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Origins: The Lorry Ride (from Rusby/Roberts)

16 May 00 - 01:58 PM (#228881)
Subject: The Lorry Ride
From: GUEST,

Apologies if I cock this up - it's my first attempt. Anyone know the background to th song "The Lorry Ride"? I found it on Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts CD written byTrad/Lisa Tubb is the credit - it's a great song but seems an unusual subject.

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16 May 00 - 02:04 PM (#228882)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride
From: Allan C.

Eric, you did beautifully! You put the name of the song you were looking for in the thread title. You stated the name of the song within the thread. And you even told us where you had heard it. I only wish I knew the song so that I could post the lyrics for you. Anyway, GOOD JOB!

16 May 00 - 02:06 PM (#228884)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride
From: Bert

Welcome to Mudcat Eric, sorry I don't know the song.

16 May 00 - 05:56 PM (#229025)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride
From: GUEST,Aoife

I LOVE THAT SONG, Eric. What an incredible album. I don't know if you have the lyrics, because I have them if needed, and I too was also interested in the origins. Kate Rusby has a web site on which she can recieve email. I am not sure of the exact address, but I stumbled upon it one day and I'm sure if you typed it in on GOTo or something, it would come up. Also, if you are a fan of Kate's material, get her other CD's if you don't already have them. Kathryn Roberts is part of a hot young band called "Equation." They too are incredible. Good luck with what you are looking for!

Cheers, Aoife

16 May 00 - 06:11 PM (#229029)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride
From: Tim Salt

Welcome Eric.

I first heard this performed by Steve Turner in the mid 80's and thought it was a brilliant song then as I do now. I didn't know that Kate Rusby had also recorded it.

The version I have is by Steve Turner on a 1986 LP called "Braiding". In the sleeve notes he says "The Lorry Ride has been one of my favourite songs over the past year and is one of many fine works by Liza Tubb of Buxton in Derbyshire. The tune is the Irish "Casadh An Tsugain". The song was inspired by a newspaper cutting".

So there you go........


16 May 00 - 08:10 PM (#229080)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride
From: McGrath of Harlow

Here's a link to a page about Kate Rusby

05 Jul 00 - 02:29 PM (#252298)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE LORRY RIDE (Liza Tubb)
From: Tim Salt

Liza Tubb

My love is a tall and a handsome man
The best you'll see
He's gone away to the plantations
To pick coffee
The recruiter says, he won't come back
And I need no longer bide
But I'm waiting here until
The day of the lorry ride


My days are hard, my nights are long
And I am so alone
But I'll dream a dream
That will never end
When he comes home

The recruiter says, the hours are long
The work it is so hard
And he won't survive, the cold hard night
In the garage
And in the fields he'll breathe the fumes
Of the death insecticide
And anyway, he won't survive
The lorry ride


My love must work a 12 hour day
Beneath the sun
And he must work, 3 long months
Before he's done
He must sleep beside a dying man
Who lies weeping from the burns
And I fear my love will not be so young
When he returns


1st verse repeat

Chorus with last line repeated as "If he comes home"

31 Mar 05 - 08:29 AM (#1447799)
Subject: help!
From: GUEST,

Does anyone know the rest of the lyrics for a kate rusby song that starts....
The soldier came knocking upon the queens door, he said 'i am not fighting for you anymore....'
Please email me them

31 Mar 05 - 08:34 AM (#1447804)
Subject: Help - kate rusby - do you know these lyrics
From: GUEST,

does anyone know the rest of the lyrics for a kate rusby song that starts, The soldier came knocking upon the queens door, he said ' i am not fighting for you anymore...'
please email me them !

31 Mar 05 - 08:42 AM (#1447816)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride (on Rusby/Roberts CD)

That song is sung by Kathryn Roberts and is written by Suzanne Vega.

The Queen and the Soldier Lyrics

Or you could just type in to Google search, Suzanne Vega The Queen and the Soldier.

I sing this song with my sister, so I have guitar chords for it. If you would like them too PM me!

31 Mar 05 - 08:44 AM (#1447818)
Subject: RE: The Lorry Ride (on Rusby/Roberts CD)
From: GUEST,muppitz at work

That last post is me at work, damn my long nails, can't get used to the bloody things!

my usual handle is just muppitz.

muppitz x