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Lomax Book containing "Grasshopper Sittin'...

30 Jun 97 - 11:56 PM (#7832)
Subject: Lomax Book containing
From: Casey

Seeking Lomax book containing the words to "Grasshopper Sittin' on a Hickory Limb." We know the song, but want to find the book, publisher(?), date(?) with the song in it.

Thanks tons, Casey

15 Dec 10 - 12:22 PM (#3054095)
Subject: RE: Lomax Book containing "Grasshopper Sittin'...
From: Jim Dixon

I've found songs containing the words

"grasshopper sittin' on a sweet-potato vine"
"grasshopper sittin' on a railroad track" and
"jaybird sittin' on a hickory limb"

but nothing with the words

"grasshopper sittin' on a hickory limb".

Furthermore, neither "grasshopper sittin' on" nor "sittin' on a hickory" turned up in any book by anyone named Lomax, although several books by John and Alan Lomax are indexed by Google.