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Woody Guthrie's still alive!

30 Jun 00 - 01:27 PM (#249902)
Subject: Woody Guthrie's still alive!
From: Fedele

Just to tell the few that still don't know:

TILL WE OUTNUMBER 'EM, live recording of the Woody Guthrie Tribute, is out. Not many songs, but some poems and some interesting talkin'. With Arlo, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen (sings Deportees!), Ani DiFranco...

MERMAID AVENUE - VOL. II is out too; it's Billy Bragg and Wilco singing the songs Woody wrote when he was still able to write, but not to play. Take a look to to know more.

Hope I was useful.

30 Jun 00 - 04:13 PM (#249954)
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie's still alive!
From: katlaughing

Fedele, thanks very much. Here is a clickie to the Billy Bragg site.

I remember hearing about this on Mudcat Radio...I think Max played a cut or two from it. Nice to see more on it.

All the best,