post.

In my opinion, this Clannad recording is nothing more than an attempt to appeal to as many people as possible. I prefer a more traditional approach, one in which the songs and performers are given a bit more respect.

23 Jun 01 - 10:40 AM (#490319)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Wolfgang


I've heard them live on that tour on which the record was made and especially that piece had the audience spellbound and enthousiastic. I'm with Brendy (male person) here. But I do not want to discuss taste.

I'm posting, because my LP-album I bought then came with all the information you can wish for (lyrics, notes, inf. about musicians and recording). If every album coming out would have such a complete information there'd be much less requests for lyrics here. The information was on a sheet inside the record cover.

I understand you have bought a CD? That's what I hate about them. They have usually less information than LPs had.

Do you hate the CD now that much that you don't care or would you like to have a xerox with the information from yonder times? If so, PM me.


23 Jun 01 - 11:37 AM (#490351)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brían

I have a similar version to Áine's, also a Doegal version I could post later when i have time.

Noreen, look for a thread titled "Where do fadas come from?" for info on how to make fadas.

Beidh mé agcaint aríst,

23 Jun 01 - 12:26 PM (#490373)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Áine

A Bhríain,

If you'd like, you can email the versions you have to me, and I'd be happy to post them for you here to save you the time. My ulterior motive is, of course, to get the Donegal version from you ;-) -- I think you have my email addy already; but, in case not, here 'tis -- -- Hoping to hear from you soon!

Le meas is mise, Áine

24 Jun 01 - 08:01 AM (#490759)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brían

After checking, I think we have the same version of of the song by different singers. Yours actually has one verse that mine doesn't. Sorry to get your hopes up. I assume the fonn is the same. It´s by Róise na nAmhrán Songs of a Donegal Woman RTECD178. You should be able to order it through the RTE web site.

Beidh mé ag caint leat aríst,

24 Jun 01 - 08:20 AM (#490762)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Philippa

As you see, there are lots of versions in Irish. The onw Brendy gives is to the same air as I've heard Cathal McConnell and Kevin Mitchell sing the English translation.
By the way, the Irish-language song has been discussed on other threads, if you want to do a search.
Someone said above that Sean Bán MacGrianna lived just a km from the O Dugáin & O Braonáin families whose children formed Clannad. Not quite that close, nore like a few miles.

25 Jun 01 - 09:28 AM (#491305)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brían

In the liner notes of Songs of a Donegal Woman, Catha Goan mentions that there is a more complete version from the book,Céad de Cheoltaibh Uladh by Enri Ó Muirgheasa. If anyone knows where to get this book, let me know.

25 Jun 01 - 06:07 PM (#491719)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
From: Brendy

Indeed, Wolfgang. Nice one. I, too remember the tour; they having played in Rann na Féirste hall just before their departure.

It is also, perhaps, worthwhile to remind people that this album dates from 1978, and when one thinks back to their Slógadh victory in 1970, and the upset their music caused in traditional circles then, with a much shortened version of Níl sé 'na lá as the song which won that competition for them, it is refreshing (in a way) to see that Clannad (Clann as Domhair) can still cause controversy, and where their roots and their pedigree are called into question.

And they are called into question...usually by 'traditionalists' whose version of 'purity' is belting out a few tunes on instruments, that, at least in its modern form, are Italian or Persian, while having difficulty themselves in distinguishing a jig from a slip-jig.

God save us from the 'traditionalists'; they don't recognise a decent riff when it glides across their strings!

"Not quite that close, more like a few miles."

Ach, now, Phillippa. Have ye never walked down the Pipe? It's the quickest way to Leo Brennan's I know of.....mile at the most.

Tell you what, though. Next time I undertake that famous trek, I'll bring a wee wheelie thing with me, and I'll give the distance to you in metres and centimetres...or feet and inches, if you prefer.


27 May 02 - 05:46 AM (#717914)
Subject: RE: There's the Day - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Philippa

The English language version goes to the tune Níl 'Na Lá 1 at mudcat midis

27 May 02 - 03:09 PM (#718255)
Subject: RE: There's the Day - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,Philippa

The afore-mentioned MIDI is also for the Irish language lyrics as submitted by Brendy 9 May 2000. Note that there are 3 other midis as this song has several Irish language variants. I have only heard the English language version sung to the one air.

21 Jun 02 - 07:20 PM (#734479)
Subject: RE: Níl 'na Lá
From: GUEST,Philippa

A ms of this song (in Irish)held in the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) is dated 1846.
Information on publication of some more versions of the song (much overlap of wording with lyrics already given):

"Bean an ti leana" in Breandán Ó Buachalla, "Nua-Duanaire II", Dublin 1976. source RIA 23 E 12, 33 (1846) S. Laoide. "Duanaire na Midhe", Dublin, 1914

"Bean an Teach Leanna" in Éinrí Ó Muirgheasa [Ó Muireasa], "Céad de Cheoltaibh [Cheolta] Uladh", Dublin 1915 (new edition - and hence the new spellings in brackets, Newry, 1983) - Ó Muirgheasa also cites RIA 23, E. 12 and writes, " I heard it and noted it down in Co. Monaghan, Co. Armagh and Co.Donegal and this version is collated from all these. another somewhat different version is given in the 'Leabhar Filiochta', edited by the late lamented J. C. Ward of Killybegs [Co Donegal]. The music to which the song was sung in Munster [southernmost Irish province] will be found in Joyce' 'Ancient Irish Music', no.57"

21 Jun 02 - 07:24 PM (#734484)
Subject: RE: Bean Teach an Leanna
From: GUEST,Philippa

the Irish language song is also discussed on earlier threads verses/versions
chords (but remember there are a few different tunes for the different versions)

21 Jun 02 - 07:32 PM (#734494)
Subject: RE: Níl sé 'na lá
From: GUEST,Philippa

Another Níl 'na lá thread has more information than the ones I listed above. Many early lyric postings lack line breaks abnd/or accent marks on letters, so the transcriptions on this "There's the Day" thread look better on the whole.

25 Dec 06 - 06:09 PM (#1918864)
Subject: RE: There's the Day - Cathal McConnell
From: GUEST,José, An Spáinn

Is there any idiomatic-symbolic relation between "tiocfaidh ár lá" and "tá na lá"?

26 Dec 06 - 12:27 PM (#1919205)
Subject: RE: There's the Day - Cathal McConnell
From: MartinRyan



13 Jan 08 - 10:06 AM (#2235343)
Subject: RE: interpret lyric-There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
From: GUEST,tbradfish

Does ayone know the meaning of "Œtil"? in the fist verse

13 Jan 08 - 10:33 AM (#2235355)
Subject: RE: interpret lyric-There's the Day (Cathal McConn
From: Brendy

I'd say it's a typo... should be 'til'

... forget the diphthong...


14 Mar 11 - 10:35 AM (#3113497)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
From: katlaughing

Heard this on Prairie Home Companion this weekend as sung by Cathal McConnell. Beautiful.

08 Jul 13 - 07:28 AM (#3535000)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
From: GUEST,Vic Gammon

This is a great song. I heard my friend Kevin Mitchell sing it not so long ago. I have no doubt that in this form it could well be a translation from the Irish language. Nevertheless, it bears a striking resemblance to a seventeenth century English song called 'Good Ale for my Money'. Here is the first verse and chorus:

BE merry my friends, and list a while

    unto a merry jest,

It may from you produce a smile,

    when you heare it exprest,

Of a young man lately married,

    which was a boone good fellow,

This song ins head he alwaies carried,

    when drinke had made him mellow.


I cannot go home, nor I will not go home,

    its long of the oyle of Barly:

Ile tarry all night for my delight,

    and go home in the morning early.

This is from the Roxburghe Ballads, 1.138-139 (on line at )

The themes of the songs are the same and the structure of the chorus bears marked if inconclusive similarity. As we all know, songs get about and change in the getting about.

We included a shortened version of the seventeenth century song on my 1970s compilation 'The Tale of Ale' excellently performed by the Dransfields.

08 Jul 13 - 08:09 AM (#3535004)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
From: Murray MacLeod

Cathal singing "There's the Day"