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wooden flute advice

17 May 00 - 01:41 AM (#229203)
Subject: wooden flute advice
From: alison

I have been offered a wooden flute ??? Irish

I have not seen it yet, but I trust the person who has played it and he reckons it is in good condition, and perfect pitch. It has 8 silver plated keys, and although it is in D it is chromatic for 2 octaves. I will get to have a go next week, but I'm wanting to know what is a reasonable price.

any idea how much one of these costs?(second hand) I have checked out Elderly and Hobgoblin sites, and the closest I have come is finding a german one costing 999 pounds sterling.



17 May 00 - 10:26 AM (#229308)
Subject: RE: wooden flute advice
From: GUEST,Robinson

Hi Alison,

I dont' know much about the exact price but here is another website you may fine interesting :

Gilles Lehart is a Breton flute maker, but who also makes Bombardes and Biniou Khoz. I think his prices for irish flutes in D are about 4000 FF (about 400 sterling) for keyless flutes, then any added key must be about 45 sterlings. I know his flutes are very good, so I guess 999 pounds as you said is a bit too much , especially for second hand. you can find other websites about irish flutes through :



17 May 00 - 11:01 AM (#229324)
Subject: RE: wooden flute advice
From: Sorcha

Alison, did you see the one at Eldery in the Vintage section? It's a blackwood flute (transverse) and is listed at $650.00 USD, close to $1,500 Australian, no?

17 May 00 - 11:24 AM (#229337)
Subject: RE: wooden flute advice
From: Jon W.

You could click here to go to a Lark in the Morning catalog page and see if there is anything similar for price comparison.

17 May 00 - 04:01 PM (#229484)
Subject: RE: wooden flute advice
From: Homeless

alison - I've got a friend who plays flute, and knows a couple flute makers. I e-mailed him your question and this was his reply

"Depending on the quality of craftsmanship and sound, I'd pay between $500 and $900 for such a flute. The keys being only silver plated would keep me from going much, if any, higher. If she can find out the maker and the kind of wood it's made from I might be able to narrow the field a bit. Also, tell her to check out the Lark In The Morning website. I don't think they have used, but she can get an idea of the used price in american dollars. I imagine that Elderly's was sigularly unhelpful in the flute department. I don't recall that they sell a keyed flute.

If she would like to talk to me about it directly, you may give her my number.


If you would like his number, or e-mail address, PM me and I'll send it to you.

17 May 00 - 08:13 PM (#229606)
Subject: RE: wooden flute advice
From: alison

thanks all.. I'll go check out Lark in the Morning.....

until I see it I can't give your friends anymore details....

but it is being offered at a VERY good price... from what I have seen so far