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Looking for a Sound System

21 Jun 00 - 02:57 PM (#245508)
Subject: Looking for a Sound System
From: Mini Me

Hello Everyone, I'm seeking your advice and suggestions. I've been playing out quite a bit lately and want to purchase a small sound system. I would like it provide sound for the 2 separate accoustic guitars I play and for one voice mic. So I think a system that has 4 or 6 channels is plenty. I would need to carry this in my auto and set it up per each gig ( 3x's per week, different venues ), mostly smaller coffeehouses. I don't need the loudest system in the world and both my accoustic guitars ( a Gibson J-100 and a Martin D-28 have pick-ups ) so that I can plug these directly into the amp. I'm also looking for a great/good mic and stand. I'm hoping to spend $500 or less in United States currency. So, if you have a suggested system : Peavey, Kustom, Fender, Schure or ideas where to look or shop for one, I'd love to hear from you or read your comments. I live in Western New York State, in Rochester, New York , U.S.A.. I look forward to your comments. Thanks to all !

21 Jun 00 - 03:03 PM (#245513)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: Jed at Work

I would find a shop where you know and trust the folks, and buy something used. You may be able to find used Peavey speakers and mixer/amp in that range. Best vocal mic for my money is the senhauser. For $100 you'll get an excellent sound. The Mars stores in our area were selling that mic, a stand and a cable for $100. Most places sell just the mic for that price (or higher).

Good luck.

21 Jun 00 - 04:26 PM (#245547)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: wysiwyg

Try Ithaca Guitar works, Ithaca. I use a Crate 2-input acoustic amp, one input for voice and one for autoharp. There are two models, one with lots of electronic bells and whistles and one with less. I use the latter and am very happy.

Shure's SM58 is an excellent mic and a workhorse that stands up to moving about. We use the lightweight folding tripod stands now for our mics, not the old heavy round-based clunkers. I use a fullsize music stand as well but there is also a small clip-on music or cheat-sheet stand that goes on the mic stand.

Dunno what you are doing gigwise but in most situations I have been in, the amp is fine without mixing equipment, and is much easier to manage. The sound on this Crate is so fine that now I have to relearn singing-- it picks up EVERYTHING!-- and it has PLENTY of volume.


21 Jun 00 - 04:31 PM (#245550)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: Mini Me

Dear S, Thanks so much. Mike

21 Jun 00 - 04:37 PM (#245554)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: wysiwyg


Yer walkum!

Good people at Ithaca Guitar Works. Take yer geetar witcha when you go see them so you can hear the amps!!!

Say hi for me, from the Hintons. Ask how my autoharp repair is coming along!


22 Jun 00 - 09:57 AM (#245830)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: RichM

Have a look at

recommended as a "starter" system by someone posting on the newsgroup.

Electar 4 Special PA Gig Rig Compare @: $629.00 Yo Low Price: $199.99

4-channel Powered Box Mixer with Reverb 60 Watt(RMS) - 100 Watt(Peak) Output Includes Mixer, 2-Main Speakers, 2-Speaker Stands with carry bag and 2-"really nice" speaker cables

22 Jun 00 - 12:15 PM (#245883)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: Lady McMoo

I'd second the Shure and also an SM57 if you need to mike up any other instrument without a pickup (I tend to mike up my guitar, mandolin and octave mandolin now rather than using pickups as I perfer the more natural sound.

If you're on a limited budget and don't need super power I could recommend an Ohm system (I had a five channel system with 150W output). The speaker enclosures are similar in principle to the more expensive but much more costly Bose systems.

There's also a beautiful little Dynacord system which might be within your price range. Four channels, 200W output, two very compact stand speakers and a stand alone bass enclosure. The sound is really excellent from this.

Hope this might be of some use.



23 Jun 00 - 04:32 AM (#246393)
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
From: Fiddlin' Big Al

try plugging a small used unpowered mixer into your guitar amp to handle mics or extra instruments. Audio-Technica is a good CHEAP mic., but Shure SM57 or SM58 for about $99 will last forever and take a lot of abuse. I got two holes in my guitar amp and plug an SM58 in for vocals alongside my git or fiddle. Fits in the trunk of a Yugo.