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Lyr Req: True Blue Bill (from Lonzo and Oscar?)

21 May 00 - 12:18 AM (#231271)
Subject: Lonzo and Oscar
From: poodie

Does anyone know the title and lyrics to this song?

This supposedly was recorded by Lonzo and Oscar in the 30's or 40's"

I grew up in the mountains where the snakes have legs, where the hoot owls speak in English, and the roosters lay square eggs.

I shaved my beard and mustache off the morning I was born, that night I beat up my ol' man and drank his Rad-A-corn.

Any help would be appreciated. Or do you know if there is a Lonzo and Oscar lyric website?

21 May 00 - 02:32 AM (#231305)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Lonzo and Oscar
From: Pene Azul

This song is called "True Blue Bill." It's in the DigiTrad here (click).


21 May 00 - 10:24 AM (#231386)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Lonzo and Oscar
From: poodie

Thank you so much Pene Azul. I would of never found this one.

Have a great day, you made mine. Poodie