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12 Jun 00 - 10:43 AM (#241449)
Subject: simon&garfunkel-help!

for you hard core fans with the box set or those of you that have heard the heartstopping masterpiece "Blues run the Game" done by this duo--HEPL ME. this is a song by Jackson C.Franke, who i believe, was popular in the UK, but never really made it anywhwere else. SImon and G do this song , but broke up before they could get it on a record. SOOOO--i would love to play this song(because it is beautiful), so if anyone has the chords or knows where i could find them or knows any additional info on Jackson and any albums, let me know, please!!

12 Jun 00 - 11:39 AM (#241478)
Subject: RE: simon&garfunkel-help!
From: Malcolm Douglas

No chords that I can find (I assume that you already have the lyrics), but there's some information about the man at:  The Dead Musicians Directory  and   The Jackson C. Frank Tribute Page.  Frank's album Blues Run The Game is available on CD from online retailers like CDNow and Amazon.


12 Jun 00 - 03:01 PM (#241569)
Subject: RE: simon&garfunkel-help!
From: GUEST,Phil Cooper

There is another version of the song on Bert Jansch's album "Santa Barbara Honeymoon." Frank's own version is on a four LP set called "The Electric Muse" that was released in '75-'76 by Island and Transatlantic records.

12 Jun 00 - 03:07 PM (#241571)
Subject: RE: simon&garfunkel-help!
From: Pene Azul

Here's a TAB (click).


12 Jun 00 - 04:17 PM (#241604)
Subject: RE: simon&garfunkel-help!
From: Eric the Viking

There is also a beautiful version by John Renbourn now avialable on several different samplers/greatest/bset songs ever, CD's. I agree It's a superb song. It was even played on Folk on 2 about 6 weeks ago. (The J R version) Got to catch a boat! Eric

12 Jun 00 - 07:49 PM (#241700)
Subject: RE: simon&garfunkel-help!

thanks so much!!