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Help: Lyric adds to DT

08 May 00 - 03:43 PM (#224778)
Subject: Lyric adds to DT
From: BlueJay

Could someone explain? I've seen numerous "Lyric Additions" posted. Are these additions to the Digital Tradition? The ones I've checked today aren't in the DT. Maybe it takes awhile? Or are these "additions" that you must access on that particular day? Do they ever end up in the DT database?
If they do land in the DT database, is Max or someone monitoring content or context? I mean, could I ADD all of Metallica's lyrics? (Theoretical, I don't know a single word).
I've contributed a number of songs to specific threads, which could appropriately be listed in the DT, but I don't know how to do it. I know the preface "Lyric Add" but have never tried it, because of my above questions. If anyone could help clarify this, I'd be very grateful.
Thanks, BlueJay

08 May 00 - 04:30 PM (#224807)
Subject: RE: Help: Lyric adds to DT
From: katlaughing

Hi, BlueJay. I can sort of answer, but Dick Greenhaus, Susan of the DT or any number of others will be able to give you much mroe info.

Basically the Lyr Add is a prefix we give a thread in which we are submitting lyrics for inclusion in the DT. It helps when Dick and Susan *mine* the threads and gather those to add in throughout the year; they decide what is appropriate. (I don't think Metallica would make the cut!**BG**)

Twice per year, they make a new, updated DT available to us here and for downloading to our home computers, so that you may access it offline also. Dick did just release a new DT, so the next release won't be out until next fall sometime. Anything submitted from the just gone past cut-off time for this new edition, will not be included or found in the DT until then, if they include it.

Hope that is a s clear as mud!**BG**


08 May 00 - 04:38 PM (#224811)
Subject: RE: Help: Lyric adds to DT
From: MMario

there is a short discussion here

and Joe also has a section in the FAQ for newcomers....

08 May 00 - 04:44 PM (#224814)
Subject: RE: Help: Lyric adds to DT
From: Bert

Yes, that's about it kat, although I would have said 'harvest' instead of 'mine'.**BG** We should add that this is a completely voluntary - unpaid job that Dick and Susan do. (Do we have an acronym that says 'Thank You'?)

I don't know whether they have changed their inclusion criteria as a result of our recent bout with the Harry Fox Agency. But they used to include almost everything.


08 May 00 - 04:58 PM (#224818)
Subject: RE: Help: Lyric adds to DT
From: Joe Offer

Dick's official editorial policy is that the Digital Tradition accepts everything that's submitted. I have to admit, however, that I pass the Metallica lyrics by and leave them for Susan to harvest. I think Susan leaves them for Dick to harvest, and hopes that Dick will be too busy to notice.
There have been some darn nice Metallica songs posted here, I'll grant that. Some may well be included in the database some day.
If Dick finds them....
-Joe Offer-