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Lyr Req: Jackson (Cash & Cash)

15 Jul 97 - 03:52 PM (#8727)
Subject: Jackson
From: Earl

15 Jul 97 - 04:43 PM (#8732)
Subject: RE: Jackson
From: Mountain Dog

Dear Earl,

I've always heard it as "...behind my Jap-an fan." (Before you take it as gospel, though, two suggestions:

1. Listen to the verse again and see if you hear the same thing.

2. Check out the thread re: "Mistakes I've Made Listening to Music"!

Have fun.

15 Jul 97 - 05:11 PM (#8738)
Subject: RE: Jackson
From: Gene

I was gonna say the same thing...Mt.DOG....

The difficulty is the prounciation of Jay-PAN and hesitation between that and PH-FAN....

15 Jul 97 - 05:15 PM (#8740)
Subject: RE: Jackson
From: Earl

Thanks guys! It sounds good to me and makes a great image when you picture her "dancin on a pony keg."