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Tune Req: Iowa Waltz (Greg Brown)

29 Jun 00 - 08:44 AM (#249084)
Subject: Iowa Waltz?
From: MV

Has anyone ever heard of "The Iowa Waltz," a tune composed by Greg Brown from Iowa City, Iowa? I am looking for the sheet music for a friend who plays the hammered dulcimer.

29 Jun 00 - 08:49 AM (#249088)
Subject: RE: Iowa Waltz?
From: Mark Clark

I play it on the guitar but I simply learned it from Greg's recording. Perhaps I could make a score for it. What sort of written music do hammered dulcimer players use? Would a standard lead sheet do?

      - Mark

29 Jun 00 - 12:42 PM (#249247)
Subject: RE: Iowa Waltz?
From: Barbara Shaw

Here's a link to a previous thread on state waltzes, which includes a link for the lyrics and sound clip of Iowa Waltz:

State Waltzes

Thread #13985   Message #117992
Posted By: Joe Offer
27-Sep-99 - 12:30 AM
Thread Name: State Waltzes
Subject: ADD: Iowa Waltz - Greg Brown

I think Greg Brown's "Iowa Waltz" is a classic. Somebody mentioned it above. I think it's worth posting the lyrics.

(Greg Brown) © 1981, Brownstreet Music.

Home in the midst of the corn, in the middle of the USA
Here's where I was born, here's where I'm going to stay
Iowa, Iowa, winter spring summer and fall
Come and see, come dance with me to the beautiful Iowa Waltz.
We take care of our old, take care of our young, and make hay while the sun shines
Growing our crops and singing our songs from planting until harvest time.

D Db D G D - A / D Db D G DAD -

G - D - E A - / " /


29 Jun 00 - 06:35 PM (#249478)
Subject: RE: Iowa Waltz?
From: GUEST,open mike

here are some transcriptions for other greg brown songs: http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/users/steidl/GB/ and you could subscribe to his chat list or send a message there--it will be read my many folks who are WAY into (dare i say further in) to his music. here is how to access this listserve: